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The Dukes of Hazzard Season 4 consisted of 27 episodes which premiered on 9 October 1981 and concluded on 2 April 1982.


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For detailed episode descriptions please see the corresponding episode page. To see how episodes fit in the overall timeline of the Dukes of Hazzard, see The Chronology of the Dukes of Hazzard.

Season 4
No Title Directed By Written By Production Code Originial Airdate
60- S4X01 Mrs. Daisy Hogg John Florea William Raynor & Myles Wilder 167406 October 9, 1981
When Boss Hogg's rich, polite nephew Jamie Lee Hogg (Jonathan Frakes), the son of Boss Hogg's youngest brother, comes to Hazzard County to buy the grist mill, Daisy and Jamie Lee fall in love with each other. Their romance progresses quickly, and it is not long before Jamie Lee and Daisy are planning a trip to the altar. But just because Jamie Lee's last name is Hogg, Bo and Luke go to extremes to try to find something wrong with him. Bo and Luke are proven right, and Daisy is devastated, when it turns out that Jamie Lee is working with a counterfeiter named Roy Landry (Roger Robinson)
61- S4X02 Double Dukes Paul Baxley Martin Roth 167403 October 16, 1981
Boss Hogg purchases disguises and a duplicate General Lee, and hires a pair of men named Turk (Robin Strand) and Moody (Morgan Stoddard) to rob an armored truck of $250,000 and frame Bo and Luke for it by wearing the disguises and driving the fake General Lee. Bo and Luke find themselves trying to convince the community that they would never rob anyone. To do that, they will have to find Turk and Moody.
62- S4X03 Diamonds in the Rough James Best Story by : William Raynor & Myles Wilder

Teleplay by : Bruce Howard

167408 October 23, 1981
Bo and Luke find a bag of diamonds hidden in a stuffed Bugs Bunny doll that was parachuted from a hijacked airplane, and they take the diamonds to the Duke farm for safekeeping until they can contact the state police. Lisa (Linda Hart), the leader of the group of thieves who stole the diamonds, follows the Dukes to the farm, claiming to be a reporter, so that she can get her hands on the diamonds. Boss Hogg hears that there is a reward being offered for the recovery of the diamonds, so he tries to get his own hands on the diamonds by sending phony FBI agent Mason (Joseph Whipp) to the farm to get them, under the guise of having a warrant to take the diamonds.
63- S4X04 Coltrane vs. Duke Don McDougall Simon Muntner 167409 October 30, 1981
A beer distributor offers Boss Hogg top dollar for the Duke farm. After Bo and Luke unintentionally run Rosco off the road, Boss Hogg forms what he believes is the perfect plan to get his hands on the Duke farm—have Rosco fake being injured, and file a $50,000 personal injury lawsuit against the Dukes, so that Rosco can win the Duke farm for Boss. Boss hires an actor named Slick Doggins (Bob Hastings) to play a doctor to support Rosco's claims. As it turns out, it is Boss who suffers, as Rosco, playing his "victim" part to the hilt, forces Boss to wait on him hand and foot. When the Dukes get proof that Rosco is faking his injuries, they have to get that evidence to Judge Buford Potts (Barney Phillips) before they lose the farm.
64- S4X05 The Fugitive Don McDougall Kristan Kincade 167142 November 3, 1981
As the Dukes are helping Bo prepare for the Tri-Counties Motocross motorcycle race, an attractive drifter named Mindy Lou Hale (Laurette Spang) overhears Boss and Rosco talking about stealing motorcycles from the competitors, repainting them, and shipping them to Leroy Dibbs (G. Yon), so Leroy can sell them. Because of that, Boss wants Mindy Lou out of the way, so he orders Rosco to arrest her, but she escapes from Rosco and is found by the Dukes, who try to help her.
