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Season 1 (1979) - 13 episodes[]

Season 1
Episode number Production code Original Airdate
One Armed Bandits
1- 1x01 166861 January 26, 1979
Sheriff Coltrane sets up a slot machine operation to fund his re-election, but a pair of two-armed bandits – Bo and Luke Duke – find a way to give the proceeds to charity and save the local orphanage.
Daisy's Song
2- 1x02 166862 February 2, 1979
An Atlanta music-publishing outfit bilks Daisy of $50, a corruption of Boss Hogg's. And the FBI has an eye on the whole scam. Bo and Luke head to town to straighten things out for Daisy and end up messing up a police raid on the place. They hatch a scheme to catch the record pirates red-handed by having Daisy pretend to be a potential client to trick the music outfit's ringleader, Lester Starr into believing she can fake a number of real-life artists. Meanwhile, after being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Bo and Luke are targeted by the FBI and the local law. And Boss has his sights set on getting a tie-in with the syndicate, with a new singer that Starr has to audition for them and Boss, who just happens to be....Daisy Big mistake
Mary Kaye's Baby
3- 1x03 166864 February 9, 1979
While running from Enos in Cooter's car, Bo and Luke run into a problem: the car that they are driving is loaded with moonshine that Cooter was to deliver for Boss Hogg. Bo and Luke pick up a hitchhiker whom they recognize as their friend Mary Kaye Porter (Jeanne Wilson), who is now nine months pregnant—and on the run from Atlanta crime boss Quirt McQuade (Cliff Pellow), who is looking for $118,254.37 in money that was stolen from him. McQuade thinks Mary Kaye has the money, and when McQuade tracks Mary Kaye to the Duke farm, where Mary Kaye gives birth to a girl, the Dukes pull out all the stops to protect Mary Kaye and her new baby.
Repo Men
4- 1x04 166863 February 16, 1979
Boss Hogg plans to buy his wife Lulu, who is Rosco's sister, a Rolls-Royce from a car lot run by Ace Parker (Jerry Rushing), a crooked car dealer who has already sold the car to a counterfeiting ring, and now Ace and Boss want Bo and Luke to repossess the car so Lulu can have it. It is not going to be easy to repossess the car, especially when Bo and Luke discover that Boss and Ace have been selling stolen cars, and they have set a trap to make it look like Bo and Luke were the thieves who stole the cars. Also, the counterfeiters have stashed counterfeit $20 bill engraving plates in the car, and that is why they are not exactly anxious to give the car up.
High Octane
5- 1x05 166865 February 23, 1979
Jesse fires up the old moonshining still for a good cause—the Federal Energy Commission is seeking a substitute for fossil fuels in a clean fuel contest in which the grand prize is $20,000. The Dukes decide to enter Jesse's famous moonshine recipe in the contest because it once worked as fuel in Black Tillie, Jesse's old moonshining car. When Boss Hogg hears about the contest, he sets out to steal Jesse's moonshine recipe to use as his own entry in the contest in order to win the money. Meanwhile, federal agent Roxanne Huntley (Charlene Watkins) is in town to investigate possible moonshine running
Swamp Molly
6- 1X06 166872 March 9, 1979
Swamp Molly (Neva Patterson), an old moonshining friend of Jesse's, wants to make "one last run", and she wants the Dukes to help, since Molly saved Jesse from the Feds back in the fall of 1936, and Jesse owes Molly for that. What the Dukes do not know is that Molly is no longer dealing moonshine—her truck is full of contraband firearms that could land Bo and Luke in jail for violating their probation.
Luke's Love Story
7- 1X07 7 March 16, 1979
In the annual Hazzard County Obstacle Derby, a notoriously dirty race, Amy Creavy (Roz Kelly), who is from Placid County, becomes the first woman ever to enter the derby. Luke is smitten with her, and they build a relationship together which means they became boyfriend and girlfriend. But Luke has a hard time accepting the fact that he cannot chase other women if he and Amy stay together forever. Things get dangerous when it is discovered that Amy's ex-boyfriend, her former mechanic Turk Foley (David Hayward), is bent on either getting her back—or killing her. Amy had fired Turk and replaced him with Francis Lee "Frankie" Olmstead (Marya Small) because Turk had put nitrous oxide in Amy's engine. Nitrous oxide boosts a car's horsepower, but using nitrous oxide can get a driver disqualified. The Racing Association barred Turk as a driver for life, knowing that Turk had severely injured a total of four drivers in his career in his efforts to win. Boss Hogg needs to win the race because Mama Hogg's ashes are in the winning trophy, but honest deputy Enos Strate is driving for Boss, so Boss has Rosco threaten to sell Cooter's truck unless Cooter becomes a crasher in the race in order to make sure Enos wins. Turk sabotages Amy's race car, and then sneaks into the race himself, using Cooter's car. The race to the finish ends up between Luke, Amy, and Turk, and Amy and Luke do not know that Turk has taken Cooter's place.
The Big Heist
8- 1X08 8 March 30, 1979
While Boss Hogg is busy counting out his moonshine money, he is robbed of $30,000 of that money by Neil Bishop (Fred McCarren), a chicken farmer that Boss sold some defective farming equipment to, and Boss knew the equipment was defective. Neil robbed Boss in order to get back the money that he paid Boss for the equipment. Boss thinks that Bo was the robber, and he tells Rosco. Neil ends up at the Duke farm after Daisy makes acquaintance with him at the Boar's Nest. When the Dukes hear about what Boss did to Neil, they decide to turn the tables on Boss by sending revenuer Harvey Essex (Stu Nisbet) after Boss.
Limo One Is Missing
9- 1X09 9 April 6, 1979
President Jimmy Carter sends his car, "Limo One", to Georgia before he visits the state. The Secret Service men and the two state police motorcycle cops stop at the Boar's Nest for a fill-up and some coffee, where Cooter and the boys are just leaving. The boys spot the car, admire it for a bit, and then Bo and Luke leave, leaving Cooter to ogle over the car some more. In fact, Cooter becomes so entranced by the limo that he hot wires it, and takes it for a joyride. Boss Hogg has a chop shop operation going, and Rosco, who is usually in on Boss Hogg's scams, knows nothing about it. When the limo turns up missing, Rosco assumes that the same car thieves who had been working the county for the past month are the ones who stole it. Boss figures that he has got a sure disaster on his hands if it turns out that his men at the chop shop took the car and have cut it to pieces, until Rosco wonders how much of a reward he will get for bringing that "important car" back.
Deputy Dukes
10- 1x10 10 April 20, 1979
Bo and Luke are arrested just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and The General Lee got impounded for $15. Crime boss Rocky Marlowe (Leo Gordon) is scheduled to be escorted from Springville to Hazzard County so Marlowe can go on trial. Boss sees a money-making opportunity with a high profile trial such as Marlowe's being held in Hazzard. Not wanting to risk Rosco, or Enos for that matter, Boss decides to send Bo and Luke to transport Marlowe from Springville, in exchange for not selling the General Lee. Bo and Luke agree, and head off to Springville, but not before being spotted in deputy uniforms by Daisy and Cooter. Along the way, Bo and Luke must deal with Herky (Bob Hoy) and Manny (Pat Renella), two of Marlowe's henchmen who will stop at nothing to free Marlowe, and they must also deal with Mary Beth Malone (Stella Parton), who has a personal grudge against Marlowe, who got her father wrongfully locked up.
Money to Burn
11- 1X11 11 April 27, 1979
Boss Hogg is sending $1,000,000 in old, ragged bills to the Federal Reserve Bank to be burned. Boss plans to swindle the Federal Reserve Bank by faking the robbery of the armored truck carrying the old money, make the Federal Reserve Bank think the old money was burned in the faked robbery, and then frame the Dukes for the faked robbery, and collect the $1,000,000 that the Federal Reserve Bank would give him in exchange for the old money, keeping the old money too, so Boss can double the money to $2,000,000.
Route 7-11
12- 1X12 12 May 4, 1979
In order to come up with $180 to pay Cooter for repairs to the General Lee, which is a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T, Bo and Luke take a job driving an 18-wheeler for Helen Hogan (Joann Pflug), only to discover that they are driving a mobile casino, and Jesse's old friend Dewey Stovall (Paul Brinegar) is gambling away his life savings in the casino. Boss wants to shut down the casino too, but only to take the equipment and start his own casino. To get out of the jam, the Dukes play their trump card—Jesse.
Double Sting
13- 1X13 13 May 11, 1979
After fighting at the Boar's Nest against Tom Colt (Burton Gilliam), a stranger who tried to assault Daisy, Bo and Luke are arrested. At the jail, the local physician, Doc Henry Petticord (Pat Cranshaw), suspects that Colt has a case of the plague, and so he quarantines the jail with the police, Bo, Luke, and Jesse there. And then the Hazzard bank, which is owned by Boss Hogg, gets robbed by Irving (Arte Johnson) and Wendel (Avery Schreiber), two crooks who are disguised as Laurel and Hardy, and Daisy chases them. Boss and Rosco wrongly accuse Bo and Luke of setting up the robbery to happen, which is what Tom Colt did for his two accomplices Wendle and Irving by faking his illness so Boss, Rosco, and Enos would be out of the way while Irving and Wendle were robbing the bank. The only way Bo and Luke can clear themselves is to escape from the jail and go after Irving and Wendle, who have kidnapped Daisy.

Season 2 (1979-1980) - 23 episodes[]

Starting with this season on CBS, Lou Step Productions took over.

Beginning with this season, The Dukes of Hazzard introduced a new closing credit sequence, where it shows the General Lee and Rosco's police car driving around in circles, which used until the show's ending in 1985.

Episode number Production code Original airdate

"Days of Shine and Roses"

14 - 2x01 166964 September 21, 1979

After watching some old film footage of them in action, Uncle Jesse and Boss Hogg challenge each other to one last moonshine race into neighboring Hatchapee County, to settle who is the best moonshine runner once for all. They will be using jugs of water in place of moonshine, but naturally, Boss doesn't intend to play fair.

  • Guest stars
  • Pat Buttram
  • Shug Fisher
  • Jim Mohlmann
  • Ancel Cook


  • Richard Marion
  • Richard Jensen
  • Note: Sonny Shroyer (Enos) is added to the opening credits.

"Gold Fever"

15 - 2x02 166971 September 28, 1979

A shady character claiming to be a Texas millionaire, pays Boss Hogg $25,000 to store gold bars in the Hazzard Bank vault. It isn't long before the gold bars are stolen and Bo and Luke blamed. However, the Duke boys discover the bars are made of lead, and that the con man is trying to defraud Boss out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • Guest Star: Pat Buttram

"The Rustlers"

16 - 2x0 166968 October 5, 1979

A prize racehorse is a down-on-his-luck friend of the Duke family's one chance to make some money, but the steed is stolen, first by Boss and Rosco, then by professional thieves, who plan to race it on the national circuit.

