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Sandy Ballou, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Twin Trouble[]

She goes into the Capitol City Jewelry store and sits at a table while the attendant brings out a case of gems to show her. He tells her they are very fine stones, to which she says ‘I see.’ The phone rings and the man asks her to excuse him for a moment. She quickly grabs all the gems and puts them in her briefcase. The man notices what she is doing and starts to yell at her. She flees outside, tripping him with a chair. She gets in her car and drives away, accidentally running Luke off the road in the process along with a few other cars.

While she goes down the road, she notices a pickup following her. Luke pulls up along side telling her to pull over before cutting her off. When Luke walks over, she gets out of the car and starts flirting, making Luke confused. She apologizes, saying she was so shaken that she didn’t know what she was doing. She drops her purse and when Luke goes to grab it she smacks him with the car door, knocking him down and nearly out. She gets back in the car and speeds off.

While driving away she calls Cindy. She tells her that Cindy’s call was timed perfectly and she pulled the job but she ran into trouble. She tells Cindy to use their emergency plan, and to get them an alibi.

Cindy calls her, informing her that she is in Hazzard and she got them an ‘patsy’ to which Cindy says she got the cutest alibi they ever had. Cindy assures her that Bo will say she was in Hazzard at the time of the robbery. She says she will see Cindy at the hide out.

She arrives at the hideout to see Cindy already there. Cindy opens the door for her and she gets out of her car, hugging Cindy. She tells her sister it went great before learning that the witness is the cousin of their alibi. She shows Cindy the gems commenting ‘of all the rotten luck’ but Cindy assures her that Bo will defend them. She says Luke may be trouble though and if he keeps snooping around they are going to have to take care of him. Cindy says they can’t leave until Calloway gets there and Sandy says Calloway is en route and there is no way to get in touch with him now. Cindy says they will just have to wait. She decides to lay low until Calloway gets to Hazzard and to dump her car in the meantime. She drives out to a nearby gully and pushes the car in.

Calloway arrives and she greets him before showing him the briefcase with the gems. They head into the cabin to discuss business. Calloway looks them over saying he’ll take them now for 20 thousand. Upset, she reminds him that they are worth a hundred thousand and he justifies it as they are hot. They are surprised when Cindy comes in. She asks if Cindy is okay and Cindy says no as she was arrested, surprising Sandy. She packs up the gems and Calloway says he is going to have to cut his price. She snaps for him to worry about that later but for now they need to get out of there. They go outside and are surprised to see Luke waiting. Luke realizes what their scam is and she offers him whatever he wants to know to distract him while Calloway knocks Luke out.

They put the unconscious Luke in the pickup and Sandy suggests dumping it all in the ravine. She gets in their car with Cindy and follows Calloway, who drives Luke and the pickup to the ravine. Sandy remarks they have never done anything like this before and Cindy says they have no choice. They reach the ravine and push the truck down. As they go to leave they notice the General Lee nearby and see it turn to go after the truck. Cindy tells them that it’s their alibi. Seeing Bo rescued Luke, they flee. Calloway goes in his car and Sandy and Cindy go in theirs. They are surprised when the General Lee follows them. Bo and Luke tell them to pull over before running them off the road into a hay pile. Bo remarks she sure made a fool out of him and she tells him she’s actually Sandy and points out Cindy. They are taken into custody.

In town, Sheriff Floyd arrests them along with Calloway.