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Sergeant Sally Steele is a character from the series Enos.


The Head Hunter[]

She goes into work, carrying a cup of coffee as her phone rings. She answers it, saying ‘Internal Affairs Division, Sergeant Steele speaking.’ She is amused by the person’s question, saying ‘yes, I’m the one taking ‘beefs from citizens’ against our police department. She asks ‘what is you’re beef’ and is informed by the caller that Enos Strate is being accused of taking $5,000 out of the money he recovered from a bank robbery before returning it to the bank. After hanging up, she calls the bank, asking to speak to the bank manager. She says it’s extremely important.

Sally meets with Broggi and Dempsey. She explains five thousand dollars in hundred dollar bills was missing from the bag of money Enos turned in. Dempsey tells her that is impossible as ‘Strate would never do a thing like that.’ Broggi adds that Enos would never steal and she asks how they explain the missing five thousand dollars. Dempsey asks that she is taking the word of a bank robber over one of Metro’s finest. She objects saying ‘and the bank manager’, saying they verified the money was missing. Broggi asks if Enos took it, why did he just stop at $5,000. Dempsey says that was a good point before asking for her rebuttal. She says they have an answer to that to which Broggi remarks ‘I’m sure you do.’ She says either Enos thought that a small stack of bills wouldn’t be noticed, or another thing which is very common in cases like this is that he just needed the five thousand for whatever. Dempsey asks what and she says whatever her investigation uncovers. Dempsey, angry, tells her ‘look, Steele’ and she corrects him to ‘sergeant’. She says naturally she expects their full cooperation to which Broggi snaps ‘naturally’. She says under no circumstances is Enos to know he’s being investigated and no one is to reveal her true identity to anyone. She asks if they understand, to which Broggi groans. She informs them of her plan.

Broggi calls Enos into his office, introducing them. She stands up from her chair, shaking Enos’ hand and when Enos says it’s a pleasure to meet her, she says it’s a pleasure to meet him as well. Broggi says she is a newspaper reporter doing an article on police officers and that they selected Enos. When Enos happily asks ‘you did’ she smiles saying ‘yes we did’. Enos asks why and Broggi says that is a great question and for Enos to answer all the questions she asks. Enos agrees but asks about his patrol duties. She says that Enos won’t have to change his schedule, that she will just ride with him and interview him between crimes. She asks ‘makes sense doesn’t it LT Broggi.’ Broggi snaps for her not to make him answer that.

She rides in the car with Enos and Turk and asks if he finds that an officers salary but is cut off by falling over to Enos’ driving. Turk asks if she is fine to which she says she is and Enos says to just keep asking her questions. She asks if Enos finds the salary sufficient enough to meet his needs or does he need more money. Enos says he has to admit things more expensive than home. She summarizes that what Enos would like to do is get his hands on some extra money. Turk tells her Enos needs five thousand dollars but Enos denies he doesn’t need five thousand. She asks why Turk said he did and Turk quickly says he was just kidding and she knows how guys kid.

They arrive at a store and Enos asks her to stay in the car as a bar is no proper place for a lady. She waits a few minutes before going in, seeing Enos on the suspects shoulders and Turk on the ground. Turk gets up, tackling the suspect and she sighs before taking off her jacket and going over to help them arrest the suspect. Enos thanks her and she just nods. Enos asks if she ever thought about being on the police force and she laughs saying ‘the thought crossed my mind.’ Enos says she would make a good one, surprising her.

They get lunch together at a truck, Enos saying ‘well it ain’t catfish’, confusing her. Turk says somehow a ‘catfish burger’ doesn’t have the same ring to it. Enos says it sure is good and she laughs saying she knows what they mean. She asks if they eat there often and Turk says only on special occasions, Enos adding they sometimes don’t. She tells them that she has a feeling they could afford better restaurants than that. She says she bets their apartments are nice. Enos says he’s fixing his up and it’s getting pretty homey. She asks if she can see it and Enos and Turk agree, Turk saying he gets off in about an hour. She says that is great and she just has to make a quick phone call before excusing herself.

She goes back to Enos’ place with him. As Enos turns on the lights and she walks in he says this is it. She comments it’s nice and very “Dear Regour’ to which confused Enos says it will clear up and that he has a three month room freshener that is shaped like an owl. Baffled she asks if he has the ‘makings of a drink’. Enos says he has buttermilk or chocolate milk before explaining he just adds chocolate to buttermilk as ‘some folks don’t cotton to buttermilk much.’ She tells him she is one of those ‘noncottoners’ so water will be just fine. Enos tells her ‘yes ma’am’ before saying indoor plumbing came with that place. She laughs and Enos leaves the room saying to make herself at home. She starts looking around before taking off one of her earrings. Enos brings her the glass to which she says ‘good, thank you’ and Enos remarks it isn’t like the well water at home and he reckons the well water is the most refreshing drink in the whole world. She says she finds that hard to believe and Enos says that is true and one thing he will never do is tell a lie. He adds that his school teacher Miss Graham told him that Washington would never have become president if he lied about cutting down the cherry tree. She just smiles and Enos asks if something is wrong. She grabs her ear saying her earing was dropped in his car. Enos asks if she’s sure she didn’t loose it in the apartment and she says she is sure and she remembers it falling off in his car. She says if Enos will be a dear she would appreciate it if he could go down and get it. Enos agrees and says for her to make herself at home.