  • Guest star: Mel Tillis

"The Meeting"

17 - 2x03 166861 October 12, 1979

Bo and Luke stumble onto the fact that a retired mobster and his kingpin associates meet in the Hazzard County Jail, with plans to use Hazzard as the centre of their crime syndicate. The Dukes hatch a plan to outsmart the mob until federal agents can arrive to take them into custody.

  • Note: Sonny Shroyer (Enos) does not appear in this episode, since he was having his appendix removed. Rick Hurst (Cletus) stands in as Deputy, a role that he would fill permantly in the third and fourth (and first half of the fifth) season.
  • Note: Leo Gordon, who appears as "Devere", one of the gangsters, also appeared in the episode Deputy Dukes as Rocky Marlowe.

"Road Pirates"

18 - 2x04 166962 October 19, 1979

When Bo, Luke and Cletus are framed for hijacking a shipment of stolen television sets, which Boss had planned to sell on the black market, they are in a race against time to clear their names and nab the real culprits.

  • Note: Sonny Shroyer (Enos) does not appear in this episode, since he was having his appendix removed. Rick Hurst (Cletus) stands in as Deputy, a role that he would fill permantly in the third and fourth (and first half of the fifth) season.

"The Ghost of the General Lee"

19 - 2x05 166969 October 26, 1979

While Bo and Luke are skinny dipping, a pair of pool hustlers steal the General Lee. Rosco gives chase, believing them to be the Duke boys. When the pursuit ends with the General crashing into a lake, and no bodies are found, everyone thinks that Bo and Luke have been killed. Boss Hogg takes advantage of the situation by claiming that, before the accident, the boys stole his valuable antique watch. Bo and Luke find themselves arriving at their own wake, and eventually, come up with a ghostly plot to scare the truth out of Boss.

"Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough"

20 - 2x06 166965 November 2, 1979

Bo and Luke help NASCAR superstar Cale Yarborough and his assistant test a new supercharger, which he plans to unveil at the upcoming Illinois 500, and keep it out of the hands of Boss Hogg's latest associates, the dreaded Jethro brothers.

"Hazzard Connection"

21 - 2x07 166966 November 9, 1979

The operator of a traveling demolition derby plans to hide stolen race car engines beneath the hoods of old jalopies. Naturally, Boss Hogg points the finger at Bo and Luke, after they help Cooter haul some old cars to the demolition derby. Bo later goes undercover as a race car driver to expose the con man.

  • Guest star: Gerald McRaney.

"Witness for the Persecution"

22 - 2x08 166972 November 16, 1979

Boss Hogg, a key witness in an upcoming federal trial for a criminal racketeer, enters the Witness Protection Program after his life is threatened. His hideout place: the Duke farm. While Boss costantly must dodge assassination attempts, Rosco takes over his "little fat buddy's" administrative duties, wearing Boss' white continental suits and relishing the job's absolute authority.

"Granny Annie"

23 - 2x09 166973 November 23, 1979

Bo and Luke learn that a family friend, seemingly innocent little old lady Granny Annie, is operating a small-time counterfeiting ring. Boss Hogg has Granny Annie arrested and confiscates her engraving plates, and sells them to a no-nonsense mobster for $25,000. Bo and Luke set out to clear Granny Annie's name by stealing the plates back and throwing them into a lake ... unaware that the mobster has found out about the theft, assumes Boss is responsible, and plans to kill him. An emotional Rosco pleads to the Duke boys to track down the counterfeiter before Boss suffers a brutal fate.

  • Note: Ben Jones began a several weeks-long boycott of the show following a dispute with the show's producers. Mickey Jones appears in his place as Cooter's cousin, B.B. Davenport.
  • Hazzard Speed Trap victims: The Oak Ridge Boys perform 'Old Time Lovin'. This was the first installment of the recurring gag.

"People's Choice"

24 - 2x10 166970 November 30, 1979

Boss Hogg is up for re-election as county administrator against an unlikely opponent ... a 20-something woman named T.C. Rogers, who is determined to avenge her father's loss to Boss in a rigged election 15 years earlier. Bo and Luke help T.C. (the honest candidate) counter Boss' dirty tricks in an effort to unseat the incumbent Hogg.

  • Guest star: Pat Klous.
  • Note: First appearance of Charlie Dell as Emery Potter.

"Arrest Jesse Duke"

25 - 2x11 166404 December 14, 1979

After Uncle Jesse is wrongly accused of being behind a car-stripping ring, operated by Boss Hogg and his nephew, temporary Sheriff Hughie Hogg, Bo and Luke are determined to clear the Uncle's name by putting the racket out of business.

  • Note: Jeff Altman makes his first of several guest appearances as Boss Hogg's nephew, Hughie Hogg. However, this episode was produced after Hughie's first episode, "Uncle Boss", which was intended to introduce the character, but for some reason was not shown until the third season.
  • Note: This is the first time we see Daisy's 1980 Jeep CJ7 -- (nicknamed "Dixie").

"Duke of Duke"

26 - 2x12 166402 January 4, 1980

Gaylord Duke, the British third cousin of the Hazzard County-based Duke clan, visits. He asks Uncle Jesse for help in paying off a $30,000 tax bill for a parcel of land he claims he inherited. But is Gaylord really a Duke or a con man?

  • Note: Ernie W. Brown begins a three-episode stint as Longstreet Davenport, as Ben Jones continued his dispute with the show's producers.

"The Runaway"

27 - 2x13 166403 January 11, 1980

Millionaire C.J. Holmes is determined to retrieve his runaway daughter, who plans to marry a Hazzard County farmer. The girl later takes her appeal to the Dukes, explaining that her father wants her to marry within her social class and not someone involved in an unglamorous profession. Uncle Jesse ultimately meets up with Mr. Holmes, and gives him a stern lecture about the dedication and self-sacrifice of farmers.

  • Guest star: Robert Alda.
  • Note: Daisy's car for the first 27 episodes (plus one aired later in 1980), a yellow Plymouth Roadrunner, is destroyed after it careens over a cliff. Her vehicle is replaced with a 1980 Jeep CJ7 -- nicknamed "Dixie" -- with a large eagle hood decal. However, due to the episodes being broadcast in a different order to that which they were produced, the Plymouth reappears in several later episodes!

"Follow That Still"

28 - 2x14 166401 January 18, 1980

The Dukes try to reform an old-time moonshiner named Hard Luck Jones, who can't seem to shake off his love for stilling illegal whiskey. Things come to a boil when Hard Luck hijacks an armored personnel carrier to use as a mobile brewery. Bo and Luke are accused, and it's all they can do to convince their friend to give up his activities and avoid all of them being nabbed by federal agents.

"Treasure of Hazzard"

29 - 2x15 166405 January 25, 1980

The hunt is on for buried treasure in Hazzard County ... this time, a Civil War payroll that was buried before the Battle of Hazzard. A history professor promises to give Boss Hogg the money contained in the strongbox, so long as she keeps the historical documents and other items of interest inside. The Dukes become involved, and later help the history professor recover the treasure when she is robbed by a pair of fortune hunters.

  • Note: James Best begins a several weeks-long absence from the show, following a dispute with producers. He is replaced in this episode by Clifton James (as Sheriff Lester Crabb).
  • Note: Jeannie Wilson, who appears as "Dr. Laura Bardsley" also appeared in the episode "Mary Kaye's Baby" as Mary Kaye Porter.

"Officer Daisy Duke"

30 - 2x16 166406 February 1, 1980

When she asks for a raise, Daisy loses her job at the Boar's Nest. Enos suggests to Daisy that she apply for a position as Hazzard County deputy. Boss and acting Sheriff Grady Byrd try to rig the training program, but Daisy more than proves her worth ... and is determined to demonstrate it when she takes a call to stop a pair of hardened bank robbers with nothing to lose.

  • Guest star: Dick Sargent (as Sheriff Byrd).

"Find Loretta Lynn"

31 - 2x17 166963 February 8, 1980

A trio of bumbling criminals, wanting to get into the music business, kidnap country music superstar Loretta Lynn.

"Jude Emery"

32 - 2x18 166407 February 15, 1980

Bo and Luke assist Texas ranger Jude Emery track down the notorious "Snake" Harmon, who is wanted on murder, robbery and smuggling charges. However, all three are captured by Snake's gang, leading Daisy, Uncle Jesse, Cooter and Sheriff Byrd to rescue them and capture the criminals.

  • Note: This was the pilot for a spin-off series that didn't sell.
  • Note: This was the last episode to be written by series creator Gy Waldron.
  • Note: C. Pete Munro, who appears as "Willie" (one of "Snake" Harmon's men), also appeared in Moonrunners as Zeebo.

"Return of the Ridge Raiders"

33 - 2x19 166408 February 22, 1980

Uncle Jesse and surviving members of the Ridgeraiders declare war on Boss Hogg's old moonshine stills after learning that Boss misappropriated funds earmarked for seniors into his new nightclub.

  • Guest star: J. Pat O'Malley.
  • Note: James Hampton appears as Sheriff Buster Moon, the third "acting sheriff" in Rosco's absence (James Best was still embroiled in his dispute with the show's producers).

"Mason Dixon's Girls"

34 - 2x20 166409 February 29, 1980

Bo and Luke are arrested for drug smuggling after they mistakenly pick up a crate of marijuana instead of the intended hot-water heater for the house. Private investigator Mason Dixon and his sexy female associates join the Dukes in search for a big-time drug kingpin, who learns the Duke boys have accidentally taken his drug shipment.

  • Note: James Best returns to the series.
  • Note: This was the pilot for another spin-off series that didn't sell.

"R.I.P. Henry Flatt"

35 - 2x21 166431 March 14, 1980

The Duke boys happen upon Henry Flatt, a supposedly dead World War II veteran who had swindled Boss Hogg out of $20,000 several years earlier. When they learn of Boss' plans to build a housing development on the old veterans' cemetery (where Flatt is supposedly buried), they must do everything they can to save the cemetery, not only for the sake of war veterans but to keep Flatt's secret from being exposed.

