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Shoes Mitchem is a minor character from the series Enos.


Where's the Corpus?[]

Shoes is a friend of Angelo Pecola. After learning that Angelo’s friend Moose Davis has been contracted to kill him, he tips off the police officer Turk Adams of Davis’ whereabouts. He also takes a birthday present from Angelo to Angelo’s daughter Angela and is familiar with Ms. Pecola.

Blutman confronts him at the pool hall, saying he made a big mistake telling the cops and it’s going to cost him his happy home. He pleads his case, saying he didn’t mean nothing. Blutman says he doesn’t want his apologies but wants him gone. Shoes recoils in fear, worried that he is going to be killed. Blutman says he’s lucky the heat is on right now before giving him a plane ticket, saying it is to Mexico City and leaves in thirty minutes. He is shocked but accepts it. When Blutman is tipped off the cops are there looking for Shoes, he is forced out the back door.