She looks around the living room and finding nothing she suggests ‘country boy, country bank.’ She starts looking through the kitchen, finding a tin. She opens it to see money inside. Enos returns and she says she is in the kitchen, hiding the tin. Enos apologizes for not finding the earring and she yells that she demands Enos take her home right now. Enos asks if there is something wrong, and she says there is something terribly wrong before grabbing her purse. She says Enos can tell his school teacher, who Enos interjects saying is Miss Jenny, that Enos will never become president. She then storms out to the car. They don’t speak on the ride home.

The next day she follows Enos and Turk to the bank and follows them inside. She watches Enos with a teller before hiding as the officers leave. She then walks up to the teller, pulling the woman at the front of the line out of the way saying ‘excuse me.’ The teller says she has to wait at the back of the line and she shows him her badge saying ‘police.’ She says she saw him just make out a cashier’s check for Enos Strate and she wants to know to who and for how much. The teller objects and she tells him it’s not a problem, she will just have a court order drawn up and she will have everything she needs by tonight. Sarcastically she thanks the man for his trouble. She learns Enos sent $100 to Daisy Duke.

After getting back to her office, she gets a call from a woman claiming that she is a hooker who is paying off the officers to leave her be. She says protection before telling the woman to go on. The woman says that she’s tired of it and if Sally wants to catch one of the officers in the act and promises not to arrest her, she will arrange it. Sally says that could be entrapment but the girl mentions it’s against Enos Strate to which Sally asks ‘where and when’. Molly tells her and she says she will meet Molly there at eight o’clock tomorrow. She hangs up her phone in disbelief.

The next morning she stands in a phone booth, watching Molly on the corner. When Enos arrives, Molly gives him an envelop and runs. She walks over, showing a surprised Enos her badge before pulling money out of the envelop. She remarks ‘just like I thought’ and informs Enos that he is under arrest before reading him his rights.

She stands in Broggi’s office as he suspends Enos, bringing up that he initial report has some incriminating evidence before snapping at her that she must understand she will need further substantiating evidence. Enos explains that he was there because Molly called him there to give him the name of the bank robber but Broggi is forced to suspend Enos. When Enos leaves the room, Broggi addresses her saying ‘Sergeant Steele, you want to know something? I don’t like you.’ She says she was just doing her duty and Broggi admits that maybe why.

She exits the office into the hall where Enos approaches her addressing her as ‘Miss Sally.’ She corrects him saying ‘it’s Sergeant Steele’ and Enos apologizes before addressing her and says he just wanted to let her know that he’s not mad at her and he is going to find the lady with the red hat and have her tell Sally that Enos never took any money from her in his life. Enos says that is truth and she asks that he never lies, which Enos confirms. She asks if that is what his school teacher taught him, and Enos confirms it. She asks how can she believe Enos when she found a jar full of $100 bills in his apartment. Upset, Enos asks that she was snooping and she says ‘investigating’ before saying she also knows Enos has been sending money to Daisy Duke. She adds that she tried phoning Daisy. Enos asks that she isn’t going to get Daisy involved and Sally says she will if Daisy is guilty and it’s not her first brush with the law. She goes to walk away but Enos pleads with her, saying she can do whatever to him but please don’t get Daisy involved and don’t hurt her.

She walks around a corner and leans against the wall, upset. She is startled when Turk comes up behind her commenting ‘well, well, Judas’ Priest on a pony’ Turk asks why she didn’t just have the hooker kiss Enos for that thirty pieces of silver. Upset she asks what is Turk trying to say. Turk says he isn’t trying to say anything, he is saying that she had his partner set up. She protests that isn’t true and she could have his badge for that. Turk tells her if she can take it she got it. He starts to say if anything bad happens to Enos because of her before trailing off at her horrified look. Turk excuses himself, addressing her as ‘Sergeant Steele, ma’am’ saying there is a hooker he needs to find. As Turk starts to leave she calls after him to wait, saying she knows Turk doesn’t think much of her but she would like to prove Enos innocent just as much as he would. Turk turns to her, smiling asking ‘got to you too huh’ and adds ‘well come on.’ She walks out with Turk, who laughs.

She rides with Turk as they look for Molly. She says she is one of the regulars so she ought to be around there somewhere. Turk agrees and she says it was so stupid of her to let the girl go but she had promised she would. Turk says not to worry about it and to keep positive. After a bit they don’t spot her and decide to go look elsewhere. As they go to leave they hear a call for a bank robbery nearby. She says that is close and Turk tells her ‘as my ol’ buddy would say, y’all buckle up now hear?’

They reach an intersection to see the cab with the robber drive by followed by Molly and a police car. Turk says it’s Enos in the lead car, shocking her. She says she thought he was innocent and Turk says Enos is, but with Enos it’s never is what it is. She asks what is it.

They watch Enos jump the taxi over a car carrier and drive into a police station. Her and Turk rush over as Enos gets out of the cab and showing them the robber. Enos asks if she will get the money as he doesn’t want to get in anymore trouble then he already is. She takes the money from the back. Molly, who arrives, apologies for framing Enos and Turk takes her away. She calls out to Enos, addressing him as ‘Officer Strate, Enos’ before saying if he ever decides to run for president someday, she is going to vote for him. They both smile and Enos shakes her hand but she leans over and kisses his cheek before leaving.