Guest Star: Hal Smith (best known as Otis Campbell, the town drunk on The Andy Griffith Show) as Henry Flatt

"Southern Comfurts"

36 - 2x22 166432 March 21, 1980

Uncle Jesse's cousins, the Comfurt family, sell their farm for $250,000. The Comfurts' rent a Rolls Royce that breaks down and Cooter lends them a car while he fixes it. The loaner car is stolen from outside Cooter's garage with proceeds from the farm's sale locked in the trunk. The Dukes to track down the car as it changes hands - from the car thieves to a used car dealer to a bank robber.

  • Guest star: Bernard Fox.

Season 3 (1980-1981) - 22 episodes[]

Episode number Production code Original airdate

"Carnival of Thrills"

37 166433A & B September 16, 1980

When the Dukes go see a stunt show called "Carnival of Thrills", the star of the show is injured while trying to jump a car over 32-parked cars. Looking for a new star, carnival owner Diane Benson offers Bo the job. While Diane seduces a lovestruck Bo with her charms, Luke, Daisy and Uncle Jesse suspect something is amiss. Their fears are confirmed when an insurance investigator reveals that the eariler stunt show mishap -- along with several others -- was no accident. Luke tries to present his findings to Bo, who refuses to listen. This leads to a huge fight that results in Bo leaving the Duke farm and threatens much farther-reaching repercussions on the Duke family.

  • Supervising Producer: Rod Amateau
  • Producers: Myles Wilder And Ralph Riskin
  • Writers: William Raynor And Myles Wilder
  • Director: Dick Moder
  • Executive Producer: Paul R. Picard
  • Guest Stars:
  • Robin Mattson as Diane Benson
  • Vernon Weddle as John Zimbra
  • Don Stroud as Carl
  • Richard Jensen as Bob Dexter
  • Greg Finley as Proprietor
  • Note: Although used to start the third season, this story, which exists in both feature-length and two-part formats (as on the "Dukes of Hazzard" Season 3 DVD), was actually produced at the end of the second. This is evident in that Enos is still Deputy, Cooter still has a beard, and Rosco does not yet have his dog, Flash.

"Enos Strate to the Top"

38 167122A November 5, 1980

After taking a snapshot of Uncle Jesse in Atlanta, Daisy inadvertently gets two bank robbers in the shot who kidnap her in exchange for the photographs. Meanwhile, Enos - against Rosco's orders - helps the Dukes rescue Daisy and eventually, he is offered a job with the Los Angeles Police that he has always wanted.

  • Supervising Producer: Rod Amateau
  • Producers: Myles Wilder And Ralph Riskin
  • Writers: William Raynor And Myles Wilder
  • Director: Rod Amateau
  • Executive Producer: Paul R. Picard
  • Guest Stars are:
  • Nedra Volz as Miz Tisdale
  • Leonard Stone as Ringleader
  • Jerry Summers as Nathan Cosgroves
  • Tom Oberhaus as Tom Gumbs
  • Troy Milton as Driver
  • Note: After being seen a couple of times previously, Rick Hurst begins his regular stint as Deputy Cletus Hogg. Sonny Shroyer (Enos) is credited as a guest star for this episode. Enos leaves for his own show at the end of the story.
  • Note: Rosco's lazy basset hound, Flash, is seen for the first time, added to the series at the suggestion of James Best.
  • Note: Ben Jones (Cooter) does not appear in this episode.

"The Hazzardville Horror"

39 November 7, 1980

A father and son criminal duo steal Boss Hogg's silver from the Boar's Nest and hide out in the abandoned Pringle Mansion, which is rumored to be really, really haunted. When Mary Lou Pringle returns to Hazzard to sell the family estate, the crooks try to scare her off by staging a series of supernatural events. She turns to Bo & Luke for help. Though at the time, they're busy outrunning Rosco, who has been ordered to arrest them for the silver theft.

  • Supervising Producer: Rod Amateau
  • Producers: Myles Wilder And Ralph Riskin
  • Writer: Si Rose
  • Director: Jack Whitman
  • Executive Producer: Paul R. Picard
  • Guest Stars are:
  • Morgan Brittany as Mary Lou Pringle
  • Andrew Robinson as Billy Joe
  • Charles Tyrne as Claude Billings
  • Tammy Wynette as Herself
  • Hazzard Speed Trap Victim: Tammy Wynette

"And In This Corner, Luke Duke"

40 November 14, 1980

After Luke broke an expensive mirror of Boss Hogg's, Jesse may be forced to sell the farm to pay for it unless Luke fights Catfish Lee, managed by a crooked promoter, in a boxing match.

  • Supervising Producer: Rod Amateau
  • Producers: Myles Wilder And Ralph Riskin
  • Writer: Jim Rogers
  • Director: Paul Baxley
  • Executive Producer: Paul R. Picard
  • Guest Stars are:
  • Dianne Anthony as Bessie Lou Perkins
  • Sonny Shields as Catfish Lee
  • Richard Schaal as Billy Ray
  • Eddie Ryder as Culpepper
  • Pat Cranshaw as Doc Petticord

"The Late J.D. Hogg"

41 November 21, 1980

Boss manages to foreclose on the Duke farm unfair and square, no thanks to his idiot, deputy, cousin Cletus. Also, he has them arrested unfair and square on a federal charge. But he gets news from his physician that he only has two weeks to live. The only way to save him from the Devil is to perform good deeds until the time comes.

  • Supervising Producer: Rod Amateau
  • Producers: Myles Wilder And Ralph Riskin
  • Writer: Martin Roth
  • Director: Hollingsworth Morse
  • Executive Producer: Paul R. Picard
  • Guest Stars are:
    • James Mclntire As Linc McKay
    • Ray Young As Dell Webber
    • Waren Munson As Dr. Ronald L. Carney
    • Lindsay Bloom As Mabel Tillingham
    • Joanne Hickman As Nurse
    • Dennis Haskins As Customer

"Uncle Boss"

42 42 November 28, 1980

Boss Hogg unleashes his "secret weapon" against the Dukes: his college-educated nephew Hughie Hogg comes to Hazzard with some dirty tricks and schemes to frame Bo and Luke into prison

  • Supervising Producer: Rod Amateau
  • Producers: Gy Waldron And Ralph Riskin
  • Writers: William Raynor & Myles Wilder
  • Director: Hollingsworth Morse
  • Executive Producer: Paul R. Picard
  • Guest Stars:
  • Jeff Almam As Hughie Hogg
  • Ellen Murry As Mary Belle
  • Note: This story, produced as the second episode of the second season, was designed to introduce the character of Hughie Hogg. However, for unknown reasons it was not broadcast until the third season, by which time Hughie had already been seen in the second season's "Arrest Jesse Duke". Even to the more casual viewer, this episode is notably out of sequence, as Enos is still Deputy, Daisy still drives her Plymouth, Cooter still has a beard, and the episode is copyright 1979.

"Baa, Baa White Sheep"

43 December 5, 1980

Boss Hogg's honest, rich twin brother Abe, has come to Hazzard for the reading of their great aunt's will, which entitles a piece of land to both of them. But Boss had Abe declared legally dead years ago and sold the land.

  • Supervising Producer: Rod Amateau
  • Producers: Myles Wilder And Ralph Riskin
  • Writers: William Raynor & Myles Wilder
  • Director: Dick Moder
  • Executive Producer: Paul R. Picard
  • Guest Stars:
  • Boyd Bodwell As Benny The Quill
  • Ross Elliot As Finchburg Sheriff
  • Sorrell Booke As Abraham Lincoln Hogg
  • Ted Gehring As The Judge
  • Note: John Schneider (Bo) does not appear in this episode. In his absence, Luke is paired with both Cooter and Daisy at different points in the story.
  • Note: Sorrell Booke appears in a dual role.

"Mrs. Rosco P. Coltrane"

44 44 December 12, 1980

After meeting a woman through a computer dating service, Rosco plans to get married. Boss Hogg plans for him to invite everyone in town to his wedding, except The Dukes. This makes them the only possible suspects for the bank robbery he's arranging to take place during the ceremony. Unaware that Rosco's fiancé and her gang are planning a robbery of their own.

  • Supervising Producer: Rod Amateau
  • Producers: Myles Wilder And Ralph Riskin
  • Writer: Si Rose
  • Director: Jack Whitman
  • Executive Producer: Paul R. Picard
  • Guest Stars:
  • Lucille Benson As Mama Coltrane
    • Peggy Rea As Lulu Coltrane Hogg
    • Tori Lysdahl As Sue Ann Bliss
    • William Sanderson As Russ Collins
    • Reid Smith As Vic McGraw
  • Note: Ben Jones (Cooter) does not appear in this episode. He has one line (probably stock) heard off-screen.
  • Note: This episode reveals that Rosco's middle name is Purvis.

"The Great Santa Claus Chase"

45 45 December 19, 1980

In The Series' Only Christmas-themed episode, Boss who is in an Ebenezer Scrooge like mood throughout this episode, hires a trio of criminals to hijack the Dukes' Christmas tree shipment, then pin the blame on the Dukes, The scheme involves two of the bad guys stealing the trees from Bo and Luke at gunpoint, then the third associate disguised as a clergyman giving the Duke boys a lift into town, and then telling them they forgot "their" $500 down payment on the trees, While Uncle Jesse and Daisy set out to clear their family's name, the criminals plot to double-cross Boss by taking more than their payment due on the trees, breaking into the safe while each one is dressed as Santa Clauses Meanwhile, Bo and Luke - with some help from Cooter - decide to take back the trees and have a little fun confusing Rosco and Cletus while delivering the trees (dressed as Santa Clauses, In the end, the episode takes a turn toward forgiveness and fellowship as the Dukes and Cooter invite Rosco and Cletus to their Christmas Eve gathering, Boss comes in later, reformed after having read Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol]]."

  • Supervising Producer: Rod Amateau
  • Producers: Myles Wilder And Ralph Riskin
  • Writer: Martin Roth
  • Director: Denver Pyle
  • Executive Producer: Paul R. Picard
  • Guest Stars:
  • Woody Stroode As Willie
  • Brian Libby As Russ
  • Roy Jenson As Lacey
  • Dake Pullum As Little Boy
  • Roger Pancake As Hank

"Good Neighbors Duke"

46 46 January 2, 1981

While being chased by Rosco, Bo and Luke crash through a piece of land thought to be owned to nobody. They soon find out they are wrong, and make friends with the new citizens of Hazzard. But Luke soon finds out that they're being followed by bounty hunters, out to get some kind of document which holds a secret to the Bensons' past.

  • Hazzard Speed Trap victims: Hoyt Axton performs 'Out of State Cars'. Watch for Rosco taking notes about the red light trap.

"State of the County"

47 47 January 9, 1981

Boss Hogg's rival uses a good-looking stranger to come into Hazzard and to bomb the Boar's Nest. Daisy falls in love with the stranger, and is soon kidnapped by him.

