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Sergeant Parton is a character from the series Enos.


House Cleaners[]

After learning she is to ride with one of the patrol officers, she heads outside and pushes past Turk and Enos in order to talk to Lieutenant Broggi, commenting ‘Sergeant Parton reporting Sir.’ Enos remarks that it looks like Turk got the beauty and Enos got the rank since the Lieutenant is riding with Enos. Turk remarks ‘sergeant’ and leads her to his car. He opens the door for her and she gets in. Pulling out a clipboard she addresses Turk as ‘officer’ before saying the cigarette lighter is missing from his vehicle and it will cost $2.73 whole sale. Turk asks if she smokes, and confused she says ‘no’ to which he says neither does he.

While riding with Turk toward a hostage situation, Enos calls Turk and asks him to divert west as he found a phony black and white. Turk agrees, commenting ‘Buddy Roe’ on the radio. Turk tells her to ‘Hang onto your decimal points Searge’ before pulling a 180. She grabs her head in fear before saying the call is the other way. Turk says he knows but his partner is going this way and that is good enough for him. She informs Turk that she is making a note of how much gasoline he’s wasting and the fact that he just burned off a dollars worth of tire tread.

In an effort to cut off the phony cops, Turk cuts around a warehouse and she watches in shock as the crooks and Enos both jump over the car she and Turk are in. They loose the crooks.

She and Turk sit in Metro 7 together, watching a house with a fake ambulance call to see if the buglers will show. When Turk says that they are ‘holding steady and ready for Freddy, when ever you are Buddy Roe.’ She scolds him for the bad use of ‘air time.’

She sits in the car, board until the bugler arrives. She pulls her gun saying ‘lets go get them’ but Turk stops her saying the bullets are 48 cents each and to wait for the call and go together. She is annoyed but remains in the car. When Broggi and Enos move in, they are shot at. Seeing the car get hit, she yells to ask if they are okay. Enos confirms they are and they speed off after the crooks. They temporarily loose them. They find the crooks again and Enos forces them to flip the car.

They stop and get out, checking on the men and confirming they are alright. She keeps the men covered and Turk and Enos realize that they were being led on a wild goose chase. Turk tells her that he doesn’t mean any disrespect but he wants her to stay there and look after the criminals. Broggi offers to stay with her but Enos says he needs to come with them. She smiles and agrees.

Later she writes up a report, detailing the wrecked ambulance, gasoline, cigarette lighter, and tire tread along with other items costed the department $2,813.03. Turk tells her that they brought in 1 million and 500 worth of criminals, and she puts it in the bottom of the report. According to Turk, ‘Parton liked my thinking, didn’t like me.’