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Season 2 of the Dukes of Hazzard had 23 episodes. It premiered on 21 September 1979 and ran until 21 March 1980.


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For full episode descriptions, see the full episode page. For information on how events of the episode contribute to the timeline, see the Chronology of the Dukes of Hazzard.

Season 2
No Title Directed By Written By Production Code Original Airdate
14-S2X01 Days of Shine and Roses Hollingsworth Morse Bruce Howard 166964 September 21, 1979
At the Boar's Nest, after seeing an old film of when Boss Hogg and Jesse were in the Ridge Runners Association, running moonshine, an argument about who was the better moonshiner—along with some unintentional prodding from Bo—causes Boss and Jesse to declare a race to determine who the better moonshine runner is. They use jugs of water in place of moonshine. Boss plots to win the race by sending Jesse right into the hands of Hatchapee County sheriff Emmitt "Spike" Loomis (Jim Mohlmann), who is known for being unusually tough on moonshiners. Can Bo, Luke, Daisy, and Cooter save Jesse so he can win the race?
15- S2X02 Gold Fever Paul Baxley Si Rose 166971 September 28, 1979
H. H. Harkness (Curtis Credel), a shady character from Texas, has arrived in Hazzard, and he pays Boss Hogg $25,000 to store a pile of gold bars in the Hazzard Bank, telling Boss Hogg that the gold is worth $3,000,000. Naturally, any amount of gold has Boss Hogg drooling. Bo and Luke are framed when the gold is stolen from the bank. The Dukes soon discover that the gold is fake, and that it is actually lead painted to look like gold. Harkness is a swindler who was using it to try to swindle Boss Hogg out of the $3,000,000 in insurance money that would be given to Harkness in the event of a robbery.
16- S2X03 The Rustlers Dick Moder Stephen Kandel 166968 October 5, 1979
Jesse's friend Burl Tolliver (Mel Tillis) plans to race his horse, Manassas, in the annual Lulu Hogg Stakes race, but Rosco sees Manassas in a time trial against the General Lee, and reports it to Boss Hogg. Boss steals Manassas for his own use in the race, and then Manassas is stolen by Dunlap (Brett Halsey) and Cowan (Michael MacRae), a pair of thieves who plan to sell him to a man from Nashville, Tennessee for $30,000.
17- S2X04 The Meeting Rod Amateau Story by : Leonard B. Kaufman

Teleplay by : William Raynor & Myles Wilder

166861 October 12, 1979
Boss Hogg rents the Hazzard jail out for $10,000 to his old friend, mobster Black Jack Bender (Paul Lambert), and a group of other syndicate kingpins, so they can hold a conspiracy meeting. When Bo and Luke find a lot of weapons in the cars of Bender and the other kingpins, they start poking around, and discover that Bender is in town, with plans to use Hazzard as the epicenter of his crime syndicate. Bo and Luke quickly find that investigating the mob is a lot easier than getting away from them. The Dukes hatch a plan to outsmart Bender and his associates until federal agents can arrive to take them into custody.
18- S2x05 Road Pirates William Asher William Raynor & Myles Wilder 166962 October 19, 1979
Boss Hogg's cousin Cletus Hogg, who is much more honest than Boss Hogg is, is substituting for Enos, who is in the hospital with appendicitis. Boss Hogg buys $10,000 in stolen TV sets so he can sell them for a higher price, but Marty Garbade (Billy Green Bush), the man that Boss bought the TVs from, hijacks the truck that is delivering the TVs to Boss. The truck's driver makes a mistake in identifying the hijackers, and that gets Cletus wrongfully accused of the hijacking. The Dukes set out to help Cletus clear his name.
19- S2X06 The Ghost of the General Lee Jack Starrat Martin Roth 166969 October 26, 1979
While Bo and Luke are skinny dipping, the General Lee is stolen by Ernie (Caskey Swaim) and Phil (Russ McCubbin), a pair of pool hustlers who drive it into the Hazzard Pond while being chased by Rosco. Unaware that it was not Bo and Luke who were driving the car, Rosco thinks Bo and Luke drowned, and a grief-stricken Rosco tells that to Boss Hogg, Enos, Jesse, and Daisy. Boss schemes to take advantage of the situation by claiming that Bo and Luke stole his genuine Jefferson Davis gold watch and chain so he can collect the insurance on it.
20- S2X07 Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough Ernest Pintoff Story by : Ron Friedman

