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Sharkey is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Hazzardgate Tape[]

After they find Boss getting a monopoly from the new highway, the other Boss’ call a meeting. Sharkey, Hopkins, and Bowman go to Boss’ house in Hazzard, sitting with him and Rosco. He tells Boss Hogg that the rest of them are getting crowded and they need more room to operate. He says ever since the new state highway came in, the hijacking in his county is down by 32%. When Boss asks what this has to do with him, he says that the new state highway goes through Boss’ territory, bypassing theirs and knocking them out of the action. He tells Boss if he gives them a piece of the Hazzard County then they will be ‘even steven’. Boss says it will be a cold day in July before he allows them to take any of Hazzard and anyone who wants to muscle in on his territory will have to do it over his dead body. Boss says the meeting is over and they leave.

A little put out, but unsurprised by Boss’ reaction, he meets with the other Boss’ at an abandoned shack at the Hadley Farm. Sharkey, Hopkins, and Bowman debate about Boss’ future as Norton and Janco listen. He cuts over the rest, saying they asked Hogg real nice to do right by them and he turned them down cold. He concludes that Boss had been running the county too long and they need to figure out a way to arrange to their benefit and that if Boss won’t listen to reason then they have no choice but to take over Hazzard themselves. When one points out that Boss won’t stand around for that, he says that Boss won’t be standing as he will be ‘laying down, six feet under’. They hear a loud clatter and a yell and rush outside to investigate. They follow Norton and Janco around the barn to see Vance and Coy getting in the General Lee. He asks if they have any idea who the boys are and one proposes they might be working for Boss Hogg. He says not to worry as they won’t live long enough to tell Boss Hogg anything. He sends Norton and Janco after them.

Norton and Janco return and inform them that they lost the boys. He says that if the boys are working for Boss, then what they are doing is no secret. He tells them to get rid of Hogg any way they can and fast. The two leave.

When Norton and Janco return, he sits in the back of his limo and they explain how the Dukes and Boss got away. He snaps at them, saying Boss isn’t going to just go home and wait for them to try again, that he’s going to hole up somewhere. He tells them to find the orange car and it will lead them to Boss.

While in his car on the way home, he receives a call from Boss Hogg. When Boss expresses he wants to meet, he remarks he is glad Boss has come to his senses and the bosses should stick together. Boss apologizes for being so abrupt and he hopes they would be willing to met at his house in an hour. He remarks Boss got it and he’ll get the others and be there. After hanging up he orders his men to cut across to Hazzard and CB the others, as they are going to ‘pick up’ Boss and the Dukes.

He arrives as Boss’ house with Hopkins and Bowman. He expresses that he is glad Boss came to his senses. He remarks this way they can all share the wealth and no one will get hurt. Boss agrees with him about no one getting hurt and he comments ‘namely you’. Boss offers a toast and heads outside to get his ‘finest shine’ and they begin talking about him. He remarks that while Boss Hogg is out, they need to get it straight how they are going to split up Hazzard. He says he will get Boss’ hijacking operations on the state highway. He says all that is left is to kill Boss and the Dukes, but notices Boss has been gone for a while and asks where is he. The two guards leave and return a few moments later with Boss Hogg, Rosco, Vance, and Coy. They are informed that Vance and Coy recorded the whole meeting. Vance scolds him but he tells him to shut up and takes the tape from Norton. He asks what they were planning to do with that tape. He says they were going to take the tape to the State Police in Capital City. He decides to kill them all but Vance and Coy knock out his men and Rosco gets his gun. They are all held by Rosco at gunpoint while Coy takes the tape and leaves with Hogg and Vance for the State police.

They hold out their hands to allow Rosco to arrest them, but Enos comes in and when he drops the guns they watch Norton and Janco capture the law men. He tells him men to put the officers in a closet. He tells Janco and Norton they have to get the tape and there is an extra $10,000 apiece for them if they do it. They all leave to give chase.

He gets in a car with Norton and Janco. When they see the General Lee, he points it out and tells Norton to cut across county. They get ahead of the General and try to cut it off by the General gets around them. Frustrated, he says Coy is a smart kid, not giving them a decent shot and calls them on the CB. He tells Vance they don’t want to kill them, all they want is the tape and if the boys toss it out the window they will be on their way. When Vance refuses he tells them ‘don’t make book on it’. They see the tape get passed off to a pickup, and turn to chase Jesse Duke. When he sees Jesse hand it over to Daisy he remarks ‘this time the girl’s got it’ and orders his men to turn around. As they chase Daisy, they shoot out her tire and are about to kill her before the entire car is forced in the back of a truck. They are locked in by Vance and Coy.

He is arrested and handed over to the State Police.