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Silas Pew is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Hazzardgate Tape[]

While moving crates on the side of the road, he sees the General Lee with Coy and Vance speed by. He looks up in time to see Enos coming toward him and steps back just as Enos goes through his stacks of crates, knocking them all over. He watches Enos drive away.

Later he works on his crates again and takes a break to wipe away the sweat when he hears the General Lee coming back. He sees a blue car chasing the boys, headed directly for him. After commenting ‘not again’ he stands in front of his crates and tries to wave the car off. He jumps out of the way at the last moment as the car drives through his stack. In anger he picks up one of the crates and throws it, cursing.

After everything settled down, Silas had Enos re-stack his crates until after supper.

Later he takes a job helping move pipes and is nearly hit by the General Lee and the blue car again. He and his partner stay put, watching Jesse Duke's pick up come through in the opposite direction with the blue car following it. They attempt to cross the road again, but this time Daisy and the blue car come through. They move off the road. They try again to move the pipe, but when they are halfway across, Rosco and Enos come by and drive through the pipe, breaking it. In anger, Silas tosses the pipe.

Hazzard Hustle[]

While working at a construction site, Enos comes through with Coy and Vance following. In order to avoid being hit, he dives into a nearby puddle of water before yelling after them all.

Enos in Trouble[]

After quitting his job in the road construction, he works full time as a farmer. Rosco drives through his fence and onto his property. Furious, Silas runs over and kicks Rosco's car. It rolls into his field.

Later in the day a car runs through his fence thanks to Rosco. He screams after Rosco, asking what is wrong with him and if he is crazy.

Rosco goes through his fence again and in anger, Silas begins to rip apart what is left of his fence. He decides to give up on farming and go into the kindling and firewood business.