Teleplay by : Bruce Howard & William Raynor & Myles Wilder and Ron Friedman

166965 November 2, 1979
Bo and Luke discover that NASCAR driver Cale Yarborough (as himself) is testing a new turbo charger in preparation for the Illinois 500, and they bring Cale to Hazzard County to get his car serviced by Cooter. Boss Hogg hears about Cale being in town, so he frames Bo and Luke for crossing the county line and violating their probation. While Boss thinks Bo and Luke are out of his way, he works with Cale's biggest opponents, the Jethro Brothers, in a plot to steal Cale's turbo charger so the Jethro brothers, Simon (William Watson) and Rowby (Tom McFadden), can win the race.
21- S2X08 Hazzard Connection Paul Baxley Paul Savage 166966 November 9, 1979
Bo and Luke help Cooter deliver demolition derby cars to Augie Detweiller (John Quade), who runs a traveling demolition derby. Augie is smuggling stolen racing engines in the derby cars, and Bo and Luke do not know a thing about it. Rosco discovers the smuggling, and he plans to arrest Bo and Luke. Bo and Luke decide to clear themselves by joining the derby, with Bo going undercover as a driver.
22- S2X09 Witness for the Persecution Hollingsworth Morse Story by : Paul Savage

Teleplay by : William Raynor & Myles Wilde

166972 November 16, 1979
Boss Hogg is an important government witness against one of the biggest racketeers in the South. But the racketeer has assigned two hit men, Warren (L.Q. Jones) and Barnes (Bob Hastings), to stop Boss Hogg from testifying in the trial, which is scheduled to take place in Savannah. After Boss Hogg's life is threatened, an attorney named Tom Pryor (R. G. Armstrong) enlists the help of the Dukes in protecting Boss until it is time for him to testify.
23- S2X10 Granny Annie Dick Moder Bruce Howard 166973 November 23, 1979
When counterfeit $5 dollar bills start turning up, Bo and Luke try to figure out where the bills came from, and it turns out that the bills came from their old friend Granny Annie Coggins (Laurene Tuttle), a local artist who is operating a small-time counterfeiting scheme. Boss Hogg hears of it, and he wants the engraving plates that are used make the bills, because he wants to sell the plates to professional counterfeiter Big Jim Downey (George Murdock) for $25,000.
24- S2X11 People's Choice Allen Baron Bruce Howard 166970 November 30, 1979
Bo and Luke become campaign managers for Thelma Claire "T. C." Rogers (Pat Klous), who is running against Boss Hogg for the office of Supervisory Administrator of Hazzard County, a position that Boss cheated her father, Jim Rogers, out of 15 years ago. Boss tries every dirty trick he can think of in his efforts to stop T. C. from winning, let alone registering to run.
25- S2X12 Arrest Jesse Duke Jack Whitman Si Rose 166404 December 14, 1979
Jesse is arrested for car-stripping when he is spotted at the scene of a car stripping incident by a motorist, while the real car strippers are a group of female mechanics who are working for Boss Hogg. Boss Hogg sells the parts back to the unsuspecting owners. And Boss does not even want the temporary acting sheriff—his even more crooked nephew Hughie Hogg (Jeff Altman)—to get in on the scam.
26- S2X13 Duke of Duke Hollingsworth Morse Herman Groves 166402 January 4, 1980
Gaylord Duke (Simon MacCorkindale), the Dukes' cousin from London, England, comes to Hazzard to claim a piece of property that was willed to him, but the property has $30,000 in back taxes owed on it. Boss Hogg is planning to buy the property for almost nothing at an auction, and sell it to the Dixie King Supermarket chain for $250,000.
27- S2X14 The Runaway Dick Moder Jim Rogers 166403 January 11, 1980
Suzy Holmes (Susan Walden) is on the run from her snobby father, wealthy Tulsa, Oklahoma industrialist C. J. Holmes (Robert Alda), who has sent two private investigators named Les Sloane (Lance LeGault) and Mitch Henderson (Robert Tessier) to Hazzard to stop Suzy from marrying her fiancée Fred Andrews (Edward Edwards), just because Fred is a farmer. C. J. wants Suzy to marry someone within her social class, not someone involved in what C. J. sees as an unglamorous profession. C. J. will stop at nothing—even kidnapping Jesse.
28- S2X15 Follow That Still Jack Whitman William Raynor & Myles Wilder 166401 January 18, 1980
Boss Hogg buys an old tank to use in his J. D. Hogg War Memorial in front of the Boars Nest. Things get out of hand when the Dukes try to help old family friend Hard Luck Jones (Fred Stuthman) kick the habit of running moonshine, and Hard Luck swipes the tank to use as a rolling still. When Bo and Luke try to help Hard Luck, and the tank gets stuck on Duke property, it turns into a race to get rid of the tank before Boss Hogg and local ATF agent Buchanon (John Crawford) find them.
