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Sheriff Floyd, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Sheriff Floyd succeeded his predecessor, Emitt Loomis at some time before 1983.


Twin Trouble[]

While on patrol, he hears a call for him on the CB from Luke Duke. He responds to the car and looks over the pickup with Luke, filling out a report. He then asks since when did Luke become so law abiding. He also asks what Luke is doing out of his county. Luke shows him his permit, saying he has it and hands it to Floyd adding that he’s telling it like it is and has nothing to hide. He refuses to take the paper and Luke says he gave him the girls description and to check it out. He says he will do just that and in the meantime for Luke to get back to his farm where Floyd can find him if he wants him. Luke agrees and leaves.

Learning Luke is trying to call him, he calls him back on at the farm. After Luke describes the girl again, he says it sounds like Luke found the right girl. He says he’ll send out an APB. Luke says he thinks he can help him as the suspect is right there in Hazzard. Luke says her name is Cindy Ballou. Annoyed he asks why didn’t Luke say so and that he’s on his way. He tells Luke to keep an eye on the girl and Luke tells him that his cousin Bo is doing just that.

He calls the Hazzard Police Department, to which Boss answers. He says he needs to talk to Rosco and Boss puts the call on a conference call. Rosco screams into the phone, not understanding how it works and dumbfounding Floyd. Annoyed, he admits he has a favor to ask of Rosco. He says they had a $100,000 jewelry store robbery occur and the suspect is reported to be in Hazzard. Rosco scolds his way of running the county but Boss asks that he said the girl is in Hazzard. Floyd confirms that the Duke boys saw her and he says he would appreciate it if they could locate her and hold her until he gets there. Rosco refuses but Boss cuts him off and says Rosco will do it.

After arriving in Hazzard he gets custody of Cindy, Sandy, and Cash Calloway.