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Season Five of the Dukes of Hazzard has 22 episodes, premiering on 24 September 1982 and running until 18 March 1983.


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Season 5
No Title Directed By Written By Production Code Original Airdate
87- S5x01 The New Dukes Paul Baxley William Raynor & Myles Wilder 167702 September 24, 1982
Bo and Luke have left Hazzard to fulfill a lifelong dream of racing on the NASCAR Circuit. Boss Hogg is so happy about it that he unleashes his ultimate secret weapon: the Mean Green Machine. It is a monstrous vehicle which is part of Boss Hogg's plan to rob the Bank of Capitol City. But the robbery of the Bank of Capitol City is just a test run of the Mean Green Machine. Boss's actual plan for the Mean Green Machine is much bigger than a bank robbery. Boss and two men that he hired, Josh Scroggins (William Russ) and Hatfield (Mitch Carter), have a money printing press hidden away, and they have the right paper to print money on, but they need engraving plates to print the money with. An armored truck that will be passing through Hazzard County has U.S. Mint plates in it that will print $100 dollar bills, and Boss plans to have Scroggins and Hatfield use the Mean Green Machine to hijack the armored truck so that they can get the plates. But Boss is unaware that Bo and Luke's cousins Coy and Vance have returned to Hazzard after a six-year absence, to help Jesse and Daisy run the Duke farm. Also, Enos returns to Hazzard from Los Angeles, and is sworn in as a deputy by Rosco, which gives Rosco two deputies: Cletus and Enos.
88- S5X02 Dukes Strike it Rich Don McDougall Jim Rogers 167701 October 1, 1982
Boss Hogg swindles newlyweds Jeb (Jay W. Baker) and Carrie Morton (Phillis Hall) into buying a worthless piece of land next to the Duke farm, so the Dukes try to help the Mortons by scamming Boss Hogg, cleverly making it look like they have found gold on the property so that Boss Hogg will buy the property back.
89- S5X03 Lawman of the Year Denver Pyle William Raynor & Myles Wilder 167703 October 8, 1982
Boss Hogg hires two demolition experts, Jack Morris (Duke Stroud) and his sidekick Burnett (Al White), to rob the Hazzard jewelry store, and Coy and Vance check into it while being chased by Cletus and Enos. When Boss sends Rosco to arrest Coy and Vance in order to get them out of the way, Rosco refuses because he has nominated himself for the "Lawman of the Year" award. As it turns out, however, Enos and Cletus are both elected "Lawman of the Year".
90- S5X04 Coy Meets Girl James Sheldon Martin Roth 167705 October 15, 1982
Some old friends of Jesse's are moving from Hazzard to Loomis, and Coy and Vance are driving their antiques to their new home in Loomis for them. Coy and Vance are hijacked and robbed by Clooney (George McDaniel) and Potter (Robert Gray), a pair of crooks that Boss Hogg hired to do the hijacking. What no one knows is that a teenage runaway named Bobbie Lee Jordan (Michelle Greene) stowed away in the back of the truck, and she saw the whole thing. Bobbie Lee ends up at the Duke farm, where she has a crush on Coy. Clooney and Potter hear about Bobby Lee witnessing the hijacking, and they will stop at nothing to silence her.
91- S5X05 The Hazzardgate Tape Bob Sweeney Bruce Howard 167706 October 22, 1982
Boss Hogg has reaped a bonanza through hijacking, stolen cars, and bootlegging, thanks to a new state highway. But there are other counties that the highway runs through. Sharkey (Earl Montgomery), Hopkins (F. William Parker), and Bowman (William Bramley), the even more corrupt commissioners of three of those counties, want Boss to pay for refusing to share the loot, and their plan is to take over Hazzard County. The Dukes have no choice but to team up with Boss Hogg to save Hazzard County from a fate worse than Boss Hogg. The Dukes let Boss Hogg hide out at the farm until Coy and Vance can expose Sharkey, Hopkins, and Bowman by tape-recording a conversation between them.
