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"Shine On, Hazzard Moon" is the sixteenth episode of the fourth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Boss Hogg wants Jesse's famous moonshine recipe so he can sell it to Jasper Fenwick (Jim B. Baker), the biggest moonshine distributor in Georgia. When Jesse refuses to give it to him, Boss hires a crooked magician to frame Bo and Luke for stealing money intended for the orphanage, and then Boss asks Jesse for the moonshine recipe in exchange for the release of Bo and Luke. Bo and Luke will have to escape from jail and get to Jesse before Boss can succeed with his plan.


Balladeer: On the first day of trout season all the Dukes caught their limit. Didn’t you? I did. Looks like old Cletus caught his limit too.

Luke drives him, Bo, Daisy, and Jesse back home as they admire the fish they caught. Bo asks how he found that fishing hole and Jesse says when he was running shine there was a revenuer who was right behind him and he ducked up a side road and saw that fishing spot. Daisy says she bet Jesse would still be the best and Jesse reminds them he gave his word to never have anything to do with shine again. The Dukes pass by a 5mph sign and Cletus follows them. Jesse snaps that he can’t even walk that slow. Luke tells everyone to hang on and speeds up before hiding in a set of bushes. They watch Cletus drive by and go into the pond. After checking to make sure Cletus is alright they head out again.

Balladeer: Now this here is Boss Hogg’s number one still site. It was the first thing to ever make Boss Hogg money, an he ain’t about to let it go. Boss is fixing to make a sale to his most important customer. Cause that’s THE Jasper Fenwick. The biggest Shine distributor around. And right now old Jasper needs a shipment of top grade shine real bad. Hazzard folks call bad moonshine ‘old factory whistle’. One blast and you’re through for the day.

Boss Hogg’s Still Site 1

Boss and Rosco are at his Still site with Fenwick and Eli. Eli gives Fenwick a cup and Rosco fills it with moonshine. After tasting it, Finwick scolds them saying it is terrible. He reminisces about Jesse’s shine and remarks they should have looked Jesse up first. Boss says it wouldn’t have done any good as Jesse doesn’t make moonshine, but he thinks he might be able to get Jesse’s recipe. Fenwick agrees to honor the deal if Boss gets Jesse’s recipe, however threatens them if he misses his deadline. As the two leave, Rosco says there is no way Boss is going to get it from Jesse. Boss says he knows that and he plans to take it. He tells Rosco that he remembers how Jesse once said he kept his recipe in a real safe place. Boss doesn’t know where that is but he has an idea of how to make Jesse show him. Rosco poured out the rest of the moonshine from the jar to see it smoke.

Duke Farm

The Duke Family sits down to eat when they hear someone pull up. Jesse goes to look and sees it’s Boss and Rosco. They come in and Boss greets them all and Luke asks what he wants. Daisy says she has chores to do and Jesse says the boys haven't’ done anything. Boss pretends to be offended and tells them that there has been an error in the mortgage payment of $202.10. Jesse gets defensive saying they are even and Boss says it was their error and the bank owes Jesse the money. The four Dukes are shocked, Luke choking on his food, as Boss hands over the money to Jesse. Boss insists that Jesse put it in a safe place before leaving with Rosco. They watch through the window outside as Jesse put the money in a tin on top of the cupboard.


They leave and Boss celebrates the victory. Boss says now they just need Rosco to walk into the kitchen and get it. Rosco is stunned and asks how he can sneak in there. Boss says he said Rosco is going to walk in because there won’t be any Dukes around to stop him.

Duke Farm

The next morning, Daisy leaves for work to serve breakfast. Rosco and Flash watch from the bushes as Jesse gets a phone call to come down to the bank and sign for the money Boss brought to the Farm. Rosco and Flash head to the car and drive up to the Farm where Bo and Luke are cutting wood. Rosco goes to arrest them but when they ask what they did Rosco admits he doesn’t have any. He trips over the wood and confused the boys run for it anyway. After they drive away Rosco calls Cletus to follow them and make it look good. He goes inside and opens the cookie tin. He finds a broken watch, some stamps, the money Boss dropped off, and a paper with writing on it. Assuming it is the recipe he leaves with it.


As Bo an Luke drive away, they realize it is Cletus behind them and start to wonder where Rosco is. Rosco calls Boss on the CB and they talk in code, Rosco informing Boss he got the recipe. Bo and Luke listen to it and become concerned that no one is at the farm. They decide to head back. However up ahead Bo sees two tractors that were racing on the road. He and Cletus pull off the road and around them before Rosco calls Cletus on the CB and tells him to leave the boys alone. As Cletus stops Rosco apologizes to them over the CB. Bo remarks that isn’t like Rosco and they are both confused, Bo asking what is more pressing than them.

Police Department

Boss eats a chitlins and turnip pizza while he calls Jasper Fenwick to tell him he has Jesse’s recipe. Fenwick warns Boss not to be stalling him.