  • Hazzard Speed Trap victims: Oak Ridge Boys perform 'Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight'. This was their second time on the show.

"The Legacy"

48 48 January 16, 1981

A recently widowed old flame of Jesse's returns to Hazzard to claim an old debt owing to her late husband by Boss Hogg, but he refuses it. So she finds a legacy that the Dukes find in a mine under their property containing 9 full barrels of shine.

  • Supervising Producer: Rod Amateau
  • Producers: Myles Wilder And Ralph Riskin
  • Writers: William Rayonr And Myles Wilder
  • Director: Hollingsworth Morse

Executive Producer: Paul R. Picard

  • Guest Stars:
    • Jan Clayton as Lucinda Meadows
    • Gregory Walcott as Hatcher
    • Jack Garner as Blainc
    • Jay Ripley as Deputy Wilbur Fudge
  • Note: James Best (Rosco) does not appear in this episode. For this episode, Deputy Cletus is promoted to temporary Sheriff, with Wilbur Fudge assigned temporary Deputy.

"Duke vs. Duke"

49 49 January 23, 1981

Hazzard's annual Hazzard Derby is on. While Cooter is injured trying to help the Dukes, Luke must race in Cooter's car while Bo is in the General Lee. However, all the entrants who signed the contracts didn't see the fine print that every loser will have to give up their cars to Boss Hogg. Rosco's car can't lose with a tank of nitrous oxide in the engine. With a sure win, Boss bets with a big time Chickasaw bookie, Ma Harper.

  • Supervising Producer: Rod Amateau
  • Producers: Myles Wilder and Ralph Riskin
  • Writers: William Rayonr and Myles Wilder
  • Director: Paul Baxley
  • Executive Producer: Paul R. Picard
  • Guest Stars:
    • Fran Ryan as Ma Harper
    • Johnnie Collins III as Billy Boy Harper
    • Richard Fullerton as Billy Gene Harper
    • Alan Wyatt Jr. as Junior Harper
    • Sandy Wescott as Nurse

"My Son, Bo Hogg"

50 50 January 30, 1981

When Bo suffers a bump on the head in an auto accident, he begins to suffer from temporary amnesia. Boss Hogg uses this to his advantage, telling Bo that he is his long-lost son, "Bo Hogg." After turning Bo against his family by this brainwashing, Boss asks him to drive a shipment to Chickasaw County. Boss fails to tell him that it is moonshine he is to deliver to C. V. Gumble in Chickasaw County for ten times the going rate. However, when an armored truck driver alerts Chickasaw County Sheriff "Big" Ed Little, Luke & Daisy go after Bo before he is captured and his probation is revoked. But when Daisy & Luke pull Bo over, the proverbial gloves come off.

  • Supervising Producer: Rod Amateau
  • Producers: Myles Wilder And Ralph Riskin
  • Writer: Si Rose
  • Director: Rod Amateau
  • Executive Producer: Paul R. Picard
  • Guest Stars:
    • Don Pedro Colley as Sheriff "Big Ed" Little
    • Anne Haney as C.V. Gumble
    • Bill Cross as Armored Truck Driver
    • Ken Hixon as Dr. Floyd

"To Catch a Duke"

51 51 February 6, 1981

A pair of jewel thieves comes through Hazzard County and while confronted by Boss and Rosco, they make a getaway in the General Lee. This makes Boss think the Duke boys are a part of the gang and also, when the loot is found in Rosco's patrol car by Flash who retrieved them, Rosco is fired when Boss thinks he's in on it too.

  • Supervising Producer: Rod Amateau
  • Producers: Myles Wilder And Ralph Riskin
  • Writer: Bruce Howard
  • Director: Denver Pyle
  • Executive Producer: Paul R. Picard
  • Guest Stars:
    • James Critterden As Burt Robie
    • Martha Smith As Myrna Robie
    • Victoria Jonhson As Lori Mae
  • Note: This is the only episode in which Catherine Bach does not appear.

"Along Came a Duke"

52 52 February 13, 1981

In this show cousin Jeb Stuart (Duke) comes to Hazzard on a Motorcycle from Chickasaw county. He helps Bo and Luke (his cousins) catch the bad Guys.

"Byline Daisy Duke"

53 53 February 20, 1981

Daisy wants to become a newspaper reporter, and to do that she decides to write a story about how Boss Hogg bought stolen tractors.

"The Return of Hughie Hogg"

54 54 March 6, 1981

Hughie Hogg is back in town! He gets the Duke boys to join the Hazzard County fire team.(so he can sneak shine in to the Duke farm.) Rosco catches the Dukes with shine,and they get away. All'n all it's one big scheme to get the Duke boys in jail, but in the end Hughie's plan is ruined, and Boss Hogg is really MAD!

"Bye Bye, Boss"

55 55 March 13, 1981

While driving on the road to the Boar's Nest, Bo and Luke are ambushed by an escaped prisoner. He steals the General Lee, and plans to hunt down Boss Hogg. Then later, Boss hears that the escaped prisoner is an old foe, who is set out to get revenge on J.D.!

"The Great Hazzard Hijack"

56 56 March 27, 1981

Three good old friends of the Dukes come to Hazzard after Bo and Luke find a bag of $1 million in a river.

"The Hack of Hazzard"

57 57 April 3, 1981

While she's away, Bo and Luke run a taxicab service owned by Miz Tisdale, and their first customers are two men with a special briefcase. After getting to the destination, the two men leave a stolen gold certificate in the back seat of the cab and try to retrieve it without getting caught. Boss Hogg, meanwhile, wants to make sure the briefcase is still in the cab when federal authorities arrive ... the main goal (of course) being to implicate the Duke boys.

"The Canterbury Crock"

58 58 April 10, 1981

An old widow sells the Dukes a "worthless" vase for $25. A man comes to the widow after the Dukes leave, looking for the vase which turns out to be of some very good value!

Season 4 (1981-1982) - 26 episodes[]

Starting with this season, a new footage for John Schneider as Bo Duke was used, this would stay until the show ended in 1985.

Episode number Production code Original airdate

"Mrs. Daisy Hogg"

59 59 October 9, 1981

Daisy falls in love with Boss' handsome, rich nephew, Jamie Lee Hogg (Guest Star Jonathan Frakes), who has come down to purchase his uncle's grits mill. The Romeo and Juliet-type romance progresses quickly, and it isn't long before Jamie Lee and Daisy are headed to the altar. But Bo and Luke, overprotective as they are, sense something is not right with Jamie Lee, and they confirm their suspicions when they reveal him as a counterfeiter.

  • Guest Stars:
  • Jonathan Frakes as Jamie Lee Hogg
  • Roger Robinson as Landry
  • Douglas Hume as Floyd
  • Hank Underwood as Mr. Pruitt

"Double Dukes"

60 60 October 16, 1981

Boss Hogg's latest sure-fire way to get Bo and Luke arrested is to hire two actors to rob Hazzard Bank. How? By having them wear wigs, masks and clothing resembling the Duke cousins, and then drive away in a fake General Lee. Bo and Luke find themselves chasing the criminals while convincing the community they would never commit armed robbery.

  • Guest Stars:
  • Donna Fargo as Herself
  • Robin Strand as Turk
  • Morgan Stoddard as Moody
  • Don Pedro Colley as Sheriff Little
  • Nedra Volz as Miz Tisdale

"Diamonds in the Rough"

61 61 October 23, 1981

Bo and Luke find a bag of diamonds and take them to the farm for safekeeping until they can contact the authorities, unaware that the diamonds are stolen and everyone is after them. First, one of the thieves comes to the farm, posing as a reporter so he can get at the loot. Later, Boss learns there is a reward for the diamonds and hires an actor to portray an FBI agent who has a warrant for the valuable booty.

  • Guest Stars:
  • Linda Hart as Lisa
  • Frank Marth as Agent Caldwell
  • Robert Philips as Frank
  • Richard Winterstein as Lenny
  • Joseph Whipp as Mason

"Guest Star": A Bugs Bunny doll is featured very prominently in this episode, which happens to be Warner Bros' most famous cartoon character.

"Coltrane vs. Duke"

62 62 October 30, 1981

Bo and Luke outfox Rosco once again, leading to him crashing his squad car. Rosco emerges uninjured ... but wanting revenge, decides he was badly hurt. So badly, he files a lawsuit against the Duke family for $50,000. The Dukes come up with a way to expose Rosco's fake injuries before a judge rules in the sheriff's favor.

  • Guest Stars:
  • Bob Hastings as Slick Doggins
  • Don Pedro Colley as Sheriff Little
  • Hugh Gillin as Mr. Christal
  • Barney Phillips as Judge Buford Potts
  • Charlie Dell as Emery Potter
  • Parley Baer as Doc Appleby

"The Fugitive"

63 63 November 3, 1981

A pretty lady named Mindy Lou overhears Boss and Rosco scheming to steal motorcycles, for resale in the upcoming Tri-County Motorcross. Mindy Lou shares her knowledge with the Dukes, who try to foil Boss' scheme.

  • Guest Stars:
  • Johnny Paycheck as Himself
  • Laurette Spang as Mindy Lou
  • G. Yon as Leroy

  • Note: This episode was produced for the third season, but not broadcast until the fourth season.

"The Great Bank Robbery"

64 64 November 6, 1981

Boss fires longtime Hazzard County employee Clarence Stovall one day short of his being eligible for his pension. Instead of filing a wrongful termination suit (to expose Boss' unwillingness to pay Stovall his pension), Stovall steals $30,000 from the vault of Hazzard Bank, part of the sum he is owed. Uncle Jesse tries to set Clarence straight while Bo and Luke attempt to return the money without being caught, and before the theft is detected.

  • Guest Stars:
  • Bill Erwin as Clarence Stovall
  • Daniel Currie as Homer
  • Dan Priest as Bib

"Sadie Hogg Day"

65 65 November 13, 1981

It's Sadie Hogg Day in Hazzard County, the day when women run the county offices. Daisy's role is being the county treasurer. This works out well for Boss, since he's been embezzeling county funds and knows that a state investigator is coming to inspect the county ledger. Boss uses this knowledge to make sure that Daisy will be charged with the theft of county funds.

