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Shill 1 is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Dead and Alive[]

Boss hires him and five others to help scam an art dealer coming to Hazzard. He is pulled into the office with the others and Boss pulls out a wad of cash, saying he wants them to do as they said they would. He excitedly waits for his turn, as Boss says for them to buy paintings. He asks if he can have a little bit and Boss gives him a wad of cash saying ‘you can have this.’ Boss says for them to spend all the money, which he quickly agrees, and says for them to turn the paintings over to Rosco in the back after. They go into the main room to see the paintings but Rosco lets go of a ladder and Enos falls off, breaking a table and splattering them all with cake.

He fights with another one of Boss’ employees over a painting of a waterfall, yelling that he saw it first. The two of them pull the painting back and forth while she protests that he didn’t. The two bicker until Boss comes over and when the other person says it’s a brilliant piece, he agrees. He offers to give Boss double what he’s asking for the painting. Boss settles on $500 and he says it’s worth quadruple that. A few moments later Boss announces he is cancelling all sales and he pretends to be disappointed.

As he leave, Boss' money is reclaimed.