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Ruel McBride is a minor character in Dukes of Hazzard


The Boar's Nest Bears[]

He heads to Hazzard with A.C. Tate Jr. to make the yearly bet with Boss Hogg on the children’s basketball game. When AC asks if the boys are ready and he says they haven’t’ been beat for years with less talent than they have on the team this year. They decide to look at Boss’ team first. He cheers.

As they watch Boss’ team fall into chaos from the car, he remarks that he told Mr. Tate that their boys will cut him up and hang them out to dry. Tate remarks he feels so good about the bet that he will cut Ruel in, amusing him. He adds that he almost feels sorry for them.

The next day, they meet with Boss and Rosco in Boss’ office at the Boar’s Nest. Boss suggests doubling the bet, amusing him. Rosco responds that Bo and Luke are the coaches and they have a secret weapon ‘a big tall muppet’. He whispers to Tate that the boys recruited Rod Moffet. Tate agrees to the bet and he and Rosco go to shake hands before realizing they don’t need to and pull back.

While heading to the Moffet Farm, they send Sheriff Little after Bo and Luke.

They arrive at the Moffet Farm to see Bo and Luke had already beaten them there. They approach Bo, Luke, Lou Ann, and Rod before greeting Lou Ann. He remarks he see’s Bo and Luke made it up there alright and when Luke says it’s no thanks to their Sheriff, he laughs. Tate offers Lou Ann some money for Rod to play and when she refuses he tells her that you don’t refuse A.C. Tate and they are talking cash money right now. Luke snaps that he heard the lady, the Moffet’s aren’t interested. After Tate threatens them all, they leave.

Tate and Ruel spy on the Duke Farm, seeing Rod is playing for the Bears. Tate asks if they can still win and he says he thinks so, which makes Tate annoyed.

That night they sneak into the Duke Barn where all the kids are sleeping and he points out Rod to Tate. When A.C. calls Rod over, they are officially introduced. When Tate says he can help Rod and Rod asks what he means, Ruel says that Rod is the man of the house now and he has to protect him mom. Tate threatens to take the farm from the Moffet’s. When Rod asks what are they talking about, he says they were hoping he would change his mind about playing for the Bears. Rod doesn’t want to quit so Tate threatens to take his farm if he does and they leave.

The next morning they learn Rod didn’t leave the team. They head into Hazzard. They go into the Hazzard County building and attempt to enter the records room but are noticed by Enos Strate. When Tate distracts Enos, he slips into the records room and switches out Rod’s birth certificate with a fake.

On Friday the game is about to begin and he brings the Chief’s out on the court to do warm up drills. When Jesse calls for the coaches and the Captain, he and the team captain go to the center of the court where Bo, Luke, and Rod are. Tate comes onto the court, saying he doesn’t believe Rod is twelve and demands to see his birth certificate.

They go into the court house and Jesse informs them that the birth certificate claims Rod is 13. He grins the entire time, amused. When Jesse rules in their favor, he pats Tate’s arm and goes outside, amused as Boss yells about them cheating.

Before the game starts, Boss and Rosco destroy the game ball and he is told to get another one.

The game starts and the Chief’s score the first two baskets in seconds.

Bo and Daisy arrive with the birth certificate and Jesse rules that Rod can play. Tate and Ruel become frustrated as the Bears catch up. When the Bears pull ahead he throws down a towel yelling for a time out. He tells them to get physical with the other kids. As the game resumes he yells for them to take down Rod but instead the Bears win the game.

After losing, Tate and Ruel try to sneak away but Boss chases them down, telling Tate to give him the money. Bo comes up right behind him however, saying Boss should donate the money. Hearing Jesse announce on the speakers that Boss will donate the money, he watches Boss hand the money over to Bo.