92- S5X06 Big Daddy Hollingsworth Morse Bruce Howard 167704 October 29, 1982
Boss Hogg frames Coy and Vance by putting a stolen license plate on the General Lee. But Boss calls off the chase when he is told that his father, who is supposedly a Good Samaritan, is coming to Hazzard—and after coming to Hazzard, Big Daddy Hogg (Les Tremayne) has his driver rob Boss Hogg's safe at City Hall
93- S5X07 Vance's Lady James Sheldon Story by : Simon Munter

Teleplay by : Simon Munter & Martin Roth

167707 November 5, 1982
Vance's former girlfriend Jenny Walden (Beth Schaffel) comes to Hazzard to see Vance, and Jenny is being chased by Wade (Gary Grubbs) and Dugan (Taylor Lacher), associates of crooked State Senator Jason W. Maynard (Kirk Scott), who are trying to kill Jenny because she witnessed Senator Maynard embezzling state funds. The Dukes try to convince a terrified Jenny to report Maynard to the Senate Crime Commission. But when Wade and Dugan trick Boss into helping them find Jenny, will it be too much for the Dukes to handle?
94- S5X08 Hazzard Hustle Don McDougall Si Rose 167708 November 12, 1982
Boss Hogg opens up a crooked horse-betting saloon in Rapaho County, and in order to keep himself covered, Boss uses the Duke family's phone line to frame the Dukes for it. Big Billie Tucker (Joy Garrett), the commissioner of Rapaho County, threatens to have Bull (Bruce M. Fischer), her muscle-bound henchman, kill Boss if he does not include her in the scam. Now the Dukes have to outmaneuver Tucker and Bull, and outsmart Boss.
95- S5X09 Enos in Trouble Paul Baxley Si Rose 167709 November 19, 1982
Enos' footlocker is shipped back to Hazzard from Los Angeles, and Enos and the Dukes pick it up at the depot, not knowing that a pair of crooks named Carter (Brett Halsey) and Burke (Anthony Eisley) have hidden a fortune in stolen emeralds inside Enos' flashlight, where its batteries are supposed to be. Carter and Burke are in Hazzard to get the emeralds, and to top it off, Boss Hogg hears about the emeralds, and he also wants them.
96- S5X10 The Great Insurance Fraud Denver Pyle William Raynor & Myles Wilder 167711 November 26, 1982
Boss Hogg's new insurance fraud scam is threatened when con artist Ward S. Davis (Brian Libby) and his girlfriend Lavinia Grey (Melanie Vincz) pull a phony car accident at Bottomless Lake after buying a $1,000,000 policy from Boss Hogg. Lavinia wants Boss Hogg to give them the $1,000,000. Coy is afraid of driving anymore because he was sideswiped during the fake accident, and he believes that he killed Ward. Vance sets out to figure out what really happened, but he ends up kidnapped. Can Coy overcome his fear of driving in time to help the rest of the Dukes find Ward and Lavinia, and rescue Vance?
97- S5X11 A Little Game of Pool Mark Warren William Raynor & Myles Wilder 167710 December 3, 1982
The 37th annual Tri-Counties Amateur Pool Championship at the Boar's Nest is coming up, and Jesse is one of the competitors. Boss Hogg is trying to get his hands on the General Lee so he can sell it to Joe Landis (Frank Pendle) and Don Purcell (Jesse D. Goins), a pair of hijackers who need a good getaway car. Landis and Purcell have put together a list of every payroll shipment in the state, and Boss Hogg's plan is for Landis and Purcell to hijack the shipments, and split them with Boss Hogg. When Landis and Purcell try to steal the General Lee, they are stopped by the Dukes, so Boss Hogg challenges Jesse to a game of pool—Ridge Runner style—and he tricks Jesse into wagering the General Lee. Jesse is a better pool player than Boss is, but Boss still has some dirty tricks up his sleeve, such as naming Chickasaw Thins (Robert V. Barron) as Jesse's opponent, because no one has ever beaten Chickasaw Thins. Jesse loses the General in the game, and now the Dukes have to find the General and get it back from Landis and Purcell, who have painted the General Lee black.