Duke Farm

Jesse gets some milk out of the fridge for him and the boys, explaining that when he got to the bank there wasn’t anyone who knew about the papers he was supposed to sign. Bo remarks that is two wild chases in one day. Luke remarks that Boss wanted them all off the farm and they can only wait for his next move. Jesse says they have chores to do and Maudeen is favoring her left front hoof and asks if they finished the gate by the creek. When Bo and Luke give him guilty looks he tells them to get at it. Jesse gets out a bottle of clear liquid and finds there isn’t enough for a hoof. He pulls out his tin to make more but finds the recipe is gone.

Police Department

Boss yells at Rosco, the recipe that Rosco brought being horse liniment. Rosco says that was the only thing written down and Boss calms down. He says that it means that Jesse never wrote down his recipe but it was in his head. Rosco says Jesse would never just tell him and Boss says he might if they made a deal to drop the charges against his boys. Rosco reminds him they don’t have charges against the boys and Boss says they will have to make some. Rosco remarks he’s charged them with nearly everything except stealing the orphans funds and Boss says that will be the charges. He pulls out a phone book saying they are calling Rayford Flicker.

Boar’s Nest

Bo and Luke arrive at the Boar’s Nest, Luke accidentally bumping into Rayford’s car as they slide into a parking space. Bo an Luke go inside and Rayford prepares to follow them. Inside the Boar’s Nest is packed and Daisy brings Bo and Luke each a beer. Rayford Flicker comes into the bar, announcing he is there to gather donations for the orphanage to build a new playground. Boss volunteers to make the first donation, shocking many of the patrons. Boss puts in $500. Outside Cletus arrives and parks between Dixie and Rosco’s car. He decides to try a hood slide across Rosco’s car but flips off the hood instead. Inside Boss tries to get others to donate, and Rayford puts the box down in front of Bo and Luke. The boys are uncomfortable and Luke explains they don’t have any money on them right now. Rosco creates a distraction by hitting a tray Daisy is holding. While everyone looks at her, Rayford and Boss hide the money in the box. As everyone calms down, Rayford announces the money is gone. They accuse Bo and Luke since the money was in front of them. The boys offer to be searched and Rayford is told to do it. Rayford makes it appear that he pulls money out of the boys shirts and everyone believes they stole it. As Rosco goes to arrest the boys, Daisy rushes over, ‘accidentally’ dropping the tray she just picked up onto them and allowing Bo and Luke to escape. Outside they see Cletus an tell him that Rosco wants him inside.


Bo heads up Sandridge Road under Luke’s instruction to lose Rosco and Cletus. Rosco tells Cletus to stay with the boys and he’ll head to Cedar Creek Lane to cut them off. Bo notices Rosco disappear before deciding the jump Hollow Creek. Rosco jumps it from the other direction, the two cars passing each other in the air. Bo stops to watch what happens. Rosco and Cletus narrowly avoid hitting each other and Cletus accidentally jumps, landing by the Dukes. Rosco turns and jumps again to get to the same side as the others. Bo and Luke try to run of foot but Cletus pulls out a gun and they freeze. Rosco runs over to join him.

Police Department

Rosco and Boss laugh as they lock Bo and Luke in a cell. Bo tells Rosco that he’s forgetting two things, the first being he left his keys in the lock. As Rosco quickly takes them back Luke reminds him they have a phone call and Boss says he already called Jesse. Rosco heads to the desk where he plays checkers with Flash as Jesse and Daisy storm in and Jesse starts yelling at Boss. Boss mentions Rayford Flicker and Jesse asks if they are talking about the Rayford from Colonial City. Rosco corrects him saying Rayford moved to Plainview. Jesse yells that he is a well known conman and Boss pretends that he didn’t know. Jesse pulls Boss aside and tells him he knows Boss is up to something and what does he wan. Boss says what he wants is something that Jesse doesn’t need anymore, his shine recipe. The Dukes are stunned and Jesse yells at him saying he promised to never make shine again. Boss asks what is one broken promise compared to the boys going to jail. Jesse says he’s never broken his word before. Boss asks what is going to come first, his word or the boys. The three kids protest and Jesse says that even though they all know it was a trick they can’t prove it. They make a deal and Boss says he will only let the boys out once the contract is filled. They spit and shake on it. Jesse apologizes to the kids before leaving with Boss and Rosco. Bo, Luke, and Daisy talk about what they can do. Bo asks if Daisy can decoy Cletus but Daisy doesn’t think so. Luke gets a different idea and fills them in.

Still Site

Jesse arrives at the Still site with Rosco and Boss. Boss asks if Jesse needs anything special and Jesse says he doesn’t use anything special. He heads over to the still and Boss reminds him that he has a deadline. Jesse tells them to leave as his amounts are still secret. Rosco tells Boss that he can’t help but feel bad for Jesse and asks if Boss is ashamed.

Police Department

Cletus is reading a book titled ‘Beginner’s Guide to Swimming’ and Bo an Luke are also reading it over his shoulder. Cooter arrives saying he brought food for the ‘jail birds’. He shows Cletus the donuts and Cletus takes one. Cooter offers them to the boys but Luke refuses. Cooter eats one and starts talking to them before pretending that one of his teeth broke on the donuts. Alarmed Cletus gets up as Cooter pretends to feint. Luke suggests Cletus bring Cooter into the cell so they can elevate his feet. The three carry Cooter into the cell and leave Cletus to bring Cooter around while Bo and Luke head outside. Daisy arrives with the General. She gets out as the boys get in, saying they need to go to Plainview County to find Rayford. Daisy watches them leave, waving.