29-S2X16 Treasure of Hazzard Hollingsworth Morse William Raynor & Myles Wilder 166405 January 25, 1980
College history professor Laura Bardsley (Jeannie Wilson) has arrived in Hazzard to find a buried Civil War strongbox that was buried before the Battle of Hazzard, and it contains a regimental payroll. But Boss Hogg is also after the strongbox along with acting Hazzard County Sheriff Lester Crabb
30- S2X17 Officer Daisy Duke Dick Moder Martin Roth 166406 February 1, 1980
Bo and Luke unintentionally get Daisy fired from the Boar's Nest by helping her ask Boss Hogg for a raise. With Rosco still at the police academy in Atlanta, Boss hires a new temporary acting sheriff, Grady Byrd (Dick Sargent), who has been the night watchman at the Hazzard County Gravel Pit for 20 years. Boss Hogg tells Grady that the Dukes are the enemy, and to keep the Dukes out of his hair. Daisy cannot find another job, so Enos suggests that Daisy apply for a position as a Hazzard County deputy. Jesse is all for it, but Boss Hogg is against the idea of having any Duke work as a deputy.
31-S2X18 Find Loretta Lynn Arthur Marks Jim Rogers 166963 February 8, 1980
When Loretta Lynn detours through Hazzard County, she is stopped by Boss Hogg's celebrity speed trap. Later, at the Boar's Nest, Loretta is kidnapped by Squirt (Henry Gibson), Bubba (Dennis Burkley), and Cindy (Rebecca Reynolds), the three members of an aspiring country music band who believe that Loretta is their key to success. They demand a ransom of $1,136.15 because they simply want to recoup the money that was cheated out of them by a fraudulent record label.
32- S2X19 Jude Emery Rod Amateau Gy Waldron 166407 February 15, 1980
exas Ranger Jude Emery (John Shearin) has arrived in Hazzard in his search for dangerous crime boss Russel "The Snake" Harmon (Sam Melville), and Jude enlists the help of Bo and Luke in the search. Bo, Luke, and Jude are captured by Snake's gang, leading Daisy, Jesse, Cooter, and even acting Sheriff Grady Byrd to search for them.
33- S2X20 Return of the Ridge Raiders Hollingsworth Morse Si Rose 166408 February 22, 1980
After a 40-year hiatus, the legendary Hazzard Ridge Raiders have reunited. The Ridge Raiders are out to stop Boss Hogg, who is a former Ridge Raider, from using the money intended for a senior-citizens center to turn the Boar's Nest into a playpen for his "Pretty Piggies". The Ridge Raiders believe that the best way to stop Boss is by using dynamite bombs on Boss's moonshine stills and other properties. Jesse, who is a former Ridge Raider himself, tries to sort it out and avoid trouble, but in typical Duke fashion, he lands right in the middle of it.
34- S2X21 Mason Dixon's Girls Jack Starrett Bruce Howard 166409 February 29, 1980
Rosco returns from his refresher course at the Police Academy in Atlanta. Bo and Luke, thinking that there is a new hot water heater in the box that they picked up at the bus depot, soon discover that they have picked up a box full of marijuana, and Rosco arrests them. Private investigator Mason Dixon (Dennis Rucker) and his two associates, Tinker Churchill (Mary Margaret Humes) and Sam Rose (Robin G. Eisenmann), arrive in Hazzard to go after Dempsey (Morgan Woodward), the drug ring leader that the box of marijuana belongs to.
35- S2X22 R.I.P. Henry Flatt Denver Pyle William Raynor & Myles Wilder 166431 March 14, 1980
Henry Flatt (Hal Smith), a con artist who faked his death after swindling Boss out of $20,000 a year ago, shows up, and the Dukes try to help him with his problem: Boss Hogg is planning on plowing up an old veteran’s cemetery to build a new highway and a subdivision called Hogg's Heavenly Acres—and plowing up that cemetery would alert Boss that Henry is still alive.
36- S2X23 Southern Comfurts Rod Amateau Martin Roth 166432 March 21, 1980
Jesse's cousin Holly Comfurt (Mariam Byrd Nethery) and her family suddenly strike it rich when Holly sells her farm for $250,000, but while in Hazzard, the Comfurts rent a Rolls-Royce that breaks down, and Cooter lends them a car while he fixes it. The loaner car is stolen from outside Cooter's garage by a drunk man, with the money in a case in the trunk, and then the car is sold to two men who plan to rob the Hazzard Bank, while Boss Hogg makes plans to get his hands on Holly's money.


  • This season is characterized by the absences of James Best and Ben Jones in a number of episodes due to strikes they did
    • Ben Jones' strike was over Cooter's appearance. Cooter was replaced by cousins L.B. and B.B. while negotiations were worked
    • James Best's strike was over the unsatisfactory working conditions on set. He was filled in by a number of temporary Sheriff's until negotiations were complete
  • This season introduces the Celebrity Speed Trap that occurs over the next few seasons