  • Guest Stars:
  • Nedra Volz as Miz Tisdale
  • John Hancock as L.S. Handley
  • Mary Treen as Aunt Clara
  • Peggy Rea as Lulu Hogg

"The 10 Million Dollar Sheriff"

66 66 November 20, 1981

Rosco's uncle Hosiah passes away, and has supposedly left a $10 million fortune to the Hazzard County sheriff. He buys gaudy rhinestone suits and a new fancy car (a Rolls Royce sedan). Then, power hungry and frustrated by his continued inability to catch Bo and Luke, Rosco hires a professional bounty hunter named Jason Steele to track down Bo and Luke and do whatever it takes to bring them to justice. As the Duke boys slip out of Steele's grasp every time, Rosco becomes verbally abusive to Boss and swindles him out of everything. Meanwhile, Uncle Jesse learns that Steele has been in trouble with the law and tracks him down, but seriously injures himself when he slips down a hill. Later on, Steele finally tricks Bo and Luke into driving a stolen Dodge Charger painted exactly like the General Lee and has them arrested. Just then, Rosco's attorney returns to town to correct a big mistake - Rosco has only inherited $10, which leaves him well short of the $100,000 fee he promised Steele. Steele isn't interested in excuses and decides to kill Rosco, leaving Bo and Luke to come after him and defeat the phony bounty hunter.

  • Guest Stars:
  • William Smith as Jason Steele
  • Alan Autry as Dawson
  • Redmond Gleason as Ben Wilkenson
  • Regis Cordic as Reynolds
  • Don Pedro Colley as Sheriff Little
  • Terry Wilson as Norman Scroggs
  • Lindsay Bloom as Mabel Tillingham
  • Ken Hixon as The Doctor
  • Note: This episode was originally seen on CBS as a two-hour episode. In syndication, it is shown as a two-part episode.

"Trouble at Cooter's"

67 67 November 27, 1981

A beautiful fur thief tries to charm Cooter while her accomplice tries to break into Boss' storeroom by damaging Cooter's Garage. This is part of a payback plan when Boss shortchanges the thieves on the stolen minks.

  • Guest Stars:
  • Steve Sandor as Russ Mitchell
  • Colleen Camp as Bonnie Lane
  • Jay Gardner as Harvey Dunsmore

"Goodbye, General Lee"

68 68 December 4, 1981

A hypnotist tricks Luke into thinking that the General Lee is no longer competitive and should be retired ... permanently.

  • Guest Stars:
  • A.P Smith as Hobie Harkins
  • Andy Wood as Banyon
  • Walker Edminston as Professor Crandall
  • Patrick Wright as Spanner

"Cletus Falls in Love"

69 69 December 11, 1981

Cletus initiates a traffic stop with the Dukes. To get their way out of a phony traffic charge, Daisy tells Cletus she loves him, and then kisses him on the cheek. A lovestruck Cletus does everything and anything to smother Daisy with affection. Boss eventually fires Cletus after he bungles another arrest, prompting Cletus to side with the Dukes when they are jailed on a phony bad check writing charge. To make sure Boss' scheme goes according to plan, he hires Chickasaw County Sheriff Little to guard a jailed Bo and Luke until they can go before a parole officer, whom Boss is trying to impress. Daisy eventually tells Cletus she's not in love with him (Cletus takes it well and begins dating another woman), and Bo and Luke get some unexpected help from Flash, who eats Boss' forged check.

  • Guest Stars:
  • Nedra Volz as Miz Tisdale
  • Don Pedro Colley as Sheriff Little
  • Lila Kent as Laverne
  • Paul Kent as Mr. Hodges

"Hughie Hogg Strikes Again"

70 70 December 18, 1981

Hughie Hogg returns to Hazzard County, this time convincing his Uncle Boss to use his power of eminent domain to raze Cooter's Garage and build shoddy condominiums at an inflated price.

  • Guest Stars:
  • Buck Owens as Himself
  • Jeff Altman as Hughie Hogg
  • Nedra Volz as Miz Tisdale
  • Pat Studstill as Barclay
  • Roger Torrey as Norris
  • Ed Peck as Agent Roy Winters

Hazzard Speed Trap Victim: Buck Owens

"Dukescam Scam"

71 71 January 1, 1982

Boss is arrested for robbing his own bank. Out of pity, and to repay a debt among old friends, Uncle Jesse puts up the farm's mortgage to bail Boss out of jail. But the Dukes later find out that Boss never did rob the bank, and that it was part of an elaborate scheme to swindle the Dukes off the farm.

  • Guest Stars:
  • Charlie Dell as Emery Potter
  • Barney Phillips as Judge Buford Potts
  • Lila Kent as Laverne
  • Note: This episode was produced for the third season, but not broadcast until the fourth season.

"The Sound of Music – Hazzard Style"

72 72 January 8, 1982

Boss confers with recording pirates to record Mickey Gilley's upcoming concert at Hazzard Square, then sell the illegal albums for profit. When an FBI agent comes to arrest Boss' accomplices, they steal the General Lee and hide out at the Duke farm, thereby implicating Bo and Luke. Gilley knows that the Dukes are innocent, and they work together to foil Boss' latest scheme.

  • Guest Stars:
  • Mickey Gilley as Himself
  • LQ Jones as Morton
  • Burton Gilliam as Heep
  • Elinore Donahue as Agent Marjorie Dane
  • Hari Rhodes as Agent Ben Jordan

"Shine On, Hazzard Moon"

73 73 January 15, 1982

Boss wants Uncle Jesse's old moonshine recipe and will go to any length to get it. When Jesse refuses, Boss frames Bo and Luke for stealing from the Hazzard County Orphanage fund. With his nephews in jail, Jesse is given a choice: turn over the recipe, or have Bo and Luke formally charged with felony theft.

  • Guest Stars:
  • Jim B. Baker as Jasper Fenwick
  • Michael Keenan as Rayford Flicker
  • Don Pedro Colley as Sheriff Little
  • Jim Boeke as Eli

"Pin the Tail on the Dukes"

74 74 January 22, 1982

Boss sues Bo and Luke for "destroying county property" when the cousins damage Rosco's phony radar gun (actually, a hair dryer made up as the police patrol tool). Meanwhile, Uncle Jesse's old cohort is released from prison and wants to get revenge on Boss for illegally seizing his land.

  • Guest Stars:
  • Henry Jones as Hector Farley
  • John Wheeler as Mr. Rhuebottom

"Miz Tisdale on the Lam"

75 75 January 29, 1982

Boss plans to have Hazzard County Postmaster Emma Tisdale arrested for mail fraud, in connection with his scheme to sell non-existent properties. When a postal inspector comes to town, Miz Tisdale hides out at the Duke farm while they investigate.

  • Guest Stars:
  • Nedra Volz as Miz Tisdale
  • Diane Lander as Sue Anne Blake
  • James Hong as Billy Joe Fong
  • Sid Haig as Slocum
  • George Whiteman as Nelson

"Nothin' But the Truth"

76 76 February 5, 1982

A state investigator checks out claims that Boss Hogg is operating an illegal casino in Hazzard County. Boss finds out about the investigation and shifts the blame toward the Duke family. Just as he's about to celebrate his success, he accidentally sits on a syringe filled with truth serum. Boss immediately reveals everything connected to the casino, which angers his criminal associates and leaves Bo and Luke once again riding to their adversary's rescue.

  • Guest Stars:
  • Peggy Rea as Lulu Hogg
  • Craig Litter as Lacey
  • Roger Hampton as Gorman
  • Curtis Taylor as Jacks

"Dear Diary"

77 77 February 12, 1982

Two crooks get a hold of Rosco's diary, which details all the illegal schemes Boss has carried out through the years. The bad guys, ex-partners of Boss, demand a huge ransom or else they tip off the authorities.

  • Guest Stars:
  • Bill McLauglin as Hadley
  • Ernie Hudson as Avery
  • Elmore Vincent as Doc Appleby

"New Deputy in Town"

78 78 February 19, 1982

A shapely, cajoling, conniving blonde named Linda Mae Barnes is hired as Boss Hogg's new deputy after she easily arrests Bo and Luke on various traffic charges. Boss and Rosco are too turned on by Linda Mae to notice that she accepted the job only as part of a plot to free her boyfriend, who faces trial on murder and robbery charges and is scheduled to stay overnight at the Hazzard County Jail. This leaves Bo and Luke to investigate Linda Mae's background and stop her before she can help her boyfriend escape custody.

Guest Stars:

  • Tracy Scoggins as Linda May Barnes
  • Gary Graham as Denny
  • Peggy Rea as Lulu Hogg
  • Terence Knox as Rafe Logan
  • Rayford Barnes as Marshall

"Birds Gotta Fly"

79 79 February 26, 1982

Daisy is offered a spot on the NASCAR circuit for old friend Molly Hargrove. But there's much more that Molly fails to tell Daisy about the job.

  • Guest Stars:
  • Andra Akers as Molly Hargrove
  • Alex Carvey as Morgan
  • Carl Craines as Jude Potter
  • Mike Moroff as Sam Potter
  • Randal Patrick as Charlie Cooper

"Bad Day in Hazzard"

80 80 March 5, 1982

The enemy factions – the Duke family on the one side, Boss and Rosco on the other – are forced to work together to defeat a band of armed robbers who hold them all hostage at the Boar's Nest. They want to ensure that all law enforcement officers and the Dukes are unable to thwart their plan to evacuate Hazzard under false pretenses, then rob an armored truck when it arrives at Hazzard Bank.

  • Guest Stars:
  • Tim O' Conner as Mr. Thackery
  • Kaz Garas as Loggins
  • Mark Withers as Dennis
  • M.C Gainey as Peters
  • Frederic George as Adams
  • Note: M. C. Gainey, who appears in this episode, would take the role of Rosco in the 2005 movie.

"Miss Tri-Counties"

81 81 March 12, 1982

Hatchapee County Boss "Big" Jim Mathers pays Boss $10,000 to ensure that Melanie Dubois wins the title of Miss Tri-Counties, which Daisy has also entered. Boss does everything he can to rig the racing and beauty contests, but when Daisy wins them both, a pair of criminals kidnap Daisy to make sure she does not show up for the final contest, the swimsuit competition.

  • Guest Stars:
  • Joe Higgins as Big Jim Mathers
  • Danone Simpson as Melanie Dubois
  • Don Pedro Colley as Sheriff Little
  • Charles Bartlett as Grogan
  • Don Fox Green as Malone
  • Robert Lussier as The Motorist

"Share and Share Alike"

82 82 March 19, 1982

Fed up with unequal treatment from her husband, Lulu rallies the women of Hazzard County (who have been similarly mistreated) and forms the Hazzard County Equal Rights Society. She demands to take over half of her husband's business interests, including his used car lot. However, she and Daisy find themselves in hot water when they sell one of the used cars to Sheriff Little, unaware that Boss has stashed stolen credit cards inside the door panel.