65- S4X06 The Great Bank Robbery Denver Pyle Fred Freiberger 167407 November 6, 1981
Boss Hogg, who is unwilling to pay longtime Hazzard Bank employee Clarence Stovall (Bill Erwin) his $30,000 pension, fires him one day short of retirement. Clarence decides that he will get his pension whether the greedy Boss Hogg likes it or not. Instead of filing a wrongful termination lawsuit to expose Boss Hogg's unwillingness to pay his pension, Clarence angrily takes the $30,000 from the Hazzard Bank, which is owned by Boss Hogg. Jesse, who is a friend of Clarence, learns about it, and he tries to set Clarence straight while Bo and Luke, knowing that Boss would have Clarence arrested by Rosco, try to find a way to put the money back where it was, without getting spotted.
66- S4X07 Sadie Hogg Day John Florea Si Rose 167402 November 13, 1981
Boss Hogg is in a jam when he hears that a state bank examiner named L. S. Handley (John Hancock) is coming to Hazzard to inspect the county ledger. Boss is nervous because he has embezzled exactly $142,679 in county funds. But luckily for Boss, it is the annual Sadie Hogg Day, the day of the year when women occupy Hazzard County's government positions. Boss Hogg fixes it so that Daisy becomes the honorary county treasurer for the day, so he can frame Daisy for the embezzlement, which would make the missing county funds Daisy's problem, instead of Boss Hogg's problem. The Dukes have to crack Boss Hogg's cover-up before Daisy ends up behind bars
67- S4X08 10 Million Dollar Sheriff: Part 1 Dick Moder William Raynor & Myles Wilder 167401A November 20, 1981
Rosco inherits $10,000,000 from his great-uncle Hosiah Coltrane, and before he even gets the money, he starts spending it like crazy: he buys a Rolls-Royce patrol car, buys gaudy rhinestone suits, and speaks his mind freely to Boss Hogg. Rosco, frustrated by years of being outfoxed by Bo and Luke, offers Jason Steele (William Smith), the meanest bounty hunter in Georgia, $100,000 to track down Bo and Luke, and make sure that they are put in prison. Steel and his partner Dawson (Alan Autry) arrive in Hazzard, and start pursuing Bo and Luke.
68- S4X09 10 Million Dollar Sheriff: Part 2 Dick Moder William Raynor & Myles Wilder 167401B November 20, 1981
Rosco, feeling guilty about what happened to Jesse, starts having second thoughts about his plan to have Steele nail Bo and Luke. Steele, wanting to protect his reputation, insists on continuing with the plan. Steele cons Bo and Luke into driving a stolen Dodge Charger painted exactly like the General Lee, and has them arrested. It turns out that Rosco's inheritance is not what he thought it was—Hosiah Coltrane's attorney tells Rosco that a computer error put the decimal in the wrong place, and that his inheritance is only $10. Boss Hogg gets back everything he lost from Rosco, and regains the position of County Commissioner. Rosco is in trouble with Steele, who wants the $100,000 that he feels Rosco owes him, while Steele is trying to take Bo and Luke to Atlanta to face the car-theft charge that he framed them on.
69- S4X10 Trouble at Cooter's Don McDougall Bruce Howard 167404 November 27, 1981
A pair of fur thieves named Russ Mitchell (Steve Sandor) and Bonnie Lane (Colleen Camp) come to Hazzard to sell Boss Hogg some stolen mink coats. But they lost one of the coats on the highway, so Boss shortchanges them by the price of the lost coat. Determined to get the coats back for that loss of money, Mitchell plans on breaking into the storage room where Boss put the coats by going through a hole in the wall at Cooter's Garage, while Bonnie uses her charms to distract Cooter.
70- S4X11 Goodbye, General Lee Denver Pyle William Raynor & Myles Wilder 167410 December 4, 1981
Boss Hogg is anxious to win the first annual Hazzard County Drag 'n' Fly Derby so he can clean up on endorsements, and the only thing standing in his way is the General Lee. When the Dukes lose a race to another car, a discouraged Luke makes an offhanded remark about the General Lee possibly wearing out its usefulness, and Boss Hogg hears about what Luke said. After Luke is injured during the qualifying jump for the derby, Boss Hogg hires Professor Crandall (Walker Edmiston) to hypnotize Luke into believing that the General Lee is no longer roadworthy the next time it breaks down, so that he will get rid of the General Lee, no matter who tries to stop him. Boss Hogg thinks that getting rid of the General Lee will ensure victory at the derby. To speed up the process, Boss Hogg orders Rosco to sabotage the General Lee by sneaking on the Duke farm to damage its fuel line, causing another "breakdown" so that Luke will get rid of it.