98- S5X12 The Treasure of Soggy Marsh Mark Warren William Raynor & Myles Wilder 167712 December 10, 1982
Boss Hogg frames Coy, Vance, and Daisy for the theft of his gold cufflinks, has them arrested by Chickasaw County Sheriff Ed Little, and makes Enos busy doing things that do not even need to be done. Boss Hogg wants Enos and the Dukes out of the way so Biff Gregory (John Laughlin) and his accomplice Pruitt (Andrew Robinson), two men that Boss Hogg made a deal with, can go ahead with their plan to search Soggy Marsh for $500,000 that a man named Kingston robbed from a bank 10 years ago. Instead of keeping them away, Boss's efforts actually spur the Dukes to escape and try to find out what is going on. But when Daisy finds Gregory and Pruitt first, she gets kidnapped, and it is up to Coy, Vance, and Jesse to rescue her.
99- S5X13 The Revenge of Hughie Hogg Don McDougall Martin Roth 167713 December 17, 1982
Rosco is up for re-election, and Boss Hogg has no problem whatsoever supporting Rosco—until Boss Hogg's nephew Hughie Hogg (Jeff Altman) returns to Hazzard to run against Rosco for sheriff. Hughie blackmails Boss into helping Hughie by showing Boss some evidence of a crooked deal that Boss made involving more than $10,000 worth of stolen telephone answering machines—the man who stole them wants Boss to fence them. Knowing that Hughie would be a lot worse than Rosco, the Dukes campaign to get Rosco re-elected. However, since Hughie never plays fair, he has Boss suspend Rosco, and try to arrest the Dukes. The Dukes have to get creative and find a way to outsmart Hughie so they can get Boss back on Rosco's side, and stop Hughie from getting elected.
100- S5X14 The Return of the Mean Green Machine Paul Baxley Martin Roth 167714 January 7, 1983
Boss Hogg plans to use the Mean Green Machine to steal the $1,000,000 Jefferson Davis gold coin collection from the Hazzard Gold and Silver Emporium, but the Machine gets stolen from Boss Hogg's henchmen by Baxter (Joel Bailey) and Hatfield (Mitch Carter), a pair of crooks who plan to use it to steal the gold coin collection themselves. Coy and Vance take on the Machine, and manage to damage it. Baxter and Hatfield need a mechanic to fix it, so they kidnap Cooter and hold him hostage. Coy and Vance recognize Hatfield as one of the men who originally drove the Machine for Boss Hogg a few months ago—Hatfield and Baxter escaped from prison, and now they are after the gold coin collection.
101- S5X15 Ding, Dong, The Boss Is Dead Hollingsworth Morse William Raynor & Myles Wilder 167715 January 21, 1983
Floyd Calloway (R. G. Armstrong) has hired Matt Mallory (Rick Hill) and Lorna Mallory (Barbara Horan) to kill Boss Hogg because 20 years ago, Boss and Calloway were running moonshine together, and when federal agents started closing in on them, Boss turned state's evidence against Calloway so Boss could avoid prosecution. Feeling that Boss is in danger, the Dukes help Boss, and they plan to make Calloway think that Boss is dead. That way, Calloway and the Mallorys will leave Boss alone.
102- S5X16 Coy vs. Vance Sorrell Brooks Si Rose 167716 February 4, 1983
A pair of crooks have been disguising as motorcycle cops and robbing drivers on the roads. Vance suspects that the robbers are Coy's new girlfriend, motorcycle stuntwoman Billie Ann Baxley (Shawn Weatherly), and her sister Kate Baxley (Bobbie Ferguson), but Coy refuses to believe Vance. It leads to a fight between Coy and Vance, causing Coy to leave the farm. Can Vance convince Coy of the truth?
