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Sheriff is a minor character in the Dukes of Hazzard


Big Brothers, Duke[]

While sitting in his car, he sees Andy Solcum race off in the General Lee. He chases after the car. While they go down the road, he sees Bo and Luke join the chase in a pickup, and Luke jump over to the General before forcing it to stop. He pulls over and arrests Andy.

They arrive at the police station and he pushes Andy into a chair, telling him to stay there and sit down. Bo and Luke continue to argue as he fills out some paperwork. He asks the boys if they want to press charges and Bo says yes while Luke says no. He is mildly annoyed as the two continue to argue. He asks if they have made up their minds yet and Bo tells him they are not going to press charges. He says in that case, they need to sign him out and Bo goes with him.