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Sandra Rhodes, more commonly known as Kate Ackley, is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


In 1976 she worked for an armored car agency and was the only person who knew the route of a truck carrying $1 million through Hazzard County. She organized a hijacking with her boyfriend Phil and their friend Tommy but they were forced to hide the money and were unable to find it again. In 1981 they see a newspaper article about Phil's friend Luke Duke finding the money and head to Hazzard.


The Great Hazzard Hijack[]

As they come into Hazzard, they notice they are being followed. When the man doesn’t fall away, she says he won’t do anything in front of witnesses and she might be able to raise a few locals to scare him off. Phil says the man might have a CB and she remarks good, then maybe it will scare him off. She calls over the CB saying they are being chased by a mean looking man in a blue sedan going north along Hazzard creek. She begs for help and Bo responds saying they see her and they are coming to help. She grins in victory. After the General lee runs the man off, they stop to talk to their rescuers. They see Phil knows them and are introduced to Luke and Bo Duke while Phil introduces them. She is introduced as Kate, Phil’s sister. Luke asks that she isn’t about to tell him that she was the scrawny thing Phil had a picture of in his wallet and she smiles saying she won’t but it’s the truth. Bo invites them to the Farm for dinner and she agrees saying it’s the least they can do, getting back in the car while sharing a look with Luke.

They arrive at the farm where they meet Jesse and Daisy. When Luke asks what are they doing in Hazzard, she explains they were looking for him. Phil explains how they were falsely blamed for the hijacking and are there to clear their names. She explains she had been arrested and jailed, but was released for lack of evidence, however ever since she’d been followed by people who thought she could lead them to the money. Jesse says they can stay on the Farm while they search for the money and Daisy says she will stay in her room. They start unloading their luggage.

They ride out with Bo and Luke, her sitting next to Luke in the car. Bo, amused, informs them Rosco is behind them and they all look. Luke explains Rosco is the Sheriff and spends half his time chasing Bo and Luke around. After Bo jumps a creek she asks if he always drives like this and Luke says no, usually Bo is more radical. As they continue to go, they see Cletus coming directly at them. Thinking they are about to crash, she hides in Luke’s shoulder but Bo causes the officers to crash instead.

They arrive at the creek and get out. Bo points out exactly where they found the money. After Luke explains it’s swamp now where the money came from she says she doesn’t care if it’s wall to wall alligators, they ned to keep looking. Bo says it won’t do much good to look now and they should wait until tomorrow. She says that suites her just fine and they can use tonight to get better acquainted. Luke says he was about to say the same thing.

They return to the farm and Luke helps her out of the car. They go inside and she says she just needs to freshen up. She goes into the room to see the investigator. He grabs her and she screams. The man throws her on the bed and flees out the window. Luke and Phil check on her and she tells them she is fine, only frightened and she didn’t get to see the man but she thinks it is the guy who has been chasing them. The others reaffirm to find the money first and Bo, Luke, and Tommy leave to leave them alone. She asks Phil what he thinks, saying Treasury Department or the FBI. He says neither as they could have just gotten a warrant. She tells him she’s scared and maybe they should get out while they still can, but he assures her they will get the money. She asks if he saw any landmarks and he says no but sooner or later he will. She kisses him.

The next morning she comes into the kitchen, seeing Luke, Daisy, and Jesse and says good morning to them. She sits down and says hi to Luke. Daisy offers her bacon and grits and she says only coffee as she is ‘fighting the battle of the bulge’ which Luke says could have fooled him. Luke admits he keeps thinking of the snapshot and she doesn’t look anything like that. She says that is probably because she wasn’t blonde then. Luke asks if she’s coming. She says after being half scared to death yesterday and staying up half the night with her, which Luke tries to hush, she is so tired she thinks she would just slow them down. Luke and the others leave. When Jesse comments about Tommy she says that it was in case they got more visitors. Jesse says that’ good as he’s going into town. After he leaves she smiles to Daisy.

Daisy and her sit at the table, talking about Luke. Daisy says that Bo falls in love at least once a week but for Luke, it’s something special. Jesse storms in and says she hasn’t been exactly honest with them. She asks about what and Jesse tosses down the paper, reminding her the papers printed her name. He says she is no more Phil’s sister than Daisy is. Daisy asks why she lied and she admits she has her reasons. Daisy sees the sketch of Phil in the paper and Jesse says she planned the whole thing and it was an inside job. Tommy comes in with the gun and hands it off to her. She covers Daisy and Jesse as Tommy ties them up. She apologizes to Daisy for doing it and Daisy says she bets they are. She tells Jesse that the million will take them a long way from Hazzard as she return the gun to Tommy. Daisy reminds her she doesn’t have it and she says they will. She then puts gags on Daisy and Jesse.

They take the jeep to the bridge to get to Bear Point. They arrive to see Luke and Phil found the money. She remarks it will have to keep as Daisy and Jesse know the whole story. Luke tells her he was beginning to suspect but what he doesn’t know is why they left it. She says they got the money and to take the jeep and get out of there. Luke asks how they got it. Luke goes to leave to check on his family but Phil pulls a gun on him. She tells Luke not to be stubborn and if he gives them his word he won’t make any trouble he can leave, scot free. Luke refuses. Bo arrives and Luke kicks Phil’s gun. She goes after it with Tommy but Bo attacks Tommy. She starts hitting Bo from behind but Daisy grabs her. Daisy flips her onto her back. She gets up but Daisy hits her again. She tries to get up but Daisy holds up a fist telling her to stay put and she freezes. Rosco tells Daisy to let her up so he can arrest her.