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Season 1 of the TV series The Dukes of Hazzard had 13 episodes. It premiered on January 26, 1979, and finished on May 11, 1979


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OneArmedBandits Title.png
Release Date: January 26, 1979
Directed By: Rod Amateau
Written By: Gy Waldron
Production Code: 166861  
Sheriff Coltrane sets up a slot machine operation to fund his re-election, but a pair of two-armed bandits – Bo and Luke Duke – find a way to give the proceeds to charity and save the local orphanage.

Daisy's Song (title card).png
Release Date: February 2, 1979
Directed By: Bob Kelljan
Written By: Gy Waldron
Production Code: 166862  
An Atlanta music-publishing outfit bilks Daisy of $50, a corruption of Boss Hogg's. And the FBI has an eye on the whole scam. Bo and Luke head to town to straighten things out for Daisy and end up messing up a police raid on the place. They hatch a scheme to catch the record pirates red-handed by having Daisy pretend to be a potential client to trick the music outfit's ringleader, Lester Starr into believing she can fake a number of real-life artists. Meanwhile, after being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Bo and Luke are targeted by the FBI and the local law. And Boss has his sights set on getting a tie-in with the syndicate, with a new singer that Starr has to audition for them and Boss, who just happens to be....Daisy Big mistake

Mary Kaye's Baby (title card).png
Release Date: February 9, 1979
Directed By: Rod Amateau
Written By: William Putnam
Production Code: 166864  
While running from Enos in Cooter's car, Bo and Luke run into a couple of problems: 1) the car they're driving is loaded with moonshine that Cooter was to deliver for Boss, and therefore have to avoid getting caught with it, and 2) they pick up the very pregnant Mary Kaye Porter, who has with her over $100,000 meant for an Atlanta gangster named McQuade, who is hot on its trail, as well as hers. And shortly before McQuade and his accomplice Leo find her with the boys, Mary Kaye goes into labor, complicating things even more.

Repo Men (title card).png
Release Date: February 16, 1979
Directed By: Ron Satloff
Written By: Bob Clark
Production Code:  166863  
This car's a wreck, but the engine's a honey and Bo and Luke MUST have it. So they make a deal with used car dealer Ace Parker, who's more crooked as a switchback trail, who has a scheme that could land the boys behind bars.

High Octane (title card).png
Release Date: February 23, 1979
Directed By: Don McDougall
Written By: William Keys
Production Code: 166865
Uncle Jesse fires up the moonshine still for a patriotic cause, while Bo's dancin' and romancin' flames are fired by a lovely female revenue agent who's bird-dogging them

Swamp Molly (title card).png
Release Date: March 9, 1979
Directed By: Don McDougall
Written By: Kathryn Michaelian Powers
Production Code:  166872   
In the early 1930s, Molly sprang Uncle Jesse out of a heap of trouble with the Feds. Now she wants to make one last run... and she wants the Dukes to help. Problem is, Molly's no longer dealing with moonshine but in contraband firearms, getting Bo and Luke into worse trouble than usual.
  • Note: This was the first episode to be filmed in California.

Luke's Love Story (title card).png
Release Date: March 16, 1979
Directed By: Hy Averback
Written By: Kris Kincade
Nance McCornick
Production Code:   166871  
In the annual Hazzard Obstacle Derby, a dirty illegal notorious race, Amy Creevy is the first woman to enter. Luke is smitten with her and they build a relationship, but he has a hard time accepting that he can't chase other women if he stays with her. Meanwhile, Boss Hogg needs to win because his mama's ashes are in the winning trophy, but Enos is driving for him. So he threatens to sell Cooter's truck unless he becomes a crasher in the race to make sure that Enos wins.

The Big Heist (title card).png
Release Date: March 30, 1979
Directed By: Bob Claver
Written By: Bruce Howard
Production Code:   166873  
A masked bandit with a score to settle with Boss Hogg robs him of his illegal liquor money and then jumps into General Lee with Luke driving, causing Boss to believe Bo robbed him and he has the boys arrested for the theft. Meanwhile, the bandit (now unmasked) ends up at the Duke farm after Daisy makes acquaintance with him at the Boar's Nest, causing further problems.
  • Note: Ben Jones (Cooter) does not appear in this episode, the only first season episode where he (or any of the other regular cast) is not present.

Limo One (title card).png
Release Date: April 6, 1979
Directed By: Don McDougall
Written By: Paul Savage
Production Code: 166874
When government agents park the vehicle in Hazzard in front of the Boar's Nest, Cooter hotwires the US President's limo and takes off for a joy ride. After hiding the limo from the local law, it is carjacked by some of Boss Hogg's chop shop thugs, meaning the Dukes and Cooter now have to try to retrieve it.

Deputy Dukes (title card).png
Release Date: April 20, 1979
Directed By: William Asher
Written By: Paul Savage
Production Code:   166875  
Bo and Luke are deputized and sent to Springville to retrieve a prisoner, not told he's the notorious Public Enemy #1, Rocky Marlowe, and have to dodge Marlowe's thugs, who are trying to break him free. Meanwhile, the alleged lady deputy helping them escort Marlowe is actually a woman who has a score to settle with Marlowe for not helping her father in his time of need.

Money to Burn (title card).png
Release Date: April 27, 1979
Directed By: Rod Amateau
Written By: Myles Wilder,
William Raynor
Production Code:   166877  
Boss Hogg, not wanting to let go of $1,000,000 in old bills meant for destruction, hatches a scheme where he'll keep the old bills to himself and still get them replaced besides....but surprise, surprise, Bo and Luke get mixed up in it and are framed by Boss for allegedly hijacking the armored truck that had a mysterious "accident".
  • Note: Rick Hurst makes his first appearance as Boss Hogg's cousin, Cletus Hogg, in this episode. He would later go on to become Deputy.

Route 7-11 (tile card).png
Release Date: May 4, 1979
Directed By: Bob Claver
Written By: Fred Freiberger
Production Code:   166876   
Bo and Luke become drivers of an 18-wheeler, which they eventually discover is actually a casino on wheels.

Double Sting (title card).png
Release Date: May 11, 1979
Directed By: Gy Waldron
Written By: Gy Waldron
Production Code:   166878  
After an alleged plague brought on by a barroom brawler confines him, the Duke boys, Uncle Jesse, Boss Hogg and Rosco to the jailhouse, only Daisy is left to pursue bank robbers disguised as Laurel and Hardy.


  • Season One is the shortest season, at 13 episodes
  • Season One is the only season where a character gets shot. Rosco shoots a character in the foot in Mary Kaye's Baby
  • The first 5 episodes of the series were filmed in Georgia. Episode 6 and all the episodes after were filmed at the studio in California
  • Many characters and episodes from season one were inspired from events in Gy Waldron's life [1]
  • The Dukes of Hazzard: The Unofficial Companion chapter 15
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