Cletus goes to shoot the cell but Cooter stops him and slides the door open. Cletus remarks ‘if you want to do it that way’ and Cooter leaves. Cletus realizes what happened and calls Boss and Rosco on the CB. Boss calls Rayford Flicker on the CB. Flicker agrees to hide out and drives away.

Plainview County

Bo and Luke talk to a farmer in Plainview who tells them where Rayford Flicker lives. After thanking him they head off again. As the boys drive they pass Rayford and they turn around to chase after him. Luke calls him on the CB, saying they know he framed them. When Rayford refuses to write a written confession for Luke, Bo tells him to have it his way before ramming into him. Rayford agrees to pull over and writes the confession for Bo and Luke.

Still Site

Jesse finishes the 50th bottle. Boss and Rosco are nearby eating and they go to check on Jesse. Jesse tells him he feels bad enough about doing this without looking at Boss. Boss says he’s going to test one of the bottles and Jesse tells him if he even touches one of the bottles he’ll smash them all. Boss and Rosco retreat, saying that Jesse is touchy.

Plainview County

Rayford finishes the confession and the boys take it, Bo warning Rayford not to work with Boss in the future. Bo and Luke leave to take the confession to their uncle and Bo hits a pile of dirt, taking the General up on two wheels. Luke gives Bo and annoyed look when he brings it down on all four.

Still Site 1

Eli and Jesse load up all of the shine bottles in Fenwick’s truck. Fenwick arrives and Boss presents the shine to him. Fenwick says he wants to taste it first and Jesse pours him a cup from a small bottle in his pocket. He hands it over and Fenwick takes it, saying Jesse still is the best. In relief Boss finishes it. Eli and Fenwick leave and Boss and Rosco celebrate. Jesse tells him to let the boys out of jail and Boss refuses, asking for on more favor. Jesse says he wants Jesse to move his still to Chickasaw County. Jesse protests but Boss pretends that he can’t drop the charges against the boys. Jesse agrees and goes to load up the still. Rosco reminds Boss that isn’t a small favor.


Luke tells Bo about a shortcut through Cottonwood Gully that would save them five miles. Bo agrees to take it.

Still Site

Boss whispers his plan to Rosco before distracting Jesse so that Rosco can turn off his CB. Boss tells Jesse to meet him at Lakeland Crossroads. Jesse then leaves.

Chickasaw County

Sheriff Little is doing target practice when he gets a call on the CB. Cooter, who is working at his garage, overhears Boss informing Little about the still on Jesse’s truck. Angry Cooter calls Bo and Luke on another channel. Luke tries to call Jesse but isn’t able to reach him. The boys head out to intercept.

Sheriff Little catches up to Jesse and Jesse realizes Boss set him up. Bo and Luke arrive, getting between Jesse and Little. Luke tries to get him on the CB again and Bo honks the horn to let him know they are there. Jesse goes to talk to them but sees the CB is turned off. He turns it back on and talks to the boys, informing them that he never ran shine for Boss but if Little catches him with the still it’s just as bad as him running it.

Getting an idea, Luke jumps into the bed of the pick up from the General. Bo holds off Little as Luke unties the Still. Luke then climbs into the truck, taking over driving. Jesse realzies what Luke is doing when Luke reverses the truck and slams on the breaks, causing the still to fall off and go into the pond. Little and Bo both arrive and Little gets angry, forgetting that he can arrest Bo and Luke.

Balladeer: Sheriff Little was so mad about not catching ol’ Jesse, that he plum forgot about Bo and Luke crossing that county line. Boss had to give Jasper Fenwick’s money back. Jasper and Eli gave Boss something too. Rosco, of course, he got his usual cut. And so Uncle Jesse’s word of honor to the government was still intact. He never did make any shine, and he never will. Uh, that is, except for medical purposes. Bottoms up Uncle Jesse.

Police Department

Boss sobs over losing the money with a black eye and Rosco treis to comfort him, also with a black eye.

Duke Farm

At the Duke Farm, the four Dukes are celebrating and Daisy says it would be a shame to waste the last little bit of moonshine Jesse had used to trick Boss, pouring what is left from the bottle into Jesse’s milk. They all toast their success.


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Hazzard County[]

Plainview County[]

  • Rayford Flicker's Home

Chickasaw County[]


  • This episode brings up events from Boss and Jesse's time of making moonshine together
    • As shown before in High Octane, despite having made moonshine together Boss and Jesse were both protective of their own recipes and did not share the amounts with each other
    • Jasper Fenwick is a moonshine distributor that both Boss and Jesse knew from those days
  • Boss and Rosco frame Bo and Luke for stealing from the Orphans Fund
    • The Duke Family is the biggest supporter of the orphanage in Hazzard and usually donates any rewards or winnings to the orphanage.
  • In this episode, Cletus is reading a book to learn how to swim. This establishes that the only member of the police department that can swim is Enos Strate.