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Russ Mitchell is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Trouble at Cooter's[]

After being hired by Boss, he steals 20 fur coats. As he drives through Hazzard, he periodically checks on the back. As he gets lost he tries to back up, crashing directly into Cooter’s pickup who was coming up the road behind him. He gets out of the van and Cooter gets out and says he’s sorry about that and he says it’s no big thing an why don’t they just forget about it as he’s in a hurry. Cooter remarks that he bets the ladies waiting for the foxes in the back are in a hurry too, seeing the coats after the back door popped open. He quickly closes it and Cooter apologizes again. He tells him that he has a place in town called the Hazzard Garage and for Russ to bring it by and he’ll fix the door, the bumper, dent and everything for free. He smiles saying that is very kind of Cooter and shakes his hand, thanking him. He then leaves. While driving he hits bump. After a bit he looks back to see the door open. Alarmed, he stops and counts the coats to see one is missing.

He drives back to see Bo and Luke have stopped and picked up the coat. He stops, knowing he can’t approach them. In frustration, he slams his hands on the steering wheel.

After taking the furs to Boss, he explains that one fell off the truck. Boss tells him to go get it and Rosco suggests it wasn’t dead yet. He tells them that he tried and two country boys stopped and picked it up, driving off faster than a duck in a hailstorm. Boss asks if one was blonde, the other dark haired and driving an orange clunker car. Surprised he says yes before asking if Boss knows them and Boss denies it saying it was just a lucky guess. He asks where his money is and Boss pulls it out, removing some of it saying ‘here’s what I owe you, less the price of a mink coat’. Angry he starts to call him ‘you little butter’ but is stopped when Boss tells him to take what he was given or the Sheriff will escort him out. He laughs and walks to the door before saying ‘you win Hogg, this time’ and smacking Boss’ hat with the money. He leaves.

He goes to the Boar’s Nest to make a phone call. Daisy serves him a beer while he waits. He asks Bonnie if there was anything in the papers but she assures him that he’s in the clear. He says not until he gets rid of the van and asks that she knows where to meet him. She confirms this.

After he pays Jimmy for the beer and goes outside to leave. As he drives away from the Boar’s Nest, he sees Bo and Luke have spotted him and give chase. However he loses them when they take a different road.

He pulls off where Bonnie is set to meet him and reunites with her, kissing her. Bonnie asks if he got the money and he says he did but ‘that big fat bill of cotton’ short changed him for losing one coat. She disregards it saying they are leaving but he corrects her saying ‘wrong darling’. He tells her he figures to take the furs back off Hogg and selling them again. He says he thinks he’s got it figured out real good. He says for them to get back to town as he’s got investigating to do. They get in the car and he drives back.

They arrive at the court house and pull out the blue prints for Rhuebottom’s General Store. He shows Bonnie that the Hazzard Garage shares a wall to the room where the furs are. He concludes that is the only way in without being seen. Bonnie expresses concern about the mechanic but he says Cooter won’t have anything to say because Bonnie is going to get him out for a bit, as Cooter has seen him but he hasn’t seen Bonnie.

After seeing Bonnie leave with Cooter, he goes into Cooter’s garage. He heads over to the wall between the garage and the store and moves a car hood leaning on it. After removing them he gets a crow bar to remove the boards on the wall. After testing the bricks behind the boards he replaces the wood paneling and the hoods before leaving.

While watching the garage, Bonnie asks if he can get through the wall and he assures her it’s just old bricks and shouldn’t take too much time to knock out if he can ever get in there. After a moment he snaps that he can’t wait all day for the boys to come out. When she says she can distract Cooter but not the boys, he says she heard them say they were running from the law so they can get the law to get them out of there for them.

He watches the garage until the cops chase the Duke boys away and Bonnie takes Cooter away. He goes into the garage and starts tearing apart the wooden boards on the wall. After he starts pulling apart the bricks.

As he gets the hole big enough to crawl through he hears the door open and hides until he sees it’s Bonnie. She says they need to get out of there and he says he’s ready and to get the car and bring it around back. He goes into the store to get the furs. Bonnie comes over to help him and carry out the furs. He comes out of the hole to see Bo and Luke talking to Bonnie. He goes to hit them both in the back of the head with a crowbar but trips on a creeper and falls over. Bo and Luke grab him and Luke starts to hit him. He manages to grab Luke, but Bo knocks all three of them over and Bonnie stops them with a gun.

He gets up and ties up Luke, then Bo. As he finishes tying up Bo’s arms, BO snaps that it’s tight enough. He tells Bonnie that it’s time to go. He takes the furs, carrying them to the car and putting them in the trunk. He then drives them away, nearly hitting Boss and Rosco on purpose.

As they drive, Bonnie notices the boys and Sheriff behind them. They are suddenly cut off by Cooter and Jesse and forced to take a side road. When Bo and Luke jump in front of them, they turn into a tree. He attempts to run away but Cooter grabs him by the arm, turning him around and hitting him hard enough to knock him out. He is arrested and handed over to the US. Marshal.