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The Dukes of Hazzard Season 3 was 23 episodes long, premiering 16 September 1980 and ending on 10 April 1981.


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For detailed episode descriptions please see the corresponding episode page. To see how episodes fit in the overall timeline of the Dukes of Hazzard, see The Chronology of the Dukes of Hazzard.

Season 3
No. Title Directed by Written By Production Code Originial Airdate
37- S3X01 Carnival of Thrills: Part 1 Dick Moder William Raynor & Myles Wilder 166433A September 16, 1980
When the Dukes go to see a stunt show called "The Carnival of Thrills", the star of the show, Bob Dexter (Richard Jensen), is injured while trying to jump a car over a pile of 32 cars, and that is the third consecutive time that that has happened in attempts to perform the 32-car jump. After that, the carnival's owner, Diane Benson (Robin Mattson), offers Bo a chance to use the General Lee to perform the 32-car jump. Bo falls for Diane, and agrees to do the jump. A feud erupts between Bo and Luke when Luke, fearing for Bo's safety, allows the General Lee to be impounded so Bo cannot do the stunt.
38- S3X02 Carnival of Thrills: Part 2 Dick Moder William Raynor & Myles Wilder 166433B September 16, 1980
After the fight, Bo leaves the Duke farm, and prepares for the jump, but Luke, Daisy, and Jesse are determined to stop him. Then they receive some shocking news about the carnival from John Zimbra (Vernon Weddle), an investigator from an insurance company. John tells Luke, Daisy, Jesse, and Cooter that the three accidents that have happened in the past three attempts to do the 32-car jump were not accidents. Someone has been trying to kill any driver who tries to do the jump, and Bo might be next unless Luke, Jesse, Daisy, and Cooter can stop whoever is sabotaging the drivers.
39- S3x03 Enos Strate to the Top Rod Amateau William Raynor & Myles Wilder 167122A November 5, 1980
After Daisy takes a picture of Jesse in front of a bank in Atlanta, the Dukes notice that, in the background of the picture, the bank is getting robbed, and the picture shows the robbers removing their masks as they escape. The robbers follow the Dukes to Hazzard, and kidnap Daisy, demanding the picture in return for Daisy's release. Enos—against Rosco's orders—helps the Dukes rescue Daisy, and Enos is fired.
40- S3x04 The Hazzardville Horror Jack Whitman Si Rose 167126 November 7, 1980
A pair of thieves, Claude Billings (Charles Tyner) and his son Billy Joe Billings (Andrew Robinson), steal Boss Hogg's silver collection from the Boar's Nest, and stash it at an old abandoned house that Daisy's friend Mary Lou Pringle (Morgan Brittany) has inherited from her uncle Ezekiah "Zeke" Pringle, and Boss Hogg thinks it was Daisy, Bo, and Luke who stole the silver.
41- S3x05 And In This Corner, Luke Duke Paul Baxley Jim Rogers 167125 November 14, 1980
A boxer named Catfish Lee (Sonny Shields), and his crooked promoter and manager, Billy Ray (Richard Schall), pick a fight with Luke so they can trick him into a boxing match and make a killing on tickets. When Catfish knocks Luke into Boss Hogg's new $3,000 mirror at the Boar's Nest, Boss demands that Luke fight Catfish in a match to pay for the mirror, or Jesse might be forced to sell the Duke farm in order to come up with the money.
42- S3x06 The Late J.D. Hogg Hollingsworth Morse Martin Roth 167124 November 21, 1980
Boss Hogg manages to foreclose on the Duke farm fair and square, thanks to Cletus, and he also has the Dukes wrongfully arrested on a federal charge. But then Boss gets news from his doctor that he supposedly has some type of terminal illness that gives him only two weeks to live, and Boss Hogg believes that the only way to save himself from the devil is to perform good deeds until it is time, so Boss Hogg gives the Dukes their farm back, and he drops the charge. The Dukes have to deal with Linc McKay (James McIntire) and Dell Webber (Ray Young), a pair of thieves who plan to rob the truck that is transporting the outgoing mail out of Hazzard County, which includes $100,000 in Social Security checks, and all the papers that Boss Hogg signed.
43- S3x07 Uncle Boss Hollingsworth Morse William Raynor & Myles Wilder 166967 November 28, 1980
Boss Hogg wants the Dukes out of his way for good so they cannot interfere with his scams, so he calls his college-educated nephew Hughie Hogg (Jeff Altman) to come to Hazzard County and get the job done. Because Hughie is even sneakier than Boss Hogg is, Hughie just might be the man for the job. Hughie frames Daisy for running moonshine, and when Bo and Luke help her escape, Hughie videotapes the breakout, and takes off with Boss Hogg for Atlanta to turn the tape over to the state police.
