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Sergie Androvich, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Sergie works for Borov and is traveling with the Russian gymnast team to ensure none of the members try to defect while they are touring the United States.


Comrade Duke[]

As they drive through Hazzard, he notes to Borov that the engine sounds worse every minute and for a moment he did not think they would get over the last incline. Borov says they will stop for repairs in Hazzard.

After stopping at the Hazzard Garage, they meet Cooter who tells them the timing is off but it ain’t a problem to fix. Cooter tells them it will take about a half hour to fix and they should take a tour around town. He says he’s sorry but that will not be possible. Cooter says they probably know best and excuses himself when Vance, Coy, and Daisy arrives. He helps stand guard on the bus until the repairs are complete.

After the repairs he is amused when Cooter refuses a tip for his work. They get on the bus and leave. While on the road he counts all the gymnasts and notices one is missing. He counts them again to confirm before going to tell Borov. Borov orders him to count again, but he says he already has and it’s Natasha. Borov recalls she had family in the US. He says it is reason enough to defect and Borov says they can’t let this happen and orders Sergie to question the others. After he does, he sits with Borov until they arrive in Hazzard again. Borov tells him to come along as they look for Natasha.

The two approach Cooter, who immediately assumes something is wrong. Borov explains they accidentally left a young woman behind. When Cooter says he hasn’t seen anyone, Sergie says they should perhaps report her to the local authorities. Cooter gives them directions.

They go to meet Boss Hogg and Rosco. Borov tells them they believe they had a girl wonder away who was enamored by the countryside. Rosco asks what enamored means, baffling him. He tells Rosco that in this case, it means carried away or confused. As Borov gets Boss to help them look, he is startled by Boss accidently hurting Rosco. As Borov promises friendship, he elaborates saying ‘a hand across the waters. A bridge between the east and west’. They are unimpressed by Boss’ behavior and Boss asks if anyone else was around Cooter’s garage. Borov describes the Dukes and he nods along to the description, confirming it. Boss and Rosco say it was the Dukes and they all leave to go to the Duke Farm.

They go out to the Farm, where they see Natasha, Vance, and Coy leave in the General Lee. Rosco chases after the boys but they go under a crane that snaps the car in half, to his shock and horror.

After they go out to one of the phone poles and blow it up, cutting the phone lines and cutting off Hazzard County. He expresses concerns about the fact it would bring the State or Federal Authorities but Borov says they can’t risk a call for help being made.

After their men arrive, they go to see Boss Hogg and he tells Boss that they need road maps of Hazzard, some portable communication equipment, and two additional cars. Surprised Boss says he isn’t even charging them rental fees for the one he is loaning them. Boss agrees after some prompting from Borov and when Boss tries and fails to say his name, he corrects him but Boss just moves on and sends him out on patrol with Enos.

While out on patrol, Enos calls him and tells him that if he is where he is supposed to be, then it’s Enos’ duty to tell him to ‘hang a ninety’ at the next intersection. Confused, he asks that Enos ‘wants me to hang who?” Enos explains that he needs to take a sharp turn and keep his eyes peeled before saying ‘I’m gone’. Confused, Sergie puts down the CB, asking the driver in the car how can Enos be gone if he was never there. They continue down the road, spotting the General. The General turns and goes in the opposite direction. They follow but the General jumps out of the road, leaving Sergie’s car to get sandwiched between two others. Enos asks if they are all okay.

While driving, he hears a man called ‘grasshopper’ on the radio call for ‘Bo Peep’. When the man doesn’t get an answer, he says if anyone encounters Daisy to tell her to come to the airport. Realizing it’s the same Daisy with Natasha, they head to the airport.

They arrive at the airfield to claim Natasha and leave in the cars.

At three o’clock they put Natasha in Enos’ patrol car. Borov gets in the back with her and he gets upfront to drive them to the Consulate in Atlanta. Down the road, he is furious when Vance Duke drives into the side, metal teeth on the side of his truck, and starts pulling apart the police car. He calls Vance a young fool, saying he is trying to rip them apart. However he is forced to stop when a plane flies overhead and dumps pesticides, blinding him. Coy and Jesse Duke drive up and take Natasha away.

After his failure, he returns to Russia.