71- S4X12 Cletus Falls in Love John Florea Si Rose 167412 December 11, 1981
Cletus initiates a traffic stop with the Dukes. When Daisy uses her charms to get Bo and Luke out of a phony ticket, Cletus thinks that Daisy is in love with him. Daisy tries to end Cletus' courting of her without hurting him. Boss Hogg is upset when he is told that the state probation supervisor is coming to Hazzard to see what kind of a job Boss is doing. In order to impress the supervisor, Boss needs a conviction against Bo and Luke so he can continue to receive a big paycheck as the Hazzard County probation officer. To do that, Boss frames Bo and Luke for passing a bad check, and they must once again clear their names. Boss Hogg fires Cletus after he bungles an arrest, prompting Cletus to side with the Dukes in their efforts to clear their names. To make sure Boss's scheme goes according to plan, he brings in Chickasaw County Sheriff "Big Ed" Little to guard a jailed Bo and Luke until they can be taken to the state probation supervisor. Daisy eventually tells Cletus that she is not in love with him (Cletus takes it well and begins dating another woman), and Bo and Luke get some unexpected help from Flash, who clears Bo and Luke by eating Boss Hogg's forged check.
72- S4X13 Hughie Hogg Strikes Again Hollingsworth Morse William Raynor & Myles Wilder 167405 December 18, 1981
Hughie Hogg (Jeff Altman) sneaks back into Hazzard County, and talks Boss Hogg into not kicking him out of town for what he did to Boss a year ago. This time, Hughie has a scheme that is too good for Boss to refuse. For $25,000, Hughie plans to frame Cooter for robbery so that Boss can use his power of eminent domain to foreclose on Cooter's garage and tear it down to build "Hoggominiums", the condos that Boss has always wanted to build.
73- S4X14 Dukescam Scam Denver Pyle Bruce Howard 167140 January 1, 1982
Boss Hogg makes another attempt to get his hands on the Duke farm. Boss and Rosco fake the robbery of the Hazzard Bank, and Rosco locks Boss up. Out of pity, and to repay a debt among old friends, Jesse decides to bail Boss out of jail. Boss cons Jesse into putting the Duke farm up as bail. As part of the plan, if Boss jumps bail, the farm will be forfeited to the county bail bondsman—Boss Hogg himself. Boss does jump bail, but he might not get to enjoy his victory after he and Jesse end up locked in the bank's vault with only an hour's worth of air. Bo and Luke have to find a way to get them out before their time is up, and convince Boss to end the scam. With the vault on a time-lock, Bo and Luke frantically search for bank employee Emery Potter (Charlie Dell), the only one besides Boss who knows the combination to the vault.
74- S4X15 The Sound of Music – Hazzard Style Hollingsworth Morse Martin Roth 167411 January 8, 1982
Boss is excited about the Mickey Gilley charity concert at Hazzard Square, and it is not because of the music, but because of money. Boss is working with Heep (Burton Gilliam) and Morton (L. Q. Jones), a pair of recording pirates who are making a recording of the concert so that they can sell it. When Heep and Morton are confronted by federal agents Marjorie Dane (Elinor Donahue) and Ben Jordan (Hari Rhodes), Heep and Morton throw the recordings inside the General Lee, framing Bo and Luke. Mickey knows that the Dukes are innocent, and they work together to find Heep and Morton. Boss later cons Mickey into a performance at the Boar's Nest with his celebrity speed trap.
75- S4X16 Shine On, Hazzard Moon Paul Baxley Bruce Howard 167413 January 15, 1982
Boss Hogg wants Jesse's famous moonshine recipe so he can sell it to Jasper Fenwick (Jim B. Baker), the biggest moonshine distributor in Georgia. When Jesse refuses to give it to him, Boss hires a crooked magician to frame Bo and Luke for stealing money intended for the orphanage, and then Boss asks Jesse for the moonshine recipe in exchange for the release of Bo and Luke. Bo and Luke will have to escape from jail and get to Jesse before Boss can succeed with his plan.