44- S3x08 Baa, Baa White Sheep Dick Moder William Raynor & Myles Wilder 167121 December 5, 1980
Boss Hogg's honest twin brother, Abraham Lincoln Hogg (Sorrell Booke), comes to Hazzard for the reading of their great-aunt Emma Lou Hogg's will, which entitles a piece of land to both of them—but Boss had Abe declared legally dead five years ago when Abe disappeared in Africa. What happened was Abe got caught up in so many business ventures that he lost track of the time. Now Abe has returned to claim his half of Emma Lou Hogg's land, but Boss has already sold the land to a developer.
45- S3x09 Mrs. Rosco P. Coltrane Jack Whitman Si Rose 167123 December 12, 1980
After meeting Sue Ann Bliss (Tori Lysdahl) through a computer dating service, Rosco plans to get married, and Boss Hogg plans for him to invite everyone in town to his wedding except for the Dukes. That makes the Dukes the only possible suspects for the $100,000 miners' payroll robbery that Boss is arranging to take place at the Hazzard Bank during the ceremony. What no one knows is that Sue Ann's real name is Sue Ann McGraw, and that she, her husband Vic McGraw (Reid Smith), and their friend Russ Collins (William Sanderson) are also planning to rob the Hazzard Bank.
46- S3x10 The Great Santa Claus Chase Denver Pyle Martin Roth 167127 December 19, 1980
In the series' only Christmas-themed episode; Boss Hogg, who is in an Ebenezer Scrooge-like mood, hires a trio of criminals named Willie (Woody Strode), Russ (Brian Libby), and Hank (Roger Pancake) to hijack a truckload of already-paid-for Christmas trees that Bo and Luke are bringing to Hazzard for needy families, and then pin the blame on the Dukes. The scheme involves Russ and Hank stealing the trees from Bo and Luke at gunpoint, then Willie disguised as a clergyman giving Bo and Luke a lift into town, and then telling them they forgot "their" $500 down payment on the trees. With the town beginning to turn against the Dukes, the Dukes and Cooter race to find the trees and return Hazzard's Christmas spirit.
47- S3x11 Good Neighbors Duke Dick Moder Len Kaufman 167128 January 2, 1981
While being chased by Rosco, Bo and Luke crash on a piece of land believed to not be owned by anyone. They soon find out they are wrong, and make friends with the new citizens of Hazzard, the Bensons. The Bensons are actually federal witnesses named Adam (John Larch) and Esther Venable (Cynthia Leake). Adam testified in a ransom case where $2,000,000 in diamonds disappeared, and now, the Venables are being chased by Hickey Burns (William Mims) and Leroy Little (Spencer Milligan), a pair of bounty hunters who think Adam knows where the diamonds are.
48- S3x12 State of the County Dick Moder Bruce Howard 167134 January 9, 1981
Boss's State of the County address threatens to literally go up in smoke because of Boss J. W. Hickman (Larry D. Mann), the county commissioner in Claridge County. Hickman, who is meaner than Boss Hogg is, has been trying for years to take over Boss Hogg's operations in Hazzard County. Daisy gives a stranger named Earl Beckett (Phillip Brown) a ride into Hazzard to work for Cooter, and Daisy finds herself falling for Earl. What the Dukes do not know is that Hickman has hired Earl to kill Boss Hogg so that Hickman can take over Boss Hogg's operations in Hazzard County.
49- S3x13 The Legacy Hollingsworth Morse William Raynor & Myles Wilder 167129 January 16, 1981
Lucinda Meadows (Jan Clayton), the first woman Jesse ever courted, returns to Hazzard to claim an old $5,000 debt owed to her late husband by Boss Hogg. Not surprisingly, Boss Hogg refuses to pay it. Lucinda and the Dukes find a legacy—nine full barrels of moonshine called "white lightning"—in a mine under the Duke property. Lucinda plans to get the $5,000 by selling Boss Hogg the moonshine, which Boss Hogg plans to sell to Mean Joe Hatcher (Gregory Walcott).
