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Sledge Beaudry, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Season 5[]

Daisy's Shotgun Wedding[]

They head to the Boar’s Nest to meet with Boss Hogg, Sledge running an orange car off the road in the process. They go into the back door to see Boss and Rosco playing cards. He is amused when Milo hurt’s Rosco’s hand in a handshake. As Pa and Boss talk business, he sees Milo wander around the office, picking up various things. They go into the bar to get a few drinks before heading back home. They go to the bar and he grabs a man off a stool and shoves him aside.

When Daisy comes in, Milo grabs her and it starts a fight with her cousin Bo. Sledge goes to help by diving on the other cousin Luke. Luke tosses him over a table. He gets back up and struggles with Luke, pushing Luke over a bench. Luke gets back up and tosses him into the pinball machine. The fight is halted by Rosco firing a gun.

The next day Sledge drives them into Hazzard and hits a fire hydrant. The go through the front door of Boss’ home. They walk up to Boss, who is angry that they disobeyed. He listens to his Pa and Boss deal, and he is unimpressed when they discover Boss lied to them about how much money he has. While Boss and Rosco are distracted, he takes Rosco’s gun and hands it over to his Pa. Then following his father’s orders, he puts Rosco in a closet. After they take the money and Rosco’s car and leave town.

As they head home, they see Daisy. Since Milo wants her, Pa tells him to run Daisy off the road. After Sledge succeeds, Daisy angerly confronts them. When Milo says Daisy will be his bride, she tries to run. He grabs her and picks her up, handing her to Milo saying ‘here you go brother’. They get in the car and continue driving home.

As they drive home, Milo holds Flash and Pa remarks Milo has a wife. He asks if Milo gets to keep the dog too.

They get home and he pulls Daisy out of the car. She asks where they are and he tells her somewhere no one will ever find her. They go up to the house to call a preacher. He is amused at Daisy’s protests as his Pa talks to the preacher on the phone. He then helps his Pa force Daisy in the house to get ready for the wedding.

They turn their attention to Flash and he pulls on her scruff, ordering her to get up before asking what kind of hound dog is she. Pa says it’s a pointing dog. They all hear a clatter and see Daisy running away. They chase after her. They find her in the police car, talking on the CB and pull her out.

They retie Daisy to a chair.

They all wait by Daisy for the Preacher to arrive. Sledge notices the Preacher’s car first, pointing it out to the others. He helps untie and hold Daisy before taking her down to meet the preacher. After Pa pays the preacher, they start the wedding. As the wedding goes, hey are startled by Bo and Luke arriving from the sky and sending smoke everywhere. He begins shooting at them. After the boys land, Pa and Sledge run at Luke. He hits Luke in the face. Luke hits him back, knocking him into a car. Luke then hits him again, knocking him off the car and onto the ground. He manages to get his shot gun and Pa and Sledge confront the Dukes after they beat Milo. However Jesse arrives, and they turn and shoot at him but have to dive out of the way from the car. The Dukes now have the shot guns and they surrender. They are arrested.

Season 6[]

Boss Behind Bars[]

After Milo accidentally blows up the family still, they head to Hazzard to get a new one. When Milo asks if he will get to see Daisy again, he snaps they are only coming to Hazzard because Milo blew up the still. Milo makes faces at him but Pa reminds them they need to get a new still and tells Sledge to put his foot to the floor. As the road comes together with another, they nearly hit the General Lee and run the car off the road, all three laughing and cheering. The General quickly catches up and Milo and Sledge bicker until Bo forces them to stop. He gets out of the car, pushing at Luke and saying the boys got him mad. Bo tells Milo that they nearly wrecked them and Luke says they have a lot of nerve coming back. Luke says they haven’t forgotten the last time and Sledge asks ‘oh yeah’ before tackling Luke at the waste into the General Lee. Luke manages to get the upper hand but he stops when his Pa shoots his gun saying to cut it out. Pa tells them to apologize to the boys and he asks what for. Pa says they were just passing through and at a stern look, Sledge tells them he wants to apologize. He slaps Milo and makes him echo the statement. The boys tell them to keep passing. They watch Bo and Luke leave and Sledge smiles and waves until Milo slaps his hand. When Milo asks why they had to do that, he echos the question. Pa says they don’t want any trouble with the Dukes and for them to leave. The two elbow each other before getting in the truck and leaving.

They arrive at the Boar’s Nest to see it is packed. When Milo asks what the sign means above the bar, Pa says it has to do with a race. Boss comes outside and they hide behind a hay bail. They watch Boss look under a car before Enos arrives, saying it’s Jesse Duke’s car. The two go into the bar. Pa says that is the break they need and Sledge asks what he means. Pa says they need to get Boss out of the way to take his still. They go over to Jesse’s car and he obeys Pa’s instructions on how to sabotage it. When he gets out from under the car, Sledge asks if he did as told. He gives back the tool, saying he sure did before handing over the nut and locking pin and saying the steering is all loosened up.

They sit on a hay bail until the people start filing out of the Boar’s Nest. They stand to see the Dukes come out with Cooter, followed by Boss, Rosco, and Enos who express shock at seeing them. They listen to the race at the Boar’s Nest until Bo remarks Jesse wrecked. They hear Bo report on the radio that Jesse crashed and the Beaudrys leave to the crash site. When they arrive, he hangs back by the pickup with his brother. They watch Boss Hogg get arrested.

They head out to one of the still sites, using Pa’s map that has locations marked. When Milo mopes about Daisy, he snaps for him to forget her as they came for a still.

After finding the nearest site, they tie up the worker and pack up the still. As they head home, they nearly run into the Duke boys again. The boys give chase before breaking off onto another road, confusing them. After Pa shoots out the Duke’s radiator they head home.

They arrive home and begin to set up the Sill. When Milo is told not to touch the still, he comments they don’t want him to blow that one up too. He and Milo start to fight but Pa tells them to knock it off. When they finish, Pa tells them he hears one of their traps. He goes to get a gun but collides into Milo. He yells at him, calling him a big dummy before getting the gun and following their Pa. However while they are looking they hear an explosion and realizing their new still just blew up, they head back. Seeing the still on fire, they rush to put it out. Pa sends Milo to get water, but when he never comes back they go to check it out to find the Dukes have him cornered. Jesse knocks his gun away and Luke tackles him into the ground. He and Luke continue to wrestle around. A police car drives through the fence and they take the opportunity to flee to the truck, Sledge calling Milo a big dummy for revealing everything.

Sledge asks why are they running away and Pa says he is leading them into their bobby traps. They watch the Dukes drive into one before going around it. However they are caught in their own pitfall and arrested.