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Sam is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Rustlers[]

While working at the Hazzard Fairgrounds for the Mrs. J.D. Hogg Stakes Race, he registers the horses for the race. Boss Hogg pays the entry fee for their horse. He thanks Boss Hogg before pulling the money from his hands and asks where their entry is. Boss says it’s slightly delayed. Alarmed he does tell them that they must realize that if the horse doesn’t arrive to register by 5 pm then Boss will forfeit the money. Annoyed Boss yells that he realizes that but he just wishes that he wouldn’t remind him.

At 4:15 he goes up to Burl and Sherry to remind them of the time and says he hopes the horse is there before 5 pm. Frantic he walks away telling Boss as he passes that these things make him so nervous.

When they are down to a single minute before the entry needs to be submitted he walks up to Jesse, holding up one finger. Jesse snaps ‘I know Sam, I know’ and upset he walks away.

At five o’clock he is called by Boss and Rosco to present the horse for entry. Checking the time to ensure it is still five o’clock he agrees that the horse is present and therefore registered for the race.