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Samantha Rose is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Mason Dixon's Girls[]

While sunbathing in swimsuits on the top of the camper, they listen to Mason get a call and glance at each other in amusement as Mason asks about a reward. A few minutes later Mason comes up to tell them they got a job in Hazzard. When Tinker complains about it being Sunday she comments ‘now me, Mace, I like working Sundays' but it’s when he messes with their evenings she gets mad. When he reminds them of their finances they reluctantly agree saying “we’ll be right there". However when Mason leaves she lays back down.

They arrive at the Police Station to see Rosco sleeping. After Mason wakes him up, she explains to Rosco that they are there due to a call Rosco made to Atlanta. Boss Hogg comes in and says they aren’t FBI and for Rosco not to talk to them. When Boss and Mason start to fight she grabs Rosco’s tie, pulling him toward her asking if they can talk to the guys who he found with the weed in their cells for just a little bitty minute. Rosco agrees but then informs her they haven’t been arrested, upsetting her. Boss accidentally mentions the name Duke and they set out. As they leave she waves at Rosco.

They arrive at the Duke Farm to watch the family. She is watching through binoculars when two men arrive and confront Jesse and Daisy, and she tells Tink to take a look as they look familar. After Tinker denies knowing them, she tells Mace to run a make on the car plates. Mason comes back and identifies the one. She uses that to identify the other saying the two ran dope together in Memphis. Tinker decides to follow the men but Sam says to wait. They listen in on the conversation together between Luke and Jesse over the phone wires. They return to Mason and she explains they need to go to ‘Cooter’s Farm’.

Hearing Mason say ‘uh oh’ while driving they go up to see Davis and Ryan are following them. Mason comments ‘you good lookin’ things know what to do.’ They go to get helmets. They climb outside and jump over to the car on the back trailer. Together they pull the tarp off and get inside. When they take the car off the trailer the men turn around. As they chase after them, a hub cap comes flying at them and she tells Tinker to look out. After he calls Mason on the C.B. to let him know they ‘lost our friends’ adding ‘Sorry’. Mason tells them to head to Cooter’s Farm and gives them directions.

They come flying up on Cooter’s farm, seeing Bo and Luke running for the General. They get out and approach the boys. She runs at Luke and kicks him before flipping him onto the ground. They take off their helmets, shocking Bo and Luke to learn they are women. Jesse and Daisy arrive, Jesse carrying a shot gun and telling them to back off from his boys. Mason and Cooter also come over and they discuss what happened. They decide to trust the Dukes. Luke offers their help and she laughs telling Luke that ‘this kind of thing takes some professional doing’. However Mason argues that the boys have a point. Jesse tells them to get rid of what isn’t a water heater, and they agree. Before they can do much, they hear sirens approach. Rosco and Enos arrest them all.

While sitting in the jail, Luke signals to them a plan. They wait and when Jesse yells ‘go for it boys’ they all jump forward, tackling Boss, Rosco, and Enos. She helps hold down Enos so they can handcuff the three together. They all flee and she gets in her car with Tinker.

They stop to regroup and Luke asks to analyze the dirt from the hubcap that hit them. Bo asks where it happened and she tells him it was near their farm on Highway 22. She says the boys will never be able to find it though but her and Tink can do it. Luke says they can handle it and Bo says they need to pull their weight somehow.

After Bo and Luke return with the hubcap they listen to Mason give his analysis and the boys talk about where it could be, Bo settling on Razorback Mountain.

They head to Razorback mountain and Mason confirms they are at the top but there are armed guards all over the road. She says that is the only road up there. When two guards come into the clearing, her and Tinker pretend to be startled and feint. After they spring up and the guys congratulate them on their acting, havign used it as a distraction to take out the guards.

As Bo and Luke go up the mountain she expresses worry as they will be lucky to get up there. However, the guards get free and pull guns on them to her annoyance. The guards tell them to get into the car and as she moves toward it she yells and tells Tink that she thinks she broke her ankle. They see Mason knock out both men. She says they still need to get up the hill. After Tinker says that the boys said they’d have to be mountain goats Mason tells them to make like mountain goats and they take off.

They climb up the mountain to find Bo and Luke. After reaching the top they hide their hang gliders, laughing about Bo and Lukes’ comments before setting out to find them. When they find the boys were captured Tinker says ‘poor little things’ to which she agrees and says they should get them out. However they get found by Dempsey and his men. She remarks it’s a pleasure to see him as she tosses her gun.

Sam and Tinker are tied up in the barn with the boys. Bo tells them it doesn’t look like they did too good. She agrees when Tinker says they didn’t do much batter. They watch Bo and Luke get free. When Tinker asks that they won’t leave them, Bo says of course not. Bo unties her and helps her up. They head out to where the girls stashed the gliders, taking the boys with them. Luke helps her unpack her glider and when Bo asks what is it she says he will see.

As she gets strapped into a glider she calls Mason and asks him to slow down the operation, which Mason says he will try. Tinker gives her two bombs and she agrees that should do it. They are alarmed when Luke suddenly takes off with the second glider. She follows him, Bo yelling good luck. As she catches up to Luke she says he’s not bad for a beginner and he tells her he isn't a beginner and he did it in the Marines. They spot the cars and follow them. She comments they are losing altitude and Luke tells her to follow him to the ridge to get an updraft and she does. Her and Luke land and she jokes ‘the Marines have landed’. The two then run to the truck moving the illegal drugs, jumping on the back.

She and Luke get on the truck and she tries to help Luke on the top but one of the worker spots her. He tries to push her off. Luke helps her back up and they put the bombs in the cargo. When Mason drives up they jump into the car and watch the truck’s cargo blow. They arrest everyone involved.

Later her and Luke are hugging when Mason says they need to go. Luke walks her to the RV so they can leave. They wave goodbye to the Dukes as they leave.