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Sharon is a character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard in Hollywood![]

She is eating lunch when Freddy approaches her with Rosco. He greets her and introduces Rosco. She smiles when Freddy says Rosco is looking for a loan, pouring herself some sauce for her food. She says she’s delighted and asks what she can do for ‘you lawman’. Rosco asks her to excuse him for a moment, stepping aside and she goes back to eating sushi. She hears Rosco talking, just smiling.

She has the 20 thousand packed up for Rosco, explaining it is an additional 10 thousand for the loan. As Rosco goes to take it she gives him a hard look telling him ‘a finale point round eyes’ that the money is back on time or her boys will take it out of his hide.

A few moments later, Rosco and Freddy return. Rosco addresses her as Miss Tuna and tells her that he has good news and bad news. He says the good news is they didn’t get shot but the bad news is two men in the parking lot stole her money. She quickly tells him no, they stole his money. She says she gave him 20 thousand dollars of her money and he has to pay 35 thousand of his money and then it becomes her money again. She adds for him not to even think about leaving town before having a drink.

Suspecting Rosco is leaving town, she and her boys go to where Rosco's group is camped. After having Rosco, Cooter, and Cletus tied up, she notices the stuffed dog. She asks what is it and Rosco says it’s his puppy Albert. Rosco explains the real Albert passed on and she smiles telling him that she has a cat named Lotis who is 13 years old and if anything ever happened to her cat, getting emotional. She suddenly becomes upset again saying Rosco was going to leave. Rosco says he was just going to go to Hazzard to get money to pay her back. She says Rosco doesn’t fool her, he’s one of those country types who pretends to be stupid. She goes to burn Rosco when Enos comes driving up, ordering for everyone to be freed. She is shocked to see him. Enos addresses her as Ms. Sharon and asks what is going on as she promised the judge she would leave town if she got probation. She says she tried to make a new life but Enos wouldn’t return her calls. When asked for an explanation, Rosco says that this is about 35 thousand dollars and Enos says that violates her probation. She laments that if Enos would have just called her back.

Rosco speaks up and says that Sharon hadn’t loaned him any money but had given him the money. Enos asks if that is true to which Rosco says ‘it better be’. She agrees and Enos says that is mighty generous of her and he’s proud of her. She smiles and plays with her hair, happy.