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Rufus Z. Coltrane was a law-man in Sleepy City in 1872. He is a fictional character featured in the American television series, The Dukes of Hazzard. The role of Rufus Z. Coltrane was played by James Best.


Rufus Z. Coltrane was the short arm of the law in Sleepy City in 1872. He tried to keep a tough image by wearing an eye-patch, which he didn't need. Like Rosco, Rufus was loyal to his boss, Thaddeus Hogg, and played his part in Thaddeus' schemes.

While clearly related to Rosco, it's not explained what that relation is.

Rufus Z


Go West, Young Dukes[]

On June 13 1872, he is at the saloon with Thaddeus and when they go outside they see Jeremiah and Jenny Duke waiting with Jeeter. Thaddeus tells him to look and he removes his fake eye patch to get a better look. He tells Thaddeus that he doesn’t have to worry about them because anyone who the Dukes are expecting to arrive won’t be coming. He explains he hired a couple of gun hands to take care of it. Thaddeus tells him to light his cigar.

He goes into the saloon to see Thaddeus playing poker. Seeing a card on the ground, he picks it up to tell Mr. Hogg that he dropped it, accidentally revealing to the other player that Thaddeus was cheating. They go outside and he apologizes saying he just didn’t know if Hogg was playing with a full hand. Thaddeus says that is because he’s a fool and asks if Rufus knows what he cost him, which Rufus says Thaddeus lost Rufus’ next month’s salary. They see the stage coach arrive and learn Joe Duke was still on it. Thaddeus says he thought Rufus said that no Dukes would get through. He says something must have went wrong.

He and Thaddeus approach the Dukes and Jeeter where they are introduced to Joe. When Thaddeus says Joe is safe in Sleepy City, Jeremiah says they have the best sheriff money can buy, introducing him. Rufus says he’s the fastest gun in the west and tries to pull out his gun but it gets stuck and Joe points his at Rufus. Rufus corrects himself to second best, accidentally firing his gun into the ground. He greets Joe saying he’s welcome to Sleepy City and it’s the gateway to the promised land. Dixie says someone went and broke that promise and Joe explains that they were almost held up on the coach but the men were run off by a drifter and Joe. The Dukes then leave as does Jeeter. Dixie asks Thaddeus about a job at the Saloon. At first they say it's dead, Rufus commenting that if it was any deader they'd have to shut the lid and nail it shut, but Thaddeus agrees to hire her saying she might stir up trade. Rufus says she ‘stirs me’. After Dixie leaves he assures Thaddeus that he doesn’t need to worry about Joe Duke. As Thaddeus has him take the money box into the saloon he remarks it’s a good thing those gun hands don’t let him near them as he’d give them a piece of his mind.

In Thaddeus’ office, he is scrubbing his back while Thaddeus is in the bath. When he’s told to be easy he remarks it is not exactly the kind of work he does. Thaddeus threaten to fire him. Thaddeus asks where his duck is and Rufus helps look around for it. They find the duck but accidentally pulls it head off. He asks if it will make Thaddeus happy if he quacked and Thaddeus says it might but it would make him happier if Rufus left.

After Thaddeus gets dressed, he suggests a game, which Rufus agrees. He proposes 10 cents a ball and tells Rufus to break, which he agrees. He goes to put chalk on it, piercing through the block. He aims the cue but when Jesse storms in he is surprised and hits the ball off the table and onto Hogg’s face. Thaddeus yells at him and he says it isn’t his fault the hombres came barging in. When Thaddeus asks who they are he pokes Frank with his cue, insulting them and explaining they are the ‘lily-livered, lowlife, sod-busting idiots’ he hired. He tells them he ought, but before he can finish that thought Frank breaks the cue and he becomes much calmer, asking what happened. They are told a second Duke was following the coach. They learn the second Duke is Hank Duke and he’s currently in the bar. He pulls out his gun to yell about Hank, accidentally shooting the floor and Thaddeus tells him to never take out the gun again. Hogg tells everyone that he has a plan to deal with the Dukes. He leaves with Hogg to help set up Hank for horse thieving.

After changing Hank’s horses with one of Hogg’s, Thaddeus and Rufus go into the saloon to see a fight. Rufus stops the fight by firing his pistol. They see Jesse and Frank James with Hank and Joe Duke and Dixie. Dixie explains that the James brothers started it but is brushed off. After Thaddeus asks about Hank’s horse and Hank asks why, he says that horse actually belongs to Mr. Hogg and he’s going to arrest Hank. He is told to arrest Joe too but when he moves to do so, Hank tosses Jesse at him. He grabs Hank but loses Joe.

He and Thaddeus lock up Hank, who says they aren’t going to get away with it. He backs up Thaddeus saying horse thieving is the worst crime a man can commit and they leave. As they go outside they notice the wheel on Hogg’s wagon has fallen off. He offers to go get Jeeter to fix it but Thaddeus tells him no and to take a nearby wagon. He asks where are they going and is told they are going to the Duke Farm to get their land. He compliments Thaddeus plan to have the Dukes hand over their property to save Hank.

After arriving at the Duke Farm, Thaddeus and Rufus tell Jeremiah and Jenny about Hank. He listens to Thaddeus tell the Dukes they can get Hank out of jail if they sign over the farm. He watches Hogg sign a paper promising to drop all charges and Jeremiah sign over his land.

As they return to the Saloon, they are suddenly taken hostage by Frank and Jesse. They ride out of town again at gun point. When the Dukes catch up, he helps Dixie stop the horses. They captures the James brothers and he is present when Hogg sign back the farm.

At some point the James brothers escape.