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Russel "Snake" Harmon is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Wanted for hijacking and running contraband, he's been followed around the country for two years by Jude Emery. He likes to organize road gangs to run his contraband. He is very fond of snakes.


Jude Emery[]

After settling in Hazzard’s Uchee Swamp, he keeps an eye on the Court House. While watching with Willie, he sees Jude come out with Bo and Luke. When Willie says Jude doesn’t look like much he says that Jude has been dogging him for two years. He explains that every time he settles down somewhere he watches the court house because he knows Jude has to get the extradition papers. He asks about the boys with Jude and when Willie says they are amateur racers, he concludes they are beat Willie in a race. He says Jude is probably using Bo and Luke to scout for him, saying Jude is strange but he isn't’ dumb. He proposes recruiting Bo and Luke but Willie says they are only trouble. He says they are looking for hot drivers and Willie reminds him the boys are working with Jude. He says that would be a perfect way to keep track of Jude. He adds that if things get tough they can hold the boys for insurance. He decides to head back to the swamp where he feels safer but points out that while Jude works alone he may rope in the local Sheriff. He asks what the Sheriff is like and Willie laughs, showing him there is nothing to worry about.

In the swamp he is checking on his snake Elmer and is asking what is wrong before turning to Willie, angry, saying he told him not to feed him. He says he told Willie he could feed Cleo and asked him not to feed Elmer. When Willie says he can’t tell them apart he says Elmer is the boy. He smacks Willie with his hat before explaining he wanted Elmer hungry as he gets lazy when he eats. He turns back to the snake and coaxing Elmer awake telling him he has a job for him.

He and his men wait when Willie and Patch bring Bo and Luke to them. He introduces himself and Bo waves. He says they must be the ‘Hazzard hotdogs’ and Bo asks that he’s heard of them. He tells them to get out and they do. He says he heard they had a little trouble with Patch and Bo laughs before saying it was no trouble at all. Luke says that if he wants to test them to find someone who can cut it. Bo says they would like to stay and fight with his boys but he doesn’t think they can handle it. Luke says least of all Patch. When they start fighting, Snake moves off to the side to watch. He’s enjoying himself when Jude comes up behind him, arresting him. He’s surprised for a moment before greeting Jude and telling him he figured he was around somewhere and it’s a good old fight. He asks if Bo and Luke are Jude’s and when Jude says yes he points out Bo saying ‘that one is a little slow’. When Jude remarks Bo needs to work on his left hook, he agrees. He watches Jude break up the fight. When Jude says he came for Snake, he says Jude isn’t really going to arrest him and Jude snaps he didn’t chase him from Texas for any other reason. Coy comes out and when Jude says he’s making a mistake, he tells Jude it’s his mistake and asks if he recognizes the man as Coy Randolph and Jude arrested him. He explains to Jude they have been onto him since he arrived in Hazzard and tells his men to tie up Jude to keep him out of trouble. When Patch goes for Luke, he asks Patch if he thinks he can take Luke in arm wrestling ‘Texas style’.

While Willie ties Luke and Patch’s arms together for arm wrestling, Snake explains what is going to to Bo and Luke. He tells them that the cactus spines are called ‘Blood Brothers’ and the red dripping is 'pure poison'. He explains that once they make a puncture they never heal and going through life with an armful of them would be a living hell. After Willie finishes tying them, he pulls Bo away from Luke telling him to ‘give them some air’. He watches Patch start loosing before telling him to ‘turn it up’. He watches Patch start to overpower Luke. However when Daisy comes flying up in the car he moves back. Daisy gets out and volunteers to drive for them. Willie says that he isn’t going to drive with a woman and Snake tells Willie that he isn’t telling anyone anything. He reminds them he runs this thing and when Willie says she might be working with Jude he says ‘so what if she is’ adding he’s got plenty more snakes. Willie suggests he test her but Patch insists they need to settle his and Luke’s dispute first. He asks what Patch has in mind and Patch says chicken. Bo tells him he shouldn’t have kidnapped ‘that oversized kid out of the sixth grade’. Luke proposes jumping cars. Snake asks ‘at night’ and Luke says at first light. Bo then turns to him and says that they should make it more interesting. He asks Bo wants to do a side bet saying Bo will want them to let him and Luke go if Luke wins. Bo tells him what he had in mind was for fun they ride shotgun with them. Alarmed Snake shakes his head no and Bo asks what is wrong and doesn’t he trust Patch as Bo trusts Luke. Seeing all his men looking at him he reluctantly agrees and shakes Bo’s hand.

The next morning he sits beside Patch in Daisy's car. Before they jump, Cooter and Jesse put ropes around his and Patch’s necks from the back seat. Cooter tells them to pay attention as they are about to play musical chairs. He is forced to sit upfront as Jesse drives them away after tossing Patch out. After his men are captured the Dukes and Cooter stop and they bring him back to give him to Jude. When Boss and Grady say they will take over, Bo picks him up causeing him to scream before shoving him in the red car with Luke and Cooter.

They stop to pick up Daisy and Jude and he asks Jude to get him out of there as they are all crazy but is told to wait until he kisses one of them. He screams as they jump the creek to end up in the next county. As he gets out of the car he is startled when Grady runs up to arrest him. He is surprised and amused to learn that they are out of the county and he is Jude’s prisoner. He smiles as Jude arrests him.

After being loaded up in the truck to be taken back to Texas, he watches Jude kiss Daisy and whistles to tease him.