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Sally Joe is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Daisy's Shotgun Wedding[]

Daisy calls her saying she needs some space from the farm and asks to stay at the boarding house with her. She waits until Daisy arrives, greeting her and giving her a hug. She asks that Daisy really did it and helps her get her bags, saying they will unpack and then talk.

Her and Daisy go for a walk, and Daisy says the boys are smothering her. She remarks that Daisy really must have been upset. Daisy says that the boys should realize that she if perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Sally Jo asks if Daisy is sure she isn’t overreacting to which Daisy snaps ‘no’ before saying she sounds like them. Sally Joe says whatever they are doing, they are only doing it because they love her and Daisy says she just wants to be her own person. Sally says that Bo and Luke do get carried away every once in a while, but she bets they learned something from all this. Daisy asks if she thinks so and she agrees saying they will look at her differently from now on. Daisy says she is just trying to cheer her up and Sally Jo says she just knows that Daisy is lucky to have a family like that to worry about her. Daisy realizes she hurt Sally Jo and puts a hand on her shoulder, telling her she wants to be along for a while and thanks her for being a friends. She smiles as Daisy walks away.

After Daisy leaves to go back to the farm, the boys come up to her. She greets them and Bo asks if Daisy is still there. Smiling, she tells them that Daisy is gone. When Bo is confused by that she just nodded and they realize she’s headed home. They thank her and leave.