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Slocum is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Miz Tisdale on the Lam[]

He waits outside the post office for Miz Tisdale to return from her rounds. When she pulls up she greets him as Mr. Smith, saying she guesses he’s there to pick up his mail. He says that’s right before following her inside. She says another load of mail came in for him as she set up. She points out a large bag of mail for him and he goes to take it but she stops him, saying she needs his identification. Upset he says he’s been coming in every morning for a week now. She tells him its regulations. Annoyed he pulls out his ID and shows her. She tells him to take a number and he looks around before saying he’s the only one in there. She goes to explain but he stops her saying ‘I know, regulation’. He takes the first number and when she calls for it he shows her. She tells him he can take the mail and when he goes to she asks what all the mail is for. He cuts her off saying ‘ah, ah, ah. Regulations’. He then takes the mail and leaves.

He goes to the saw mill where he meets up with Boss and Rosco. He dumps out the mail bag and they start opening the envelopes. He holds up two $50 and says ‘we’re running in luck now’. Boss recounts their Hazzard Highlands scam. He and Boss laugh about it.

While he and Rosco set up envelopes to mail out certificates, he hears Boss get a phone call and Boss tells them that a postal inspector is on their way to Hazzard to investigate some mail fraud. Upset he throws down the envelope he had in his hands. Boss says he needs to blow town as he is the only link between them and the post office box. He asks about ‘the old bat’ at the Post Office saying she knows who he is. Boss says she does, but she knows him as John Smith. He calms down and Boss tells them they will make it look Miz Tisdale was running the scam, making him laugh. He then leaves.

Boss calls him and asks him to come back to Hazzard in order to hold up the post office to steal the Hazzard Highland’s money. He agrees and drives back, bringing Nelson. They arrive at the Saw Mill and Boss explains that the mail truck arrives at 8am sharp. He says they’ll be there. Boss remarks the only thing wrong is they can’t show their faces around there and Slocum says they got that covered before pulling out a mask. Boss goes to tell them what to do after getting the bags but they hear someone come in. They quickly put their masks on and hide. When Bo and Luke walk past them they grab shovels and come up behind them. Bo spots them and Luke lunges at him, grabbing the shovel before throwing himself on the ground to flip Slocum. Luke and him get up and begin fighting but Luke shoves him into a door, giving him a chance to pull out his gun. He covers Bo and Luke as Nelson ties them up. After making sure the boys are tied and gagged, they go outside.

Boss praises them before remarking they will have to change their plans a bit. Worried, he asks that they aren’t going to forget the heist to which Boss says ‘no Sir, not on your life’ adding that what they are going to do is pin the whole thing on the boys. Boss tells Nelson to get one of their wallets and he starts laughing saying he gets it, they are going to ‘drop’ it during the heist. Nelson returns with a wallet and gives it Boss, who takes all the money out of it before handing to Slocum saying ‘here you are Bo Duke’. Slocum pulls out a handkerchief, wrapping the wallet in it as Boss tells him to make sure he ‘accidentally’ drops it during the grab to which he nods. They then head over to the General Lee and start pulling out all the wires and anything else they can pull free. After they head to town.

They arrive in town and Nelson asks if he’s got the Duke’s wallet. He says it’s all ready for the drop. He puts on a mask and hides behind the wall as the mail is delivered. When the mail van leaves, he rushes out to Sue Ann, gun ready. He calls her sugar, saying he’ll take the mail. When she protests that it’s just the mail he says ‘cool it honey and you won’t get hurt. He signals for Nelson to come over before putting the bags in the car and dropping Bo’s wallet as he gets in. They drive away for the saw mill.

As they go to the hideout, they see Bo and Luke pass them before the boys turn to chase after them. He tells Nelson it’s the Duke boys and for him to stop on it. After they jump a creek to try to lose the boys, he sees a bike headed for them. He tells Nelson it’s the post office lady and she’s loony. They crash to avoid an accident. Luke pulls him out of the car, putting him on the hood before blackmailing Boss. He is arrested for mail fraud.