50- S3x14 Duke vs. Duke Paul Baxley William Raynor & Myles Wilder 167130 January 23, 1981
Hazzard's first annual Hazzard Derby is taking place. Cooter borrowed money from Boss to build his car, which has a Cale Yarborough racing engine in it. If Cooter wins, the engine is sold, and Cooter will get a lot of money for it. When Cooter is injured in a friendly race with Bo and Luke, Luke takes over driving Cooter's car. However, all the entrants who signed the contracts to enter the derby did not see the fine print about how every loser will have to give up their car to Boss Hogg if Rosco wins. Boss Hogg thinks Rosco's car cannot lose with a tank of nitrous oxide in the engine. Believing that it is a sure win, Boss places a $10,000 bet on Rosco's car with big-time Chickasaw County bookie Ma Harper (Fran Ryan), which Ma Harper places a side bet on. Ma Harper tells her three sons to make sure that Rosco wins the race.
51- S3x15 My Son, Bo Hogg Rod Amateau Si Rose 167131 January 30, 1981
Chickasaw County moonshine dealer C. V. Gumble (Anne Haney) has customers who are demanding moonshine, but she does not have any to sell. Gumble calls Boss Hogg and tells him that she needs him to send a shipment of his moonshine to her, and she is willing to pay as much as 10 times the going rate, but Boss is having a hard time finding a driver who is not afraid of Chickasaw County Sheriff "Big Ed" Little (Don Pedro Colley). Bo is driving a car that he borrowed from Cooter. Bo is on his way to meet with a friend for a boar-hunting trip, and Boss and Rosco start chasing him. Boss and Rosco run Bo off the road, and when Bo gets out of the car, he trips and hits his head on a log. Boss and Rosco take Bo to the emergency room without telling Jesse, Luke, and Daisy. When Boss and Rosco are told that Bo has amnesia, Boss sees the perfect answer to his problem: he introduces himself as Bo's father and Rosco as Bo's uncle. Boss plans to get Bo to drive the moonshine into Chickasaw County. When Jesse, Luke, and Daisy figure out what Boss is up to, they have to get to Bo before Sheriff Little does.
52- S3x16 To Catch a Duke Denver Pyle Bruce Howard 167132 February 6, 1981
Myrna Roby (Martha Smith) and Burt Roby (James Crittenden), who pulled off a jewelry robbery in Nashville, come through Hazzard County, where they immediately get busted on one of Rosco's phony charges. When Rosco and Boss learn who the Robys are, the Robys escape, and hijack Bo and Luke in the General Lee. Now Boss thinks Bo and Luke were in on the robbery. When Boss finds the jewels with Rosco's dog Flash in Rosco's patrol car, he thinks that Rosco is in on it too, so he fires Rosco, not knowing that the Robys had thrown the jewels into Rosco's car, intending to come back for them. Bo and Luke have to work with Rosco to clear themselves.
53- S3x17 Along Came a Duke Paul Baxley Len Kaufman 167133 February 13, 1981
The Dukes receive a visit from their motorcycle-riding cousin Jeb Stuart Duke (Christopher Hensel), who lives in Claridge County. Atlanta museum curator Eustice Hastings (Earl Boen) is having Bo and Luke transport historic General Stonewall Jackson's personal sword to display for Boss Hogg's annual Stonewall Jackson Day, but Boss Hogg plans to sell the sword for $25,000 to Beauregard Mason (Kenneth O'Brien), Georgia's biggest fencer of stolen goods.
54- S3x18 By-Line, Daisy Duke Hollingsworth Morse Martin Roth 167139 February 20, 1981
Boss Hogg hires a pair of thieves named Vic (Michael Greene) and Corey (Alex Kubik) to steal tractors and other heavy equipment from various farmers that Boss had given out loans to. Boss loaned them the money to buy the equipment seven years ago, when interest rates were low. Now that interest rates are higher, Boss feels like he is losing about 15% a year. Boss is having the equipment stolen from the farmers and brought to him—he sees it as a way to recoup his losses. Boss plans to make even more money by selling the equipment to a buyer that he made a deal with. While Daisy moonlights as a contributing reporter at the Hazzard Gazette, Boss frames Bo and Luke for the thefts by having Vic and Corey set it up to where Daisy's snapshot of the thieves shows Bo and Luke instead of Vic and Corey. Boss does not plan to put Bo and Luke in jail right away, however—he wants them to be free just long enough for Vic and Corey to finish the thefts.
