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Sam is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Sam is a former Ridge Runner and knew many other's ine the buisness of moonshine, like Boss Hogg, Jesse Duke, and Homer.


Days of Shine and Roses[]

He attends the Annual Ridge Runners reunion. They watch a film put together a video from Abel of their adventures while sitting with Homer. When they see Jesse cause a police officer to spin out, he comments that there isn’t a revenuer alive who could have caught Jesse in the 'Black Tilly'. After the video he announces to everyone in the Boar’s Nest that they owe Able a real nice thank you for furnishing them with the ‘X-rated’ movie they just saw. He listens when Bo ignites a fight between Rosco and Boss Hogg. When Bo says that Jesse is the best moonshine runner in the world, he gives an enthusiastic nod and agrees. They are amused when Rosco tells Bo to shut up and is excited when Jesse and Boss Hogg decide to race to see just who is the best. They are stunned when Jesse decides to go through Loomis’ territory for the race. When it is agreed to keep the race a secret, he nods in agreement.

The next day he’s working behind the bar at the Boar’s Nest when Homer proposes a toast to the finale moonshine run. He announces to the bar that he is laying money on Jesse Duke to win the race. He is amused when Daisy joins the bet. They all run outside to see Bo race by with the rest of the Dukes and Cooter in Jesse's car, Black Tilly the Second.

At the start line of the race they all stand outside the Boar’s Nest, cheering for Jesse when he arrives. They also cheer for Boss Hogg’s arrival. He tells them all that they need to be sure that both are carrying ten jugs of shine, ignoring Jesse when he corrects them that it’s water, and says Enos will inspect the vehicles. After Enos says it’s all even, he asks if Enos is sure and Enos says he counted 20 and divided by two, making them laugh. They all get excited about Boss saying they need a round of drinks and they head into the Boar’s Nest, walking in with an arm around Bo’s shoulder. They have a toast to the Finale run and he tells Boss that the bill will be $22. Boss tells him to put it on his tab and he says Boss doesn’t have a tab as he owns the place. Boss says to make a tab for Rosco and put it on that. They go outside to watch the start of the race.

They watch Jesse win, cheering. They are surprised to learn Boss Hogg framed Jesse to Loomis. They are further amused by Rosco pulling up in a destroyed car.