76- S4X17 Pin the Tail on the Dukes Don McDougall Bruce Howard 167414 January 22, 1982
Jesse's best friend Hector Farley (Henry Jones), who has just returned to Hazzard after 10 years in prison, is determined to make Boss Hogg pay for the farm that Boss conned him out of years ago. Not wanting to part with any of his money, Boss uses every dirty trick he can think of in his attempts to send Hector back to prison, and Boss wants to make sure Bo and Luke go to prison with Hector. Bo and Luke are framed for destroying county property after wrecking Rosco's illegal radar gun, which was actually a blow dryer.
77- S4X18 Miz Tisdale on the Lam John Florea Si Rose 167417 January 29, 1982
Boss has a scam running through the mail to sell non-existent properties, and when state postal inspector Sue Ann Blake (Diane Lander) comes to Hazzard, Boss frames Hazzard postmaster Emma Tisdale (Nedra Volz) for the whole thing. The Dukes hide Emma while they try to clear her name, but the Dukes end up on the run themselves. Now they have to save Emma and themselves from Boss and Sue Ann. Not only that, but Emma has fallen for Jesse.
78- S4X19 Nothin' But the Truth Hollingsworth Morse Martin Roth 167415 February 5, 1982
Boss Hogg is running a crooked casino in Hazzard County. When the state starts a gambling probe, Boss decides to cover for himself by framing the Dukes for possession of gambling devices. Just as he is about to celebrate his success, Boss accidentally sits on a syringe filled with truth serum—which Rosco collected along with other police gadgetry while away at a police convention in Atlanta—and inadvertently injects himself with it. The serum causes Boss to cross his partners by talking too much about the casino, and they will stop at nothing to silence him. In order to clear their names, the Dukes have to get to Boss before his partners can silence him permanently. Boss, under the effects of the truth serum, reveals to Lulu the real reasons he married her, angering her as well.
79- S4X20 Dear Diary Don McDougall Bruce Howard 167416 February 12, 1982
Rosco loses his diary on the Duke farm, and Boss Hogg blows his top because the diary is filled with notes on every scam that he and Rosco ever pulled. Jesse tries to deliver the diary to Boss and Rosco, but Hadley (Bill McLaughlin) and Avery (Ernie Hudson), two crooks that Boss Hogg swindled, steal the diary and demand $25,000—or they will give the diary to the authorities. Boss Hogg plans to use Bo and Luke to get the diary back by blackmailing them with his big book of trumped-up charges against all the Dukes. The diary ends up getting burned up in a car crash, while, much to the dismay of Boss Hogg, the book of trumped-up charges, which took Boss Hogg 20 years to build up, ends up getting shredded in a tree company's wood chipper.
80- S4X21 New Deputy in Town Denver Pyle Si Rose 167418 February 19, 1982
A shapely, cajoling, conniving blonde named Linda May Barnes (Tracy Scoggins) is hired as Boss Hogg's new deputy after she easily arrests Bo and Luke on various traffic charges. Boss and Rosco are too distracted by Linda May's sex appeal to notice why she accepted the job—her boyfriend, Rafe Logan (Terence Knox), who faces trial on murder and robbery charges, is scheduled to stay overnight at the Hazzard County Jail on the way to where he will be put on trial, and she and Rafe's brother Denny (Gary Graham) plan to free him from the marshal (Rayford Barnes) who is transporting him. Bo and Luke try to stop Linda May and Denny before they can help Rafe escape.
81- S4X22 Birds Gotta Fly Paul Baxley William Raynor & Myles Wilder 167419 February 26, 1982
Daisy is offered a job to race on the NASCAR circuit for Molly Hargrove (Andra Akers) after Molly sees Daisy beat Bo and Luke in a friendly race through the woods, using the Jeep against the General Lee. But Molly got a loan from Boss Hogg, who hires two crooks to see to it that Molly cannot pay off the loan, which would force Molly to offer Daisy's contract to Boss Hogg. Also, the Dukes learn that Molly was expelled from NASCAR for reckless driving, and she wants Daisy to win at any cost. Can Bo, Luke, and Jesse help Daisy out of this mess?