  • Guest Stars:
  • David Hayward as Dickens
  • Peggy Rea as Lulu Hogg
  • Billy Ray Sharkey as Clark
  • Don Pedro Colley as Sheriff Little
  • Jon Locke as Murkin

"The Law and Jesse Duke"

83 83 March 26, 1982

When Rosco and Cletus become fed up with Boss' refusal to give them a much-needed (but deserved?) pay raise, they decide to go on strike. Boss retaliates by naming an old enemy – Uncle Jesse – as Hazzard County's top lawman. But there's a catch: Boss has hired two associates to steal electronic items, then pin the blame on Bo and Luke. But Jesse sees right through the scheme, and asks his nephews to capture the real crooks.

  • Guest Stars:
  • Melinda Naud as Alabama Jones
  • Ralph Strait as Otis Plunkett
  • Charles Hoyes as Simon
  • Doug Heyes as Floyd

"Dukes in Danger"

84 84 April 2, 1982

For the second time in a matter of weeks, friends and enemies are forced to band together to defeat a common threat. This time, a car carrying two hardened criminals is involved in an accident. The robbers escape uninjured and take refuge at the Duke farm, where Uncle Jesse is preparing to drive into town to make his mortgage payment. The Dukes are held at gunpoint in the farmhouse, their car keys confiscated and all communication devices disabled. When Jesse fails to show, Boss and Rosco – rather than get suspicious – gleefully drive to the Duke farm to foreclose, only to be taken hostage as well. Everyone is forced to improvise and cooperate when trying to get the attention of Cooter and Cletus, the only two people available to rescue them.

  • Guest Stars:
  • Steven Williams as Leeman
  • Bill Fletcher as Hammer
  • John Crawford as Randall

Season 5 (1982-1983) - 22 episodes[]

Episode number Production code Original airdate

"The New Dukes"

85 85 September 24, 1982

Bo and Luke have left Hazzard to fulfill a lifelong dream of racing on the NASCAR Circuit. Boss is very pleased with it, he unleashes the mean green machine, monstrous vehicle to rip off the bank in Capitol City, and plan to steal $100 engraving plates from an armored truck that is supposed to pass through Hazzard county. But he's unaware that cousins Coy and Vance Duke have returned to Hazzard after 6 years to help uncle Jesse run the farm and are on to his shenanigans, and driving around in the General Lee. Also, Enos returned to Hazzard and is back on the force.

"Dukes Strike it Rich"

86 86 October 1, 1982

Boss Hogg swindles newlyweds into buying a worthless piece of land next to the Duke Farm. So the Dukes help them to scam Boss by making it look like they've found gold on their property and the newlywed's property and struck it rich so that Boss will buy back the land

"Lawman of the Year"

87 87 October 8, 1982

Boss hires two crooks to rob the jewelry store. Coy and Vance, very suspicious about them, go and investigate while being chased by Cletus and Enos. But when Boss sends Rosco to arrest Coy and Vance, he refuses because he wants to be good so that he will be elected "Lawman of the Year". As it turns out, however, Enos and Cletus are both elected "Lawman of the Year".

"Coy Meets Girl"

88 88 October 15, 1982

When delivering a shipment of antiques to friends, Coy and Vance are robbed by a couple of Boss' henchmen. But they didn't know that a runaway orphan was a stowaway in the back of the truck and saw the whole thing. She goes back to the farm and has crush on Coy, which slows down the Dukes looking for the robbers.

"The Hazzardgate Tape"

89 89 October 22, 1982

Boss double-crosses the Bosses of a few neighboring counties and they're out to get him. The Dukes let him hideout at the farm until Vance plans to expose them by tape-recording their scheme.

  • Note: Rick Hurst (Cletus) does not appear in this episode and is not on the opening credits, although he would be seen one last time in the following episode (produced before this one).

"Big Daddy"

90 90 October 29, 1982

Boss frames Coy and Vance by putting a hot license plate on the General Lee. But when word that his Good Samaritan daddy is coming to Hazzard, he calls off the chase. Only to have his driver rob them.

  • Note: Last appearance of Rick Hurst as Deputy Cletus Hogg.

"Vance's Lady"

91 91 November 5, 1982

An old flame Vance's comes to Hazzard to visit him but is chased by a crooked politician's associates who are trying to kill her after she witnessed the Senator's embezzling. The Duke try to convince her to report it to the Senate Crime Commission.

"Hazzard Hustle"

92 92 November 12, 1982

Boss frames the Dukes by using their phone to open up an illegal horse-betting saloon in Rapahoe County. The Boss of Raphoe County finds out about it, and is upset about getting cheated out of money.

"Enos in Trouble"

93 93 November 19, 1982

Enos and the Dukes pick up his footlocker at the Bus depot from California, not knowing that it contains emeralds that a couple of thugs happen to be after.

"The Great Insurance Fraud"

94 94 November 26, 1982

Boss Hogg's bad insurance policies thrown back to him when a couple of con artists fake and accident. This same "Accident" Traumatizes Coy into thinking he's a bad driver.

"A Little Game of Pool"

95 95 December 3, 1982

After a foiled plot to get his hands on the General Lee, Boss plays a game of pool with Jesse to win it, while having a few tricks up his sleeve against the more intelligent Duke.

"The Treasure of Soggy Marsh"

96 96 December 10, 1982

Boss frames Coy, Vance and Daisy and sends them to Chickasaw County where they get arrested by Sheriff Little so that he can go ahead with his master plan and hire a couple crooks to scuba-dive down to Soggy Marsh and unburry 5 million in stolen bonds.

"The Revenge of Hughie Hogg"

97 97 December 17, 1982

Hughie runs for sheriff, and forces boss to support him over Rosco's re-election with blackmail.

"The Return of the Mean, Green Machine"

98 98 January 7, 1983

Boss wants to use the mean green machine again but it's been stolen by the original crooks. When it breaks down, they kidnap Cooter to fix it and hold for insurance.

"Ding Dong, The Boss is Dead"

99 99 January 21, 1983

Boss seeks refuge with the Dukes when an old enemy is out of prison, so he and the Dukes plot to make everyone in Hazzard think he's dead so his enemy will go away.

"Coy vs. Vance"

100 100 February 4, 1983

Coy falls for a motorcycle stunt woman who turns out to be one of the crooked cops hijackers that has been robbing people. Vance finds out, and a fight breaks out between the two causing Coy to leave the farm.

"Comrade Duke"

101 101 February 11, 1983

The Russians' gymnast team comes to Hazzard. A defector from the team escapes and hides out at the Duke farm while Boss helps the Russian gymnast leader find her.

"Witness: Jesse Duke"

102 102 February 12, 1983

When foiling a robbery, Uncle Jesse gets blinded. The robbers want Jesse's dead, so they go to Hazzard to track him down while Coy, Vance and Daisy decide to hide their sitting duck uncle at Boss' house.

"Welcome Back, Bo 'n' Luke"

103 103 February 19, 1983

Bo and Luke return to Hazzard, after winning in the NASCAR circuit, since Coy and Vance have to coincidently take care of a sick relative (not important enough to Bo, Luke, Daisy, and Jesse) decide to leave Hazzard. Meanwhile, Cooter has some problems of his own.

"Big Brothers Duke"

104 104 March 4, 1983

Bo and Luke try to stir a troubled kid who stole the hubcaps off of the General Lee in the right direction.

"Farewell, Hazzard"

105 105 March 11, 1983

Boss Hogg forecloses on the Duke farm and a bunch of other farms to sell the land to a big developer. what he doesn't know is that she plans on using Hazzard to strip-mine coal.

"Daisy's Shotgun Wedding"

106 106 March 18, 1983

The Duke Boys get too protective over Daisy, and Daisy moves out. When she decideds to go home she gets kidnapped by the Beaudrys, and since they just robbed J. D. Bo, Luke, Rosco, and Boss are all after Daisy,Flash, and J. D.'s money. When the so called preacher comes to forces Daisy to marry Milo the Duke boys come and a fight breaks out.

Season 6 (1983-1984) - 22 episodes[]

Episode number Production code Original airdate

"Lulu's Gone Away"

107 107 September 23, 1983

Lulu - frustrated over Boss constantly taking his wife for granted - walks out on him. She moves in with the Dukes to sort out her emotions, but her stay is short-lived. A band of robbers kidnaps Lulu and demands Boss pay a $100,000 ransom for her safe return. Jesse later alerts Bo, Luke and Daisy about Lulu's disappearance (she had secretly tape recorded the kidnapping), and the Dukes quickly offer to help Boss. However, he rebuffs them, particularly since the robbers have threatened to kill Lulu if the Dukes attempt a rescue. The ultimatum causes Bo and Luke (with some help from Cooter) to creatively come up with a plan to save Lulu without being caught.

"A Baby for the Dukes"

108 108 September 30, 1983

An abrasive cotton tycoon pursues his widowed daughter-in-law into Hazzard County, a court order in hand demanding custody of his grandson. Seems that after his son died, he had his wife declared an "unfit mother" (because she isn't rich like he is). The woman leaves the baby in the General Lee, and unwittingly involving the Duke family. When the millionaire learns that the baby's mother has turned to the Dukes for help, he approaches Boss Hogg and Rosco for help. In the end, when his grandson's life is at brink, he agrees to help the Dukes' and allows Mary Lu to keep the baby. Meanwhile, Bo and Luke track down a local judge to persuade him to issue an injunction against the millionaire's court order, until another custody hearing can be scheduled.

"Too Many Roscos"

109 109 October 7, 1983

During his daily pursuit of the General Lee, another car runs Rosco's patrol cruiser off the road and into a lake. Rosco climbs out, wet but unhurt, but the car's occupants kidnap him, the first step in a plan to rob Hazzard Bank. Their scheme: Having a third associate of the robbers - who exactly resembles Rosco - pose as the Hazzard County sheriff until an expected armored car shipment to Hazzard Bank arrives, which they plot to hijack. Bo and Luke, meanwhile, see Rosco's car sink into the lake but their adversary is nowhere in sight. They fear the worst and declare that he has drowned. Later, everyone's overjoyed when they see Rosco - actually, his criminal double - stumbling down the streets of Hazzard. Later, Rosco bungles simple facts (but somehow recalls in exact detail the scheduled arrival of the armored car), which everyone initially chalks up to a concussion "Rosco" had suffered (though Rosco's dog Flash is not fooled and won't go near the fake Rosco). Bo and Luke later find out this "Rosco" is a phony, and when exposed, the double imprisons the Duke boys in their hideout (where the real Rosco is also being kept) so they cannot interfere in their planned robbery. It quickly becomes a race against time to stop the phony Rosco and his accomplices from carrying out their crimes.

