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Simon is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Dukes meet Cale Yarborough[]

Simon and his brother are chasing after Cale Yarborough to get a secrete new Turbo Charger he is working on to sell it.

While driving, he nearly crashes into Rosco. His brother remarks he has yet to see a Sheriff who could drive straight line without being tied to it and Simon asks Rowby to do him a favor and to shut up. A bit later his brother starts complaining again and he glances over saying they haven’t been all over yet and they’re going to find Cale Yarborough. When they do they will be $100,000 richer and his brother should think of that.

They stop at the Boar’s Nest and approach Daisy. He remarks ‘pardon me ma’am’ and telling Daisy they are just passing through. Daisy says the house rules are she can’t talk to strangers unless they order a beer. He asks her how about two beers for two questions. Daisy agrees and goes to get the beers. His is annoyed when his brother asks Jesse and Cooter about the vehicles Cale was driving and Jesse says what they are looking or isn’t unusual. He pays Daisy for the beers when she returns and tells her to keep the change. He sits down saying they need to keep asking around. His brother reminds him the Illinois 500 is coming up and he says he knows that but they are bound to get a break.

As they drink he assures Rowby they will find Cale. Looking up he sees Chet come in with Bo and Luke and announces they just found him before turning his face away. His brother suggests they follow Garvey. They look back during a commotion to see Garvey slipped out. He remarks he can’t believe it, they just found him and just lost him.

They head out to find Garvey and notice Bo and Luke being arrested in town. He decides to approach Rosco and ask him for a little help. He describes Cale and Garvey to Rosco. Rosco tells them he hasn’t seen them.

They go to the phone company to see if there is any information. After getting none from Maybel they go outside and he sees Chet going into the Court House. Seeing Chet exit with Bo and Luke, he and his brother hide behind a car. When asked if the boys work for Cale he says probably. His brother suggests bugging the cars and he tells him to go ahead.

As he’s lighting another cigar, Rowby comes to tell him that they are both bugged. He opens the car door and nods, waiting for Rowby to get in before getting in himself and watching for Chet. When they hear the bugs working, they get excited. He tosses out his cigar, saying all they gotta do is follow those voices right back to Cale. He is startled however when Rosco announces ‘I got you’ and says they are under arrest and they just messed up. Rosco explains that Simon just littered and created a possible fire Hazzard. Rosco takes them to Boss Hogg.

He is taken to the Boar’s Nest and listens to Rosco list off another few ridiculous charges against them. He snaps that Rosco has come up with a bunch of legal lulu’s to suit his purpose.  Realizing he was set up, he asks what that purpose is and Boss says it’s greed. Boss has Daisy bring them in champagne. Boss says he wants $15,000 for dropping the charges and then he will help them get the turbocharger from Cale to win the race. He says it’s worth it and agrees. He adds that he will only hand over the money after they get the turbocharger. They hear Daisy call Bo and Luke and warn them that Boss is working with the Jethro Brother’s to steal the turbocharger. Cale says they drive like they play, dirty to which Boss teases him saying ‘you naughty boys’. Hearing Bo and Luke being forced to leave, Boss tells them that the Dukes are out of circulation for a while.

After the Dukes return to Cale, they listen to Luke’s plan to carry the turbocharger and decoy them into thinking the charger is somewhere else. They celebrate thinking they won, but then the boys escape.

While waiting for Rosco and Enos to get the turbocharger and listening to the bug, they play pool in Boss’s office. The sound goes silent and he suggests they steeped out of range. They hear Luke tell them that they know about the bug before it’s destroyed and Boss is knocked over in surprise. They help him up and Boss tells them that he’s not done yet. Boss then mentions the price having gone up to $20,000 making him angry.

They set up a roadblock with Boss. When Boss says the General is headed right for them, he says they can’t get through without totaling themselves and will have to stop. When the car doesn’t, he has to dive into Boss’ car for protection. He is annoyed by Rosco and Boss’ bickering as they chase Jesse. When the General stops, they get out to see who it is only to find Jesse. They continue on the chase. After the boys flee they set up a road block again, however the boys jump over and escape with the turbocharger.

While racing in the Illinois 500, they come in last.