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"Sittin' Dukes" is the eleventh episode of the seventh season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Escaped convict and former Marine Lee Benson (Judson Scott) and his accomplice Brad Hixx (Robert Gray) go to Hazzard, because Lee is out to settle a score with Luke. While Luke and Lee were in the Marines, and Luke was a sergeant, Benson was robbing his best friend's foot locker, and he walked in on Benson doing it. Luke came in and found that Benson had stabbed the man, but not killed him, so Luke had Benson locked in the brig for a couple of years. Now, Benson wants Luke to pay for that. As part of Benson's plan to get even, he orders Bo and Luke to drive them out of state in the General Lee at gunpoint, and not to let on that anything is not right when they are approached by the authorities. Chickasaw County Sheriff Big Ed Little, who is helping track Benson and Hixx, assumes that the Dukes are helping Benson and Hixx. To escape detection, Benson and Hixx force Bo and Luke to drive through a forest fire. When Sheriff Little locks everyone except Enos in a holding cell to prevent their interference, Bo and Luke must rely on Enos' help, and their own wits, to stop Benson and Hixx.



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