55- S3x19 The Return of Hughie Hogg Dick Moder Bruce Howard 167135 March 6, 1981
Boss Hogg calls his nephew Hughie Hogg (Jeff Altman) back to Hazzard to get rid of the Dukes. Hughie coaxes Bo and Luke into joining the Hazzard County Fire Department so that he and his two henchmen, Barclay (Pat Studstill) and Norris (Roger Torrey), can sneak moonshine to the Duke farm, and frame Bo and Luke for possession of moonshine. Hughie also swindles Boss out of everything Boss owns by having a phony IRS agent (John H. Fields) audit Boss. Now the Dukes and Boss have to team up to take Hazzard back from Hughie, while Rosco's and Lulu's sister Hortense Coltrane (Frances Bay) is in town for a visit.
56- S3x20 Bye, Bye, Boss Denver Pyle Jim Rogers 167136 March 13, 1981
While on the way to the Boar's Nest, Bo and Luke are ambushed by escaped convict Digger Jackson (Charles Napier), who steals the General Lee and plans to hunt down Boss Hogg. Jackson is angry and bent on settling a score with Boss Hogg—the man who put Jackson in prison 10 years ago. Bo and Luke are accused of a robbery committed by Jackson, and when Jackson kidnaps Boss for a ransom, no one in Hazzard wants to help get Boss back from Jackson. Realizing that, the Dukes take on the task.
57- S3x21 The Great Hazzard Hijack John Florea William Raynor & Myles Wilder 167141 March 27, 1981
Bo and Luke find some of the money from a $1,000,000 hijacking that happened five years ago—a flood had washed the money away after the hijacking, and now the search is on when Phil Ackley (Rick Hill), an old Marine buddy of Luke's, comes to Hazzard to help the Dukes find the rest of the money.
58- S3x22 The Hack of Hazzard Paul Baxley Len Kaufman 167138 April 3, 1981
The Dukes take over for Hazzard postmaster Emma Tisdale while she goes to visit her mother. Daisy and Jesse run the post office, while Bo and Luke run Miz Tisdale's cab company. Bo and Luke end up giving a ride to J. J. Sunday (Peter Breck) and Harry Ray Pearson (Royce D. Applegate), who turn out to be a pair of crooks who stole a $100,000 gold certificate and stashed it inside the back seat of the cab, and then Bo and Luke send the cab to the upholstery shop for repairs to the seats. When Boss and Rosco learn about the certificate, it becomes a race between them, the crooks, and the Dukes to get to the seat, which does not matter, because Cooter found the certificate and dropped it in the mail where it belongs. That means that the crooks have made Daisy their next target.
59- S3x23 The Canterbury Crock Dick Moder Bruce Howard 167137 April 10, 1981
After buying a vase at Emma Partridge's yard sale, in which Emma Partridge (Elizabeth Kerr) is hoping to make enough money to pay off her mortgage to Boss Hogg, the Dukes find themselves being harassed by Mr. Beckman (Byron Webster), a big-time buyer, because the vase is actually worth a fortune. Mr. Beckman will stop at nothing to get the vase, and things get worse when Boss Hogg tries to cut himself in on the deal, after learning that Mr. Beckman is willing to pay at least $50,000 for the vase.

Bonus Features[]

  • Special Welcome- Tom Wopat, John Schneider, and Catherine Bach introduces the season three DVD
  • Bo, Luke, & Daisy- Just Good Ol' Friends
    • Tom, John, and Catherine talk about working with the cast and crew, especially Paul Baxley, Garey Baxley (who also did Tom's stunts), and Craig Baxley (who did John's)
    • The three shared memories of working on the series including Tom borrowing one of John's cars for a family visit, Catherine making the decisions for her poster, John and Tom's first meeting, and Craft Service cast member Ernie hiding in the trunk during one of the episodes after they had to change tires so many times jumping out with a crowbar asking if the boys need a tire again.
    • Catherine says every few months she would meet up with the women who worked on the Dukes of Hazzard to catch up
  • Episode commentary on 'And In This Corner, Luke Duke' by Tom Wopat, Catherine Bach, and John Schneider
  • Duke Family Tree
    • Gy Waldron discusses the initial intentions for the characters when he was designing them and the casting for the series.


  • Season 3 is characterized by Enos Strate's departure of the Hazzard Police Department for the LAPD and the addition of Cletus Hogg to the main cast
    • Sonny stared in his own series Enos, which ran for a single season
  • This season also introduces Flash, Miz Tisdale, and Sheriff Little
  • Season 3 is the first time one of the Dukes was not present in an episode. John Schneider and Catherine Bach were each absent in one episode.
  • Season three had the highest ratings in the shows seven year run