103- S5X17 Comrade Duke Don McDougall William Raynor & Myles Wilder 101 February 11, 1983
A Russian gymnastics team passing through Hazzard stops at Cooter's garage to get their bus serviced. The team's star gymnast, Natasha (Dawn Jeffory), escapes and hides out in the bed of Jesse's pickup truck in the hopes that she can get to Detroit, Michigan, where she has relatives. Problem is, a group of KGB officials and their leader, Borov (Hank Garrett), were on the bus to prevent anyone on the bus from defecting. The Dukes, always glad to help out anyone in need, find Natasha in the bed of Jesse's truck, and they decide to help her escape from Borov, who will stop at nothing to find her, and he even seeks the help of Boss Hogg.
104- S5X18 Witness: Jesse Duke Hollingsworth Morse Bruce Howard 167718 February 18, 1983
Boss Hogg is trying to buy gas pumps from a crook named Hanson (Noble Willingham)—gas pumps that would severely overcharge whoever buys gas from Boss Hogg's stations. Jesse is blinded by a blow to the face while trying to stop a bank robbery in Capitol City, and his eyesight might not return. The robbers, Parker (Judson Scott) and his accomplice Rick (Billy Streater), do not want any witnesses, so they go to Hazzard County to track Jesse down, planning to kill him. Coy, Vance, and Daisy decide to hide Jesse at Boss Hogg's house while they try to stop Parker and Rick.
105- S5X19 Welcome Back, Bo 'n' Luke Hollingsworth Morse Len Kaufman & Myles Wilder 167720 February 25, 1983
Bo and Luke return to Hazzard County after a great season on the NASCAR Circuit, where they won the Mobile Cup in Mobile, Alabama. They wanted to come home because they missed Hazzard County too much to stay away. Coy and Vance have decided to leave Hazzard to take care of their Uncle Elbert and Aunt Bessie's farm while Elbert is in the hospital. As Bo and Luke soon discover, things are still pretty much the same in Hazzard. For the past couple of months, Cooter has been moonlighting at the Chickasaw Garage and getting hardly any sleep—and for a good reason. Boss Hogg has deliberately raised Cooter's mortgage to a balloon payment of $5,000 so Boss can have a reason to foreclose on Cooter's garage, because Boss wants to build a new shopping center in its place. Also, NASCAR driver Petey Willis (Donald May) has come out of retirement to prepare for the Atlanta 500.
106- S5X20 Big Brothers, Duke Hollingsworth Morse Len Kaufman & Myles Wilder 167719 March 4, 1983
Bo and Luke sign up as Big Brothers to Andy Slocum (P. R. Paul), a teenage orphan who steals the General Lee, some hubcaps, and other things. Bo and Luke try to point Andy in the right direction and help him stop stealing things—and then Andy stumbles upon a sack of Boss Hogg's dirty money in an abandoned mine near one of Jesse's abandoned moonshine stills. Andy finds himself on the run from Boss and crooked businessman Barney Benson (William Edward-Phipps), who want the money back.
107- S5X21 Farewell, Hazzard Don McDougall Si Rose 167721 March 11, 1983
Boss pulls out all the stops to foreclose or buy all the land in Hazzard County so he and his new business partner, Lisa Sue "L. S." Pritchard (Randi Brooks), who is from Dallas, Texas, can develop "New Hazzard". When the Dukes lose the farm after Pritchard's goons keep them from making their mortgage payment, they look into what Pritchard really wants all that land for. When they find her plans for turning Hazzard County into a strip mine so that she can mine coal, they have to convince Boss of it before Hazzard County becomes a big, empty hole.
108- S5X22 Daisy's Shotgun Wedding Paul Baxley Si Rose 167722 March 18, 1983
Bo and Luke have been overprotective towards Daisy ever since they have come back to Hazzard, so Daisy, who is tired of being smothered by Bo and Luke, decides to move into the rooming house that her friend Sally Jo (Jo McDonnell) lives in. The Beaudrys, a moonshining family from a remote part of Tennessee, come into Hazzard to make a moonshine deal with Boss Hogg. After realizing the importance of family, Daisy decides to return to the Duke farm, but Daisy, along with Rosco's dog Flash, is kidnapped by the Beaudrys. The Beaudrys also take $20,000 belonging to Boss Hogg. Milo Beaudry (Richard Moll) wants a dog and a wife, and he wants Daisy to be his wife.