82- S4X23 Bad Day in Hazzard Gabrielle Beaumont William Raynor & Myles Wilder 167420 March 5, 1982
A group of armed robbers and their leader, Mr. Thackery (Tim O'Connor), take over the Boar's Nest with the Dukes, Rosco, Cletus, and Boss Hogg as hostages, so Thackery and his men can evacuate the town under false pretenses, and then rob an armored truck that is carrying $10,000,000 to the Hazzard Bank. Thackery soon learns that capturing a Duke is a lot easier than holding on to one.
83- S4X24 Miss Tri-Counties Paul Baxley William Raynor & Myles Wilder 167421 March 12, 1982
The annual Miss Tri-Counties pageant is under way. It consists of beauty, racing, and mechanical ability. One of Daisy's opponents is Melanie Dubois (Danone Simpson), the girlfriend of Big Jim Mathers (Joe Higgins), the commissioner of Hatchapee County. Mathers pays Boss Hogg $10,000 to make sure Melanie wins. Boss does everything he can to rig the racing and mechanical knowledge competition parts of the pageant, but Daisy wins both of them. Daisy wants to make sure to show up for the final part of the pageant—the swimsuit competition—but Boss Hogg tries to stop her. Daisy makes it to the competition, and wins.
84- S4X25 Share and Share Alike Denver Pyle Martin Roth 167422 March 19, 1982
Bo and Luke stumble upon a bag full of stolen credit cards that two thieves named Dickens (David Hayward) and Clark (Billy Ray Sharkey) stashed away. When Boss Hogg gets his hands on the cards, he plans to sell the cards, and frame the Dukes for the theft of the cards. Lulu decides that it is time for the women of Hazzard to take their place beside the men, whether the men like it or not, so she forms the Hazzard Equal Rights Society (HERS), and Daisy joins Lulu. Lulu tries to take over half of Boss Hogg's business interests, including his used car lot, and she ends up selling a car to Sheriff Little—unaware that Boss Hogg has hidden the stolen credit cards in one of the car's door panels.
85- S4X26 The Law and Jesse Duke James Sheldon Bruce Howard 167423 March 26, 1982
When Rosco and Cletus become fed up with Boss' refusal to give them a pay raise and overtime payments, they decide to go on strike. Jesse is appointed acting sheriff. Boss hires some crooks led by Alabama Jones (Melinda Naud) to steal TV sets from stores so that he can sell them at an inflated price, and he frames Bo and Luke for it. Now, Bo and Luke must clear their names, and outrun Jesse at the same time. When Jesse figures out the scheme, he helps Bo and Luke go after the crooks.
86- S4X27 Dukes in Danger Don McDougall Si Rose 167424 April 2, 1982
For the second time in a matter of weeks, friends and enemies are forced to band together to defeat a common threat. A prison car that is escorting two convicts, Leeman (Steven Williams) and Hammer (Bill Fletcher), has an accident, and Leeman and Hammer escape. They go to the Duke farm, where Jesse is preparing to drive into town to make his mortgage payment to Boss Hogg, and they take the Dukes hostage. Their car keys are confiscated, and all their communication devices are disabled. With Boss Hogg getting impatient about the mortgage payment, Boss and Rosco go to the farm to collect the payment, and they become hostages too. Everyone is forced to improvise and cooperate while trying to get the attention of Cooter and Cletus, the only two people who are free to rescue them.

Bonus Features[]

  • Episode Commentary on 'Double Dukes'
    • John Schneider, Catherine Bach, and Tom Wopat comment on the episode and talk about their time on the series as well as the stunt men and the crew
  • The Dukes Story: Building the Legend
    • Gy Waldron, John Schneider, Catherine Bach, and Tom Wopat talk about the casting, production, obstacles, guest stars, stunts, and the friendships they build through the course of making the Dukes of Hazzard.


  • Season 4 was the longest of all 7 seasons at 27 episodes long
  • The only licensed novel for The Dukes of Hazzard, The Dukes of Hazzard: Gone Racin', occurs between seasons 4 and 5. However due to the vast number of inconsistencies it cannot be considered canon to the series.