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Sam Bultmann is an antagonist from the series Enos.


Where's the Corpus?[]

He and Riker meet up with Moose Davis after Riker contracted him to kill Angelo. Davis reveals that he not only didn’t kill Angelo, but he also knows that Riker is the one who stole the syndicates money. As Riker tells Charlie the driver to go, he pulls out a length of cord. They are temporarily followed by a police car, but Charlie losses them.

After sending a picture of Moose dead to the LAPD, he goes to Riker’s place for a glass of wine. He says he loves them sending the picture of Moose to the cops, saying it was a portrait of a hit man. Riker agrees and informs him the drink is the latest from his winery. Blutman tastes it but does not like it. Riker says they need to get Angelo before he tells Chicago it was really them who stole the money. He tells Riker not to worry as Chicago is already sure that Angelo skimmed it before asking if he’s got any beer. Riker asks if he wants beer and he nods. He’s ordered to go get Angelo and leaves to do so.

After learning Angelo is in police custody, he goes to visit him. When Angelo says he has nothing to say to him, he asks if Angelo thinks he’s safe in there, that he thinks he turned himself in and now they can’t get to him. He tells Angelo that he’s safe until they say different and then he’s dead. Angelo asks what he wants and he says he wants a name, that he wants to know who tipped off the cops. He says if Angelo doesn’t tell him, he’ll go to Angelos’ wife and kid. Angelo says it was Shoes. He thanks Angelo before asking how his wife is.

He goes to visit Shoes at the pool hall, saying ‘Shoes my friend, you made a big mistake’. Shoes tries to apologize but he cuts him off saying he doesn’t want his apologizes, he wants him gone. Shoes is afraid but he pulls out a plane ticket, admitting he can’t kill Shoes because of the heat. He says the plane is to Mexico City and leaves in the next half hour. He is told they need to get rid of Shoes as the ‘fuzz’ are there. He forces Shoes out the back door. He tells him men to take care of the officers.

He goes to Riker’s office and assures him that they have nothing to worry about since Shoes is gone. When Riker asks about the brawl at the pool hall he says to believe him that there is no way that can lead to them. The secretary buzzes in to say there is a Mr. Adams there to see Riker who claims to have been recommended by Angelo. He hides behind a curtain as Riker has him sent in. He watches the exchange between Riker and Turk, as Turk implies that he knows they hire hit men. Riker sends Turk away. He proposes they kill Turk and Enos. Riker says they don’t kill cops. When Blutman points out they are working on Mooses’ murder he asks what he’s talking about. He reminds Riker that if they make the connection between Moose and Riker, they can bring Shoes back to the U.S. to testify. Riker agrees and says he can kill them.

He and a few others drive to Enos’ place that night, seeing him and Margret Jean Richmond in Enos’ apartment. One of the men say they thought they were going to hit ‘the black dude’ first but he says Enos was the first one out of the station. He says he can’t resist a volunteer. They start firing and after a few shots flee the scene.

He gets a phone call from Riker telling him to stay away from the office for a while. Alarmed, he asks what happened and Riker admits he doesn’t know. Riker says there was a broad from the DA’s office and for him to just sit tight for now.

Later Riker calls him to tell him he will be at the winery in ten minutes. When Riker gets there he starts packing away some money. He remarks that it looks like Riker is going to be away from a long time and Riker says for as long as it takes to kill the cops and the DA woman. Riker’s men inform them that a cop has arrived and Blutman says if Riker led them there, his trip may be shorter than he thinks. Riker says for him to take care of it and he says for Riker to get out of sight. He pulls out the rope and hides. When Enos passes him he begins to strangle the officer until he’s hit from behind with a wine bottle. Enos pulls him up behind a barrel with him and Margret as his men start shooting. He yells for them to stop firing and he is knocked out and arrested.