"Brotherly Love"

110 110 October 14, 1983

Luke's long-lost brother, Jed, arrives in Hazzard. He's an ex-boxer trying to flee a professional gambler, who had suffered heavy losses in Jed's fight that was supposed to be fixed. Now, the gambler is out to exact murderous revenge. The gambler and his hired associate trick Boss Hogg and Rosco into revealing Jed's whereabouts, then lock them in a holding cell to prevent their interference. Luke later comes up with a plan to fool his brother's adversary, by driving Jed's car and engaging in a road chase. However, Luke is run off the road and suffers a mild concussion. The gambler and his hired associate, thinking they had succeeded in killing Jed, go to the Boar's Nest to celebrate, but overhear Enos telling Daisy that Luke had gotten hurt. Knowing that Jed is still alive, they renew their pursuit, eventually tracking him down at the Tri-County Hospital. There, they kidnap Jed and this time are determined to succeed in killing him ... until Luke commandeers an ambulance and runs the bad guys' car off the road and into a lake. The car's passengers are trapped inside as the car plunges to the bottom, and it's up to Bo to rescue everyone.

"The Boar's Nest Bears"

111 111 October 21, 1983

With their probations on the line, Bo and Luke are talked into coaching Hazzard County's pee-wee basketball team, the Boar's Nest Bears. They eventually talk Rod Moffet, a talented basketball player who is shaken over the recent death of his father, into playing the Bears' talented opponents from Chickasaw County. However, the Duke boys are continually frustrated by Chickasaw Commissioner A.C. Tate's efforts to persuade Rod to quit the team (he threatens to foreclose on the Moffet farm if he plays for Hazzard), and later are exasperated when they learn Boss Hogg and Tate have wagered on their respective teams. Just before tip-off of the big game, Tate -- wanting to win his bet with Boss -- presents a seemingly authentic birth certificate to game administrator Uncle Jesse, revealing Rod to be ineligible (due to being too old); a suspicious Bo and Daisy race to the Chickasaw County Courthouse to obtain the real birth certificate in time, but the Dukes must dodge an angry Sheriff Little.

"Boss Behind Bars"

112 112 October 28, 1983

During a road race between Boss and Uncle Jesse, Jesse's car develops mechanical failure and is involved in a rollover accident. Jesse emerges uninjured, but parts from his car are found in Boss' pockets, and Rosco has no choice but to arrest his "little fat buddy." The Beaudry clan was actually responsible, and unbeknownst to anyone, placed the parts in Boss' pockets. They hope to use the series of distractions to steal Boss' old moonshine still undetected.

"A Boy's Best Friend"

113 113 November 11, 1983

A pair of crooks dognap Flash, thinking she's a valuable showdog named Maxine. Meanwhile, the Dukes unknowingly give Maxine to a 6-year-old orphan named Terry Lee, who has become withdrawn since the untimely death of his parents. Maxine's rightful owners post a $10,000 reward for the basset hound. Boss learns the dog is at the orphanage and, ignorant of Terry Lee's feelings, swipes it and holds it until the owners can arrive. Bo and Luke, all the while, are on the search for both dogs - to cheer up the despondent Rosco and the bawling Terry Lee.

"Targets: Daisy and Lulu"

114 114 November 18, 1983

A band of jewel thieves steal a priceless diamond necklace from its owner and a security guard, who are traveling to an exposition. However, the case becomes mixed in with luggage owned by Daisy and Lulu, who are returning from a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. At the airport, Lulu accidentally picks up the suitcase containing the necklace, since it was identical to her own. Once the thieves realize the Dukes have it in their possession, they begin pursuing them, bent on using whatever means necessary to get the necklace back. While Boss Hogg wants to sell the necklace to his uncle for $25,000 (not realizing its worth is tenfold of Boss' selling price), Bo, Luke and Enos - and later, Boss and Rosco - devise a variety of schemes to trap the criminals and return the necklace to its owner, knowing full well the thieves have threatened to murder Daisy and Lulu if they fail to hand over the necklace and any entrapment efforts are detected.

"Twin Trouble"

115 115 November 25, 1983

Bo and Luke are at odds when they separately meet identical twin sisters ... who happen to be experienced jewel thieves. Luke had witnessed the robbery involving one of the sisters, while her sister (and accomplice) was miles away with Bo, thus forming her alibi. It quickly becomes a tale of trying to figure out how the same woman could be two places at once.

"Enos's Last Chance"

116 116 December 2, 1983

A syndicate mobster named Scanlon, whom Enos helped capture and convict during his time on the Los Angeles Police Department, escapes from prison. He learns that Enos has returned to Hazzard and tracks him down to get revenge. Scanlon is quickly captured, but Rosco's inattention to his crafty, cunning inmate results in an easy escape. Bo and Luke try to set a trap to recapture Scanlon before he can get to Enos, but the criminal knows that the easiest way to Enos is through Daisy.

"High Flyin' Dukes"

117 117 December 9, 1983

When the Dukes' friend, a crop duster, is injured, Daisy offers to take over until he is healed. Boss Hogg learns of this and has lye placed in the chemicals. So when Daisy goes about the dusting, the lye would kill the crops, prompt the farmers to sue ... and force the Dukes off their farm, leaving it open for Boss to make an easy purchase.

"Cooter's Girl"

118 118 December 30, 1983

The Dukes are trying to foil a pair of land swindlers, who want to turn Hazzard County into a toxic waste dump. If that isn't keeping them busy enough, they're also trying to convince a young woman - who happens to be Cooter's estranged daughter - that Cooter isn't the "wild and crazy" guy he was back in his younger days. That's easier said than done, since Cooter's mind is on saving his business, a key piece of land the bad guys want to acquire.

Guest Star: Kim Richards as Cooter's daughter

"Heiress Daisy Duke"

119 119 January 6, 1984

Boss learns that a wealthy industrialist offering a $200,000 reward to the individual who can lead him to his long-lost niece, Vivian Stewart - who looks exactly like Daisy. One night at the Boar's Nest, Boss has a hypnotist convince Daisy that she is Vivian, and after tricking a private investigator about her identity, they go visit the industrialist ... unaware that "Vivian" is being tracked by his nephew and niece, who are next in line to get the inheritance and want it now.

"Dead and Alive"

120 - 6x14 120 January 20, 1984

Is the Dukes' old friend Artie Bender, the Rembrandt of Hazzard County, really dead? No, but Boss Hogg had him declared dead so he could sell his paintings to an art dealer at inflated prices. Of course, it works out well for Boss, since Artie witnessed the robbery of an armed truck and it takes away Bo and Luke's only alibi. Sheriff Little continues to pursue the Duke boys after they break out of jail, as they try to unravel the mystery of whether Artie is really dead.

Guest star: Hal Smith

"Play it Again, Luke"

121 121 January 27, 1984

Luke's old girlfriend from his Marine days, Candy Dix, makes a tour stop in Hazzard County. As the two try to rekindle their spark, Luke finds out that Candy has a lot on her mind. Her boyfriend/manager, Eddie Lee, has been very ill tempered, and his behavior has bordered on abusive. It's all because Eddie Lee has a $100,000 gambling debt to repay, and his bookie is demanding repayment. Just then, Eddie Lee and his cohort discover a clause in Candy's life insurance policy – if she were to die, they collect $100,000. While the Dukes try to protect Candy, Eddie Lee pays a visit to Boss Hogg to ask that Luke be arrested for kidnapping.

"Undercover Dukes (Part 1)"

122 122 February 3, 1984

Beautiful Linda Carver offers Bo and Luke a chance to race for a racing circuit owned by her father, J.J. Carver. The Duke boys decline, vowing to uphold a promise they made to Uncle Jesse they would never again leave the farm. A federal agent later approaches Bo and Luke, offering a healthy cash sum for the two to work undercover, since J.J. Carver is involved in a gambling racket that has involved murder, robbery and illegal gambling. It's an offer that's too good to pass up, and the cousins agree to work for Uncle Sam, leaving a clueless Jesse and Daisy very angry.

  • Note: Part 1 of a two-part episode

"Undercover Dukes (Part 2)"

123 123 February 10, 1984

Bo and Luke begin to infiltrate J.J. Carver's organization, compiling evidence to bring the racketeer and his henchmen to justice. But then Boss Hogg and Rosco, who are aware that the Duke boys have left Hazzard County for the racing circuit, find Luke spying on the organization. It isn't long before all three of them are captured, leaving them to rely on Bo to save the day and recover Luke's evidence.

  • Note: Part 2 of a two-part episode

"How to Succeed in Hazzard"

124 124 February 17, 1984

Boss Hogg's nephew, Dewey, arrives in Hazzard, claiming to be suffering from a rare - and ultimately, fatal - illness. As his last wish, he hopes to raise $100,000 for a new children's hospital. Of course, it's all part of a scam to cheat the folks of Hazzard out of their money. But Dewey, knowing the fraud will eventually be found out, plans to have Uncle Jesse framed for the scheme, leaving Luke and Daisy to expose Dewey. Bo has a cameo appearance at the end of the episode.

"Close Call for Daisy"

125 125 February 24, 1984

Daisy is the director of the Hazzard County Church play, and carries her notes with her in a black book. Outside, she comes to the aid of mobster "Nervous" Norman Willis, who is suffering a health emergency. Her book gets mixed up Willis' identical notebook, which contains the names and descriptions of every illegal racket he's been involved with. Willis, in town to collect kickbacks from Boss Hogg on schemes they were involved in, discovers the book missing and learns that Daisy has gotten a hold of it. Bo and Luke – who were shot at earlier by Willis and his crony, Jake, after their car backfired – learn that Willis may be after Daisy and send her to Enos' apartment to live until they can take care of Willis and Jake. But Enos unwittingly lets slip Daisy's whereabouts to Rosco, and he and Boss tell Willis and Jake where they can find Daisy, with the promise she will be unharmed. Bo and Luke go after Daisy's captors before they can kill her.

"The Ransom of Hazzard County"

126 126 March 2, 1984

Boss Hogg loses his patience with Enos' honesty, and demotes him to a civilian job. His successor - the ill-tempered Billy Joe Coogan - seems to be working out well for Boss and Rosco, since he gets the best of Bo and Luke. But Boss might regret his move, since Coogan and his associates threaten to flood Hazzard County by blowing up Hazzard County Dam if Boss fails to pay a $150,000 fee for services rendered.

