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Slick Doggins is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Coltrane vs. Duke[]

An Actor Boss used to work with. Boss calls him while he is in his office, pretending to be part of the Fire Marshal. When he hears Boss’ voice he remarks ‘why JD Hogg, I’d recognize your scheming caterwaul any place.’ He asks if Boss is still trying to sell a swamp for a retirement village. Boss calls him a slim shamming fox and says he shilled the first takers on the deal. Boss asks if he’s still trying to sell watered down oil stock. He tells Boss that right now he’s a fire marshal and is taking bribes from ‘no good cheating builders’. Boss reminds him that is illegal and he says Boss would be right if he was a real fire marshal. He asks what is on JD’s mischievous mind. Boss explains he is in need of a doctor as an MD to help in an accident with whiplash. He asks how much is this doctor going to be making and Boss says 10% of the take. He is offended asking Boss expects him to make house calls for 10%. Boss offers 15%. He says for 20% Boss will get a doctor and an ambulance, including the white coat, stethoscope, and a fine bedside manner. Boss agrees. He tells Slick to get over to the Hazzard Court House.

He pulls up to the Court House with an ambulance, sirens blaring. Boss runs out to great him, thanking him for coming and telling him the victim is in his office. He runs inside.

After making Rosco look like an injured patient, he plays solitaire. Rosco asks him how much does he figure Rosco will get on this deal. He asks if Rosco has Blue Cross and Rosco gets mad asking ‘are you kidding me you quack?’ Seeing Bo and Luke walk in he quickly silences Rosco and scoops up all the cards. He shoves the cards under his ‘medical bag’ and introduces himself to the boys. He asks if they are personal friends of this ‘poor and unfortunate victim of some reckless driver?’ and Bo remarks he has no idea how that happened. As the boys talk to him, Boss and Cletus come in. He listens to the boys reaction to the $50,000 claim.

After Boss decides they have to move Rosco, he drives the ambulance with Boss and Rosco to Lake Chickamahony. As he drives, he notices Bo and Luke are behind them and informs Boss. Boss tells him to lose them and he says he’ll try. He informs Boss that they are staying with them and Boss says to keep trying. He says he is and Rosco yells for him to slow down from the back, calling him a hockey puck. After he hits a bump, Rosco falls out the back. Boss yells ‘patient overboard’ and he turns around, driving after Rosco and stopping where Bo and Luke rescued him. He gets out and rushes over saying ‘don’t anybody touch my patient.’ He and Boss try to get Rosco into the ambulance but he sees Bo and Luke escape. Boss says they need to take Rosco somewhere else. As they head back to town, Rosco calls him a quack and saying he wouldn’t have fallen had Slick not hit the bump.

He sits with Rosco on the lower floor of the jail, looking over papers while Rosco plays with a wheelchair. When Rosco tells Boss to make him some juice, Boss tells him to put the papers away and it’s his turn to make Rosco happy. He expresses that Boss is paying him to be a doctor, not a waiter for the nincompoop. Angry, Rosco says he’s a quack and he wouldn’t want Slick to wait on him. He threatens to break one of Rosco’s legs for real. When Rosco blackmails Boss into agreeing to serve him, he tells Boss that Rosco has him right where he wants him but he needs to remember that it’s going to be worth it.

As the court is called to order, he stands by Rosco’s bed. Rosco gets restless during the beginning and he puts a hand on him to keep him still. During the trial while Rosco is testifying, he goes and gets Flash, bringing her out with bandages on her pretending she was hurt too. He puts her next to Rosco.

He stands behind Boss and Rosco, grinning as Rosco is awarded everything. When the trial is done, Boss asks if the trial was too strenuous for Rosco and he assures him Rosco is fine while Rosco calls him a quack and tells him not to touch him.

After the trial, he and Boss drink Champaign together to celebrate. Rosco mentions Flash needs a walk and Boss says to have her go alone as the trial is over and he’s done being nice. Horrified he protests telling Boss that the papers haven’t been filed yet. When Rosco says he’ll walk Flash, he becomes concerned until Boss calls Cletus to walk her.

While Boss is feeding Rosco the phone rings. He answers it and calls over Boss as it’s for him. Boss takes the call before rushing off. He sits with Rosco when he hears Bo and Luke upstairs talking about Flash being kidnapped. Worried, he tries to keep Rosco from going but Rosco shoves him over and closes the door behind him. He manages to get the door open and run after Rosco. They go outside to see Boss and Daisy takes their picture. He tells Boss that he couldn’t stop them. Jesse tosses Boss’ keys and they look for them. Boss finds them and they prepare to go. When Rosco is stuck in Boss’ car he says that he is coming as until he gets his money he will stay with his patient. Rosco calls him a quack and he says for Rosco not to call him that.

They manage to catch up to the Dukes but are stopped due to Judge Potts stopping in the road. Potts sees Rosco. He tries to tell Judge Potts that he felt that Rosco could be out but Rosco calls him a quack and he says he told him not to call him that. Rosco quacks at him. He says he’s had it and he is leaving. Boss grabs him, telling him not to leave. He sits back in the car.

When the Judge insists on staying, he stands up saying he better be going as he just heard his beeper and has a patient to attend to. Boss forces him to sit down.

While everyone fights and the trial falls apart, he slips away on foot. He runs into Sheriff Little who arrests him.