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Sam Porter is a minor character from the Duke's of Hazzard.


Birds Gotta Fly[]

After having concerns about Molly Hargrove, Boss calls him and his brother. They go to the Boar’s Nest to meet with him and Rosco. When Boss says he naturally thought of them and he remarks that figures as the last situation they took care of for him is still running. Boss says he needs them to take care of Molly Hargrove’s racing car. He asks why Boss wants them to wreck it. Boss says because it costs money, and Molly doesn’t have much of it. When Jude asks for how much they are paying, Boss pulls out a number of bills before ripping them in half saying they’ll get the rest when they finish the job. When Jude goes to take it, he grabs his brothers hand before taking the money from Boss himself and puts it in his pocket. When Jude asks if they can trust Boss and he says ‘considering he knows what will happen to him if he pulls something funny on us’ before picking up one of Boss’ walnuts and crushing it. He wipes his hand off on Rosco before taking another nut and leaving.

They sneak over to the Duke Farm and go up to Molly’s RV. He unlatches the front of the trailer for the car and they sneak off.

They go back to the Boar’s Nest and play pool while they wait for Rosco to report in about the car. They hear Rosco say nothing happened and Boss yells to get their attention, asking if they heard that. Rosco explains that Bo and Luke saved the car. Boss tells them to do their job right.

He and his brother wait by Daisy’s car for her and Molly to leave. While Jude stands watch, he opens the hood. He checks to see Daisy and Molly go into the RV and tells Jude to be nice and quiet, to make it look like they are fixing the heap and not tearing it apart. He starts taking out the air filter. Bo and Luke suddenly run over and Luke punches  him the face. He goes down but is freed by Bo falling on the ground after Luke is thrown on him. He comes around the car and Bo hits him. Bo manages to grab him but he flips Bo over the roof of the car before grabbing Luke from behind. He tosses Luke across the hood onto Bo before grabbing Jude and fleeing to the car. They try to run down Bo and Luke but the two dive out of the way, so they leave the speedway.

He tries to lose the boys but being unable to he asks Jude what does he do. At Jude’s suggestion, he slows down like he is about to be pulled over. However Bo pulls up and starts ramming into him. He rams back but Bo forces him to pull over. He gets out and Bo runs in front of him yelling ‘come on.’ He punches Bo in the face and knocks him down. He picks Bo up and throws him across the car before Luke runs over and hits him. Bo scrambles over and grabs him along with Luke saying ‘alright your turn’ before they throw him over. The two pin him to the car and Bo asks who hired him. He tells them it was Boss and Bo shoves him to the drivers door before he and Luke leaves.