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Russ is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Great Santa Claus Chase[]

Boss Hogg hires them around Christmas to steal a truck of Christmas Trees from Bo and Luke Duke and frame the boys for the theft.

He waits on the side of the road while Hank has Bo and Luke covered when they stop with the truck. He comes up behind the boys to keep them from trying anything. He taps Luke with the barrel of his gun to let him know he is there. He ties up Luke and leaves him on the side of the road with Bo as they take the truck.

He paints the truck yellow. He then gets the plates out of the truck for Hank to switch them.

They drop off the truck in town and Willie picks him and Hank up. He sits in the back of the car as Willie says he’s going to drop them off at the Boar’s Nest and he has some shopping to do as he wants them to steal Boss’ safe next.

While waiting in the Boar’s Nest, they see Bo and Luke come in. Hank says they need to get out of there and he tells him ‘easy’ saying they know who the boys are but the boys don’t know them as they were wearing masks. He says besides they can’t leave until they get the call.

After Bo and Luke return from Boss’ office the phone rings. He watches Hank talk on the phone and after confirming it was Willie they leave. As they drive he hears a siren and looks back to curse. When Hank asks what is it, he tells him that it’s the Duke fellas and a cop car behind them. He asks if Hank thinks they recognized them and Hank says not to find out. They manage to escape when they nearly cause an accident with a pie truck.

They arrive at the cabin and wait for Willie, helping him unload when he arrives.

That night they talk about the robbery and Willie says they will be dressed as Santa Claus to pull off the case.

The next morning they change into Santa Suits and head out to the Boar’s Nest. They go into the Boar’s Nest and pull a gun on Daisy and Jesse. Willie has him check a door to see if it’s a closet and he checks to confirm. He then locks the door. They go into Boss office and he opens the safe.

After emptying the safe, they leave. They are chased by Daisy and Jesse, then Boss and Rosco. They are forced to pull over when four more vehicles all converge on them. Cletus forces them out of the car and Boss unmasks them. Boss has Rosco and Cletus arrest them.