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"Sky Bandits Over Hazzard" is the twelfth episode of the seventh season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


When Kate (Karen Lamn), Taylor (Bob Hastings), Budge (Chip Heller), and Cleary (Michael Prokopuk), a group of armored car robbers, steal an armored car by lifting it off the ground with a helicopter -- the armored car carrying Boss' uninsured bank money -- the Dukes are blamed for the theft. When Bo and Luke are apprehended, Kate, Taylor, Budge, and Cleary strike again. Now knowing that the Dukes are innocent, Boss and Rosco allow Bo and Luke to escape so they can do Rosco's dirty work and nail the hijackers. And then the hijackers kidnap Daisy. Bo, Luke, Jesse, Enos, Boss, and Rosco team up to rescue Daisy. Bo and Luke take to the air to locate the gang's hideout.



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