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Sherry is a minor character of the Dukes of Hazzard.


Sherry is a resident of Hazzard. She was married but her marriage failed and she returned to the farm to help Burl Tolliver with the horses.


The Rustlers[]

She comes out of the barn to see Jesse, Bo, and Luke. She happily goes over to greet them and Luke tells her they heard about her marriage to which she says didn’t work out 'worth a hill of beans'. Bo makes a joke about how if you don’t first succeed you try again but is silence by his family. Amused she laughs. Her and her father bring out a horse to show the Dukes and when Bo comments that it is a beauty, she tells him it’s fast too. She explains they want to enter the horse, Manases, in the big race that year. When the boys agree to see what the horse can do, she helps Uncle Jesse hold the horse so Bo can ride him to test him against the General. They watch the boys go and return and Luke informs them they got up to 40 miles per hour. The Dukes agree to help and in joy she hugs Burl, before hugging Luke and kissing his cheek and hugging Bo, kissing his mouth. She also kisses the horse.

She is sitting on Manases' back when Boss and Rosco arrive. She politely greets them but when Rosco accidentally blares the siren the horse gets spooked. She tries to calm him down but he bolts. She holds on until Bo chases after her on another horse. Bo holds out a hand to her and pulls her off the horse and onto the back of his. She comments she is glad to see him. Bo asks if she’s okay and she asks if that includes being scared. She gets off the horse and goes back for Manases. She tries to calm Manasas down as she hears Boss Hogg’s proposal. He wants to do a time trial to see if he'll pay the entry fee and since the Tolliver's don't trust them offers that the horse can stay at the Duke Farm for the night, asking that don’t they trust the Dukes to watch the horse, which Sherry says sure.

Burl, Sherry, Jesse, and Daisy wait for Bo and Luke to bring the horse at the Fair Grounds. When Luke and Jesse pull out the horse she notices it’s not Manases that the boys brought. Luke tells them that they got to believe that Bo and Luke weren’t the ones behind this. Despite having nothing but their word to back them up, Sherry says they know the Duke boys wouldn’t do anything to hurt Burl and her, and Burl adds they wouldn’t hurt Manases either. She watches Bo and Luke flee from Rosco.

At the family farm, Sherry tries to assure Burl that he hasn’t lost his dream and they will get Manases back. Bo and Luke talk to them about the horse thieves and get a call from Cooter about spotting them. She excitedly agrees to go to the fair grounds and wait there for Manases.

At the fairgrounds she gets upset commenting if anything happens to the horse she has no idea what she will do. Burl hugs her and tells her not to fret. Burl says the boys will be there and Jesse and Daisy agree. The fairgrounds employee reminds them they have 45 minutes left and she says the horse will be there any minute.  Later when they are down to eight minutes, Daisy puts a hand around her shoulders to offer support. They get worried when they are running out of time but then she is excited to see Luke. The horse is accepted.

The next Saturday, Mansases wins with her as the rider.


The actress for Sherry Tolliver, Dorothy Collier, would later marry James Best, the actor for Sheriff Rosco Coltrane, five years after this episode premiered.