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Shoulders' is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Hazzard Connection[]

An employee of Augie Detweiller. While moving a truck load of cars for the derby, he is stopped at a road block by Rosco and Enos. Rosco tells him to get out of the truck because he has a search warrant. He asks what for and Rosco says he knows Augie is smuggling and while he doesn’t know what yet, he will know. Amused, Shoulders asks that he’s accusing Augie Detweiller of smuggling. He gets out as Rosco threatens to make him and Augie prisoners number one and two at the state prison, startling Rosco. Rosco then tells him not to threaten him before starting to tear apart the cars.

Amused, he calls Augie Detweiller on the c.b. Shoulder’s remarks that Rosco is mad enough to chew nails and spit horseshoes, that he knows they are up to something but can't figure out what since they are smuggling stolen engines in the car. When Augie tells him that Rosco will be even madder when he realizes he’s got to put the cars back. Shoulders calls over to Rosco and signals for him to come to him. When Rosco reaches him, he tells them they got to put it back the way it was to Rosco's fury.

Later he is watching the slammer car in the Derby with Augie when Bo and Luke arrive to drop off some cars. When Bo and Luke question it and Augie says the slammer is for show, he backs him up saying they are used in all the meets only for show. He watches Augie give the boys some money before sending them off. Augie asks if the Sheriff is still watching. He laughs, confirming it by saying he has been doing so all week. Augie says there isn’t anything that can go wrong with their scheme and he says if it does, they got the Dukes set to take the fall. They laugh about it.

While he and Augie are at the track, they are approached by Bo and Luke. When Bo says they are looking to drive in the derby, he laughs. He tells Bo to forget it as country boys like them wouldn’t have a prayer. Augie challenges them to use the General to try for the job and when Luke is shocked, he asks if they are too chicken. Angry, Bo says they aren’t chicken and he’s on. He’s stunned for a moment then leaves to get the slammer.

He chases after Bo in the Slammer and Bo keeps ahead of him, tricking him into crashing into another car. He goes after Bo again but Bo tricks him into crashing twice more, able turn faster due to being in a lighter car. Bo tricks him a few more times before hitting the track and causing him nearly to run over Luke and Augie. After he gets out of the car and walks over to Augie, Luke, and Bo, reaching the group as Bo and Luke explain that they were arrested for probation and aren’t on the best of terms with the sheriff. As the boys go to leave he comments ‘nice driving sonny’ and offer’s Bo his hand, which Bo takes with a smile.

Later he calls the Boar’s Nest and talks to Daisy, telling her to have the boys come to the track.

After Augie sets Bo and Luke up with a truck to take to Choctaw, Shoulders watches the boys leave and remarks he still isn’t sure they can trust them. Augie tells him he will know real quick.

They follow the boys, taking a dirt road after them and getting ran off the road. After Bo and Luke get out to confront them, he gets out and Augie explains that he suggested a little test of their resourcefulness. He agrees they passed. Augie hires the boys fulltime.

The next day he picks up Augie and takes him to their operation. Later he goes into the records room after hearing something and looks around. He doesn’t find anything and heads back out. He goes back out and gets excited to learn they will have five cars ready by noon the next day, in addition to the slammer.

While driving, he and Augie talk about the six cars headed to Fayetteville. He is told to turn when Augie spots the cars leaving early. He is ran off the road by the truck and says there is something wrong. Realizing the Dukes are behind it, he remarks ‘see what’d I tell you’ and takes off after the boys, nearly colliding with his own men. They are slowed down a little by Jesse but continue to follow the boys. When Luke gets in the Slammer and drives it off the truck, Augie tells Shoulder’s that Luke wants to play, which he agrees and says he’ll show him but he is told not to play with Luke but cut him off. He gets annoyed telling Augie to shut up until Luke causes him to flip over. Rosco arrests them. He asks if Augie has a way out of this. They are sent to the State Prison.