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Scorpios was a minor antagonist from Enos! He is a black market dealer.



While heading to his new operation, Posey calls him in his car, informing him the Vixen Club was raided but the cops got nothing on Posey or Scorpio. Posey mentions Scorpio managed to buy off a cop, which Scorpio denies and tells him to find whatever cop he is talking about and eliminate him.

He meets up with his people, calling them all imbecile’s. He repeats it to Posey, who says he thought Scorpio bought a cop as the last boss did that. Scorpio reminds him that his last boss is sitting in the slammer next to the cop he ‘bought’. He says that is why he’s the new boss. Posey asks about the girls and Scorpio says they don’t know about his black mail operation and they don’t know about Scorpio. He asks how many girls were lost and Posey says five as the cop who alerted them to the raid let one go. Interested, he turns to Posey asking why would the cops let her go. He decides the girl was probably the cop’s informant. He says to play it safe to ‘ice’ the girl. Posey tells him that the girl is Joy and he is surprised. Posey says the cop probably just has a thing for her and Scorpio says to use presser and keep her in line. He says there is just something about Joy and he wants Posey to invite her to go to Bermuda with him. He adds that if she refuses to kill her slowly.

Later his men inform him that the ‘cop with the funny hat’ was at Joy’s apartment. He learns the cop is around Joy constantly. He lays out the plan, they wrap up the contacts, he flies to Bermuda with Joy and they kill the cop. When Posey questions it he snaps that they have all the blackmail deals they aren’t concerned about one cop. When Posey asks about the others, he says if they knew anything they would have already hit them. He tells Posey he will have Joy there. Posey says Joy can still talk and he asks if Posey thinks a dead hooker in Bermuda can talk. He then leaves.

Posey arrives with Joy at his place. He then gets the tape, saying it’s worth millions and everyone is on the reel. He adds that it will go with him to Bermuda before accepting a drink. He stands up, handing the drink to Joy before telling Posey to finish the film from the Neptune Club that night and then send it to him as it’s another four million. Scorpio then takes away Joy’s drink before grabbing her hand and saying ‘okay lovely, lets go to Bermuda and live a little’. He pulls her out and to the car.

The car gets blocked by Turk and he and Enos arrest his men. Turk tells him to get out of the car, and that he has the right to remain silent. He asks if Turk is crazy and Turk says that wasn’t silent and asks if he’s going to come out or does he want Turk to take him out piece at a time. He gets out, promising to have their badges for false arrest. Turk cuffs him in his car and when he asks what Turk is doing, Turk says he’s striking a blow against the powers of darkness. He adds he wouldn’t be in Scorpio’s seat for a million bucks as Enos is crazy. Enos gets behind the wheel, telling him to buckle up. He turns to Turk, but Turk leaves.

Afraid, he asks Enos where are they going. Enos says he’s driving. He orders Enos to stop the car but Enos refuses unless he tells him where the other operation is. As Enos drives near the edge of the road, commenting ‘it sure is far down there’ he says Enos is a maniac and he will sue Enos and the city. As Enos continues to drive, he mentions he saw an obstacle and turns around. Enos says it is only fair to tell him that the car is only held together by spit and bailing wire. Enos drives up to a ramp asking if he will tell him. Scorpio refuses and Enos hits the ramp, jumping the car to his horror. Enos finds a cliff and tells Scorpio that if he admits to his crimes he’ll only loose the girls. However Enos is going to be sent home in disgrace and he would rather die first. Realizing Enos will drive them off the cliff he says Enos is crazy. Enos starts driving and he spills everything. Enos stops before telling him that he’s really disappointed in Scorpio because he thought he was something. Now he’s disappointed in himself for thinking that.

Scorpio is imprisoned.