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Sarah Ann Willis, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Welcome Back, Bo 'n' Luke[]

While on their way to Atlanta for the Atlanta 500 and her father's comeback race, Petey, Sarah Ann, and Joey stop at the Boar’s Nest where Daisy Duke serves them drinks. Two young men approach them who Petey recognize as Bo and Luke Duke. Petey introduces her to the boys and she shakes their hands. When her dad asks what the boys are doing in Hazzard, they say they retired and she tells them that she wishes some of that would rub off on her daddy. Bo recommends they go see Cooter Davenport to look at Petey’s car before the race. When Joey goes to confirm their reservations in Atlanta, she asks if there is any way she can talk Petey out of this but he tells her no. He asks Bo about his last race and Bo tells them how he and Luke won. Petey then asks about having a friendly race with the boys to test the engine after it gets repaired. As they go to leave, Luke tells her that she shouldn’t worry so much about her dad and that he’s forgotten more about driving than most ever learn. She tells the boys that is what worries her, the things her daddy forgot.

Her and her father go to Cooter’s Garage to check on the car and they see Bo, Luke, and Jesse Duke. The boys introduce her to Jesse and she shakes his hand. After her dad works out the race details, they go inside.

She leaves the garage with her father, who is so pleased with Cooter’s work that he insists Cooter join them for coffee.

They go out to C.W.’s and prepare for the race. After they prepare to start, she gets in Dixie with Daisy and Cooter to follow the cars. After a while she is startled when Rosco and Enos come up behind them with sirens and go around Daisy, however they hit each other and run each other off the road.

They catch up with the others to find Petey had an accident and is hurt real bad. Terrified, she runs to her father’s side, yelling for him. Luke tells her not to worry as they will get Cooter to the hospital and they have some of the best doctors in the state. She snaps ‘just like you got the best mechanic in the world’? She says they sure do a lot of easy recommending.

At the hospital, the doctor says that Petey has a fighting chance, crediting Bo and Luke for it. Angry, she snaps she guesses she can thank them for that before turning to Cooter and saying she can also thank him for her daddy being there in the first place. Joey excuses himself and Luke tells her she can’t blame anyone for that as they don’t even know what happened. Cooter tries to talk to her but she glares at him before leaving to her dad’s side.

While sleeping in her fathers hospital room, she hears Cooter come in and pretends to be asleep while he apologizes for what happened and leaves an envelope, which is full of money, by his side.

Bo and Luke come to see her to explain they suspect Joey is responsible for the wreck and asks if there is any reason Joey would be mad at Petey. She tells them that Joey wasn’t happy about her dad driving because he wanted to drive. Then she remembers that Joey told a friend that he was expecting to come into some money after the Atlanta race, something about the big race. Luke asks if it was before or after Petey decided to race and she said it was before. Luke and Bo tell her they think Joey bet on someone else to win, someone that wouldn’t if Petey raced. Luke sees Joey at the door and they all run out.

After Joey is arrested Bo and Luke go to visit her and her dad in the hospital while he gets some news about a job offer to design race cars in Detroit. Happy and celebrating the news, she jumps onto Bo and kisses him to his surprise before moving to kiss Luke.