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Growing up, his mother always called him 'Teddy Bear'. Not wanting the other officers on the Metro Squad to know that his first name is Theodore, he tells everyone it's Tom.[1]


House Cleaners[]

Sergeant Theodore Kick gives a special briefing to the Metro Squad on a series of five house burglaries that occurred in broad daylight after the home owners had an accident or serious illness that resulted in them being taken to the hospital in an ambulance. When he completed the report, he turned the briefing back to Lieutenant Broggi and returned to his seat. A few moments later Enos Strate and Turk Adams arrive, late, and make a large racket getting to their seats.

Later the partners in the metro squad are rearranged while the department is under scrutiny. He is assigned to Turk Adams and immediately reports in sick for the day.

One Daisy Per Summer[]

After the Kubla diamond is stolen, he attends Broggi’s briefing and passes around a series of photos of the diamond to the officers before returning to the front of the room beside Broggi for the rest of the briefing. After he dismisses everyone from the room.

The next day Captain Demsey gives a brief saying the diamond is thought to have been stolen by Carl Howard Winters, before showing an image of him. It is explained he is an international jewel thief. He turns off the projector and turns on the lights. Broggi then hands out pictures while he packs up the projector.

The next day he stands by Broggi as they go over the plan to keep Daisy Duke safe during a run to Mexico and find the stolen diamond. He hands Broggi a pointer to use for the presentation.

The Head Hunter[]

He goes into the locker room, angerly hitting his locker. Enos asks if there is something wrong and he turns to see Enos, Turk, and a number of officers staring at him. He snaps ‘that lowsey Broggi’ had put him on three days suspension for moonlighting. Turk remarks ‘no kidding’ and Enos asks that he’s making corn liquor on the side. Annoyed, Kick says ‘Moonlighting Strate, not moonshine!’ Turk explains he was working a second job and Enos asks if there is a law against that. Kick says ‘no, except Broggi’s private law. It reflects on the image of Metro he says.’ Enos asks what is wrong with it and Turk says there is no argument from them, just not to let Broggi know. Surprised, he asks if Enos is looking for extra money and Turk says $5,000 claims. He laughs hysterically, saying that is funny.

A few days later he goes into the locker room yelling 'Adams'. Turk responds by saying 'yo' and he tells him Broggi wants to see him 'on the double.'

The Hostage[]

After Luther goes home sick for the day, he is asked to man the desk for the evidence locker. After a bit he is approached by Enos and Turk. Turk tells him he’s got a phone call and he looks at the phone to see there isn’t a waiting call. He tells Turk ‘no I don’t.’ Turk tells him down the hall, the payphone. He is confused and asks who is it. Turk says he doesn’t know but ‘she’s breathing heavy.’ He asks ‘she’ before blushing and telling Turk and Enos he tells these women not to call him there at the station. Confused he leaves to see who it is.

He flirts with the woman on the phone. The woman asks if he likes contact sports, which he says sure and lists off baseball, football, and watching bullfights. She says she likes the arts and people who can bring out her sensitive side. He remarks ‘so it’s sensitive men you like is it?’ He tells her that as a matter of fact he does a little a little finger painting. She asks if he uses both hands and he tells her ‘oh, all ten fingers.’

After hanging up he returns to the evidence locker, grinning, to see Turk and Enos in front of the door with the key. He asks what are they doing and Turk says they are checking out the lock. Enos says they cant’ be too careful and he tells them not to worry about it. He takes the key saying nobody gets in there that don’t belong while he’s on duty. He tells them to get out and when they leave he shakes his head.

Cops At Sea[]

Forever Blowing Bubbles[]