"The Fortune Tellers"

127 127 March 23, 1984

Daisy is blamed for stealing the daily receipts to the Boar's Nest. In reality, it was Boss' new fortune-telling con artists who committed the deed. Boss hired the con artists upon learning Lulu plans to cash the Hoggs' bonds, not knowing Boss had already cashed in and replaced them with fake bonds.

"Cooter's Confession"

128 128 March 30, 1984

An auto parts supply distribution firm, which is expecting a shipment of parts for Boss Hogg, is the front for a hijacking and theft ring. Their latest victim is Cooter's friend, an ex-convict who wants to get his life back on track. Knowing that his friend will likely be fingered as the chief suspect, Cooter decides to take the fall. This is much to Boss and Rosco's delight, since Cooter unwittingly implicates Bo and Luke as accessories. With Cooter's friend in hiding, the Duke boys help Cooter escape from jail. While Uncle Jesse and Daisy try to infiltrate the distribution firm, Luke then goes undercover as a driver for their operation to set a trap for the hijackers, but when Rosco and Boss show up to arrest Bo and Cooter, they are forced to take drastic action.

Season 7 (1984-1985) - 17 episodes[]

Episode number Production code Original airdate

"Happy Birthday, General Lee"

129 129 September 21, 1984

The Duke family recalls the origins of the General Lee. In a flashback to eight years earlier (that is, 1976), Bo and Luke buy an old Dodge Charger to soup up for one of Boss Hogg's road races. They're unaware that a pair of jewel thieves had earlier wrecked the car while eluding authorities. It isn't long before the bad guys find out the car is at Cooter's Garage and plan to retrieve it so they can get their ill-gotten booty.

"Welcome, Waylon Jennings"

130 130 September 28, 1984

After six seasons of his complaining in song that they "keep showing my hands and not my face on TV," Waylon Jennings finally appears on camera. This time, as an old friend of the Duke family, Waylon brings his tour bus and traveling museum to Hazzard County. Boss Hogg plots to have the rolling museum stolen, then sell it back for ransom.

"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Duke"

131 131 October 5, 1984

Luke accidentally drinks some water tainted with personality-altering genetics that had been accidentally dumped into the lake. It turns the good-natured Duke into an abusive thug: he insults his friends and family after a hay ride; he vandalizes a farm by recklessly driving through the property; then makes a pass at a pretty girl at the Boar's Nest. Luke's wicked personality draws the attention of a pair of bank robbers, who reason that Luke can tell them everything they need to know about robbing Hazzard Bank. Meanwhile, the other Dukes find out the water had been polluted, and they visit the genetics research firm to press for answers. Boss Hogg and Rosco get wind of Luke's new attitude and plans to rob Hazzard Bank, and – after setting up a makeshift security camera in the bank – prepares for the robbery to frame Luke for the crime. While Bo and Enos race after Luke and the two bank robbers, it's up to Jesse and Daisy to try to explain things to Rosco, who's a little to eager to rush the videotape to the FBI ... but he leaves a hungry Flash to guard the tape.

"Robot P. Coltrane"

132 132 October 12, 1984

A computer technician is fired from his job, shortly after completing work on a contract. He and a co-worker get revenge against their former employer by stealing a caché of electronics, to sell on the black market, then steal back for ransom. In Hazzard County, they meet with Boss Hogg to sell one of the items – a robot named Bobby Joe. Bo and Luke – who had an earlier run-in with the crooks – are suspicious and investigate the van. Rosco catches the Duke boys inside, but bungles the arrest. The robot, however, is easily able to apprehend the Dukes. Boss is impressed, buys the robot, and promptly promotes Bobby Joe to Hazzard County sheriff. Then, in the most demeaning manner possible, Boss fires Rosco. While the Dukes console a depressed Rosco, Boss' eyes light up like a 10-year-old on Christmas Day as Bobby Joe wreaks havoc throughout Hazzard County, not realizing the crooks plan to steal back the robot and demand a $25,000 payment ... or else.

"No More Mr. Nice Guy"

133 133 October 19, 1984

Daisy is told she is the 1 millionth customer at the Capitol City Department Store, and thus has won a cache of prizes, including a fur coat and a diamond necklace. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. All of Daisy's "prizes" have been stolen, as part of Boss Hogg's latest scheme, since he knows that a state senator plans to investigate his office and wants to direct attention away from his criminal activities. However, just as Boss is relishing the opportunity to finally send the Dukes to prison, he bumps his head and develops amnesia. Boss becomes a nice guy, but he might not get a chance to recover once the criminals realize he might tip off the authorities.

"The Dukes in Hollywood"

134 134 November 2, 1984

While a movie is being shot in Hazzard County, Bo and Luke witness a near accident involving a stunt car driver named Brock Curtis. They save Brock's life, and the grateful star hires the Duke boys as stunt doubles in Hollywood. The Dukes – along with Boss Hogg and Rosco – leave for California. There, they learn that Brock's near accident was no accident, but someone wanting to exact revenge on Brock. The man is still determined to kill Brock, and it's up to the Dukes to find a way to capture his pursuer. Meanwhile, Boss and Rosco persistently try to pay a visit to the studio to break into the movies, but it's Flash who catches the agent's eye.

"Cool Hands, Luke & Bo"

135 135 November 9, 1984

Bo and Luke are arrested by the Osage County sheriff on false traffic charges, then sentenced to two years on the county's road gang. The arrest is the first step in Osage administrator Col. Cassius Claiborne's plan to exact revenge on old enemy Boss Hogg. With public pressure mounting, Boss and Rosco give in to Claiborne's demand to hand over their moonshine contracts in exchange for Bo and Luke's freedom. But then Claibourn has them arrested and placed on the road gang as well. While the Duke boys are placed in solitary confinement following a failed escape attempt, Claiborne manages to exploit Boss' voracious appetite for high-calorie dishes in an effort to extort Boss out of everything he owns. Bo and Luke eventually decide the only way to escape the prison is for everyone to overpower the guards and bust the place wide open, well aware that failure could end in their deaths.
Guest star: Morgan Woodward, James Avery

"Go West, Young Dukes"

136 136 November 16, 1984

Boss Hogg discovers a certificate that states that Uncle Jesse's great grandfather, Jeremiah Duke, signed over the farm to Thaddeus Hogg. Jesse tries to determine what actually happened by reading Jeremiah's diary, sending everyone into a flashback to 1872.

"Cale Yarborough Comes to Hazzard"

137 137 November 23, 1984

On his second trip to Hazzard County, Cale Yarborough comforts a sick orphan at the Tri-County Hospital. But the boy may never get to see his hero, since Cale and his old friends, Bo and Luke, become mixed up in the latest robbery of Hazzard Bank.

"Danger on the Hazzard Express"

138 138 November 30, 1984

Boss Hogg plans to steal a $2 million shipment from a train passing through Hazzard County, by using a remote-controlled car as a battering ram. But when the car is wrecked, thanks to Bo and Luke, Boss resorts to Plan B: steal the General Lee and use it to derail the train. Of course, by using the General Lee, it automatically implicates the Duke boys and not Boss or his associates. But then the criminals tell Boss they plan to kill Bo and Luke instead.

"Sittin' Dukes"

139 139 December 14, 1984

A pair of hardened criminals with nothing to lose escape from prison and arrive in Hazzard. One of them is Lee Benson, a marine veteran who served under Luke's command in the United States Marine Corps. As part of Benson's get even plan, he orders Bo and Luke to drive them out of state in the General Lee at gunpoint, and not to let on anything when approached by the authorities. Sheriff Little, who is tracking the convicts, assumes the Dukes are helping the escaped convicts. To escape detection, the bad guys force Bo and Luke to drive through a potentially deadly forest fire. When Sheriff Little locks everyone except Enos in a holding cell to prevent their interference, the Duke boys must rely on Enos' help and their own wits to capture the criminals.

"Sky Bandits Over Hazzard"

140 140 December 21, 1984

Boss Hogg blames Bo and Luke for an armored car robbery. While incarcerated, the real culprits strike again, using an elaborate method – hijacking the car from the air and then pulling the vehicle into the sky! When it becomes clear the Duke boys are innocent, Boss sends them after the robbers. Bo and Luke eventually take to the air to capture the bandits.

"The Haunting of J.D. Hogg"

141 141 January 4, 1985

Boss Hogg's Uncle Silas dies, and is bequeathed money in his will with the cavaet that he donate it to charity. Boss refuses, and it isn't long before the Dukes realize that he has no intention of honoring Silas' will. So, they hire a ventriloquist to trick Boss into thinking Silas is returning from the dead to exact revenge.

"When You Wish Upon a Hogg"

142 - 7x14 142 January 11, 1985

Hughie Hogg's latest scheme is to trick Boss Hogg and Rosco into thinking an antique oil lamp will grant them untold wealth, eternal power ... and most of all, a way to get rid of the Duke boys once and for all. To make his scheme work, Hughie has added a new associate to his team of cronies – a seductively beautiful young mistress named Trixie to play the part of the lamp's "genie." It's up to Bo and Luke to stop Hughie, before all Boss and Rosco are left with is a worthless old lamp.

"Strange Visitor to Hazzard"

143 143 January 25, 1985

There's been some UFO sightings in Hazzard County lately, and it isn't long before Bo and Luke make friends with a space alien, whose spacecraft has crash-landed. The Duke boys have their hands full keeping the alien away from Boss Hogg and Rosco, who want to exploit the alien for profit; and a pair of fortune hunters, who create a false emergency (by contending that aliens plot to invade Hazzard), and looting the town after ordering a mandatory emergency evacuation.

"Enos and Daisy's Wedding"

144 144 February 1, 1985

A pair of hardened criminals kidnaps Enos and forces him to participate in the armed robbery of Hazzard Bank. Daisy – who witnessed the crime – knows Enos is innocent, and is also aware that if she were married to Enos, she could not be subpoenaed to testify. It's not long before the two become engaged, and while they are planning their wedding, Bo and Luke must find a way to capture the criminals and make them admit that Enos was a non-participant in the robbery.

"Opening Night at the Boar's Nest"

145 145 February 8, 1985

Boss Hogg grudgingly agrees to participate in Rosco's magic act during a talent revue at the Boar's Nest. Boss plans to use the "disappearing lady" act as a way to get to a scheduled appointment, but it works out too well. A pair of escaped felons, whom Boss helped put away, kidnap Boss and hold him for ransom. When Rosco is unable to make Boss "reappear," Bo and Luke investigate and determine foul play was involved. Rosco is convinced Boss really did disappear into thin air, leaving the Duke boys to ride to Boss' rescue.

  • Note: Although several episodes were directed by members of the cast, this is the only episode to have been written by one (John Schneider co-scripted [with Si Rose] and directed the series finale).

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