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Snow Job is the sixth episode of the Enos series.


When Enos asks for a Coca-Cola at the local bowling alley, he and Turk get involved in a cocaine smuggling ring.


Enos: Dear Daisy, this work me and Turk do is as ordinary as pitchin’ hay. Sometimes we hit a strike

As the bowling alley a few people are bowling, playing pinball, and getting drinks. Enos gets a strike and cheers before asking if Turk saw it. Turk tells Enos that is the fourth time in a row and that Enos won. Turk says for them to get a drink and winner buys. Enos agrees before realizing what happened. They go up to the bar and the bartender asks what they want. Turk asks for a ‘cold sparkling water’ and Enos asks for a coke. The bartender comments ‘a water and a coke’ but Enos says he doesn’t want just a regular one, surprising both men. The bartender says a coke is coke and Enos protests that isn’t true. Enos remarks a good one makes people high and happy. Turk becomes annoyed, asking if Enos wants cherry or vanilla and Enos says something better. The bartender says ‘I got ya fella, but it’s extra’ and Enos says that’s alright because he wants to live it up as he won. The bartender leaves to the other corner, checking both ways before shaking Enos’ hand and saying it will be a bill and a half. Enos thinks he is just shaking his hand but the bartender insists. Enos and Turk notice a small bottle of white powder was put in Enos’ hand.

Alarmed, Turk stands up and takes it from Enos, asking the bartender what he’s doing. Turk asks if the man knows who he is and tells the bartender he knows what it is. The bartender says it’s the best stuff he’d ever put a finger to before taking it back and Turk says if it was he’d be dealing it. Enos becomes confused and Turk pulls him up from his chair saying he wants to talk to him outside. Turk adds that if Enos wants ‘snow’ then he gets it from ‘Snowman.’ He pushes Enos out the door, leaving the confused bartender behind. Outside Turk asks Enos if he’s alright before grabbing the front of his shirt. Enos says yes but he just wanted a coke. Turk says that’s just what he got, cocaine from the friendly neighborhood cocaine dealer. Enos goes to go back in and Turk grabs his arm, asking if Enos wants to bust him. Enos says that is what they are supposed to do and Turk tells him to let Narcotics check it out so they can put a stake out on it and see whose coming or going. They notice someone buy some cocaine before leaving. The two leave, following the man who just bought the cocaine. Turk tells Enos not to pull him over until they are away from the bowling alley.

As they come up to the man, Turk says they are police and to pull over. The driver speeds off and Enos says they want to play Fox and the Hound. Enos chases after the man, cheering and saying they couldn’t have asked for a better day off. Turk tells Enos to follow the driver, not imitate him when the car they are following goes up on two wheels, but Enos does anyway. They go into a junk yard, forcing people to flee in tight spaces before Enos forces the man to jump his car into a stack of cars. As the man climbs out, they search him and find the cocaine.

Enos and Turk take the case to Broggi’s office. He remarks ‘let me get this straight Strite’ and says that they stumbled on a lead the narcotics team has been looking for the source of for months. Captain Dempsey explains that they knew there was a source in the area but they didn’t have a lead. Enos informs them that the bartender thinks Turk is a cocaine dealer and that Enos is a buyer. Enos asks if they can stay on the case, which Broggi immediately refuses. Turk explains that the bartender is probably a pusher and if they went undercover they can find the main man. Broggi laughs at the idea but Dempsey says it makes sense. Turk says that the Mr. Big would not be happy having anyone cutting into his territory. Broggi says that making those two go under cover would be like giving an atom bomb to a clumsy juggler. Dempsey says Broggi sold the department on the Metro Squad and he is going to green light this. He says for Enos and Turk to be officially assigned to the case, undercover.

A large truck for Solo Pony comes into a garage. Sue Ann gets out, calling to the mechanic who runs over to hug her. He asks Joe to look her over before going into the Dolly’s Truck Stop. Meanwhile an older lady sees off another truck before greeting Sue Ann. They talk about the truck before going inside. Joe meanwhile walks off, pulling out a hidden shipment of cocaine before hiding it in his tool box. He then goes to a payphone and calls Mr. Dixon informing him that he got the shipment and the next one will come in on Thursday.

Turk and Enos arrive at the bowling alley. Turk says the narc agent should be inside and Enos says he hopes it won’t take long as he’s hungry as a ‘hootie owl’ confusing Turk. Turk spots the agent and they go over to greet the man before Turk makes Enos move aside so the bartender can see. They pretend to have a drug sale, making the bartender angry. Turk and Enos walk away from the narc agent, and the bartender tells two of his men to take care of it.

Enos and Turk get lunch and Enos asks if Turk thinks the men bought their show. Turk says the game plan is to make them believe that they are moving in on their territory and that it’s very dangerous stuff. He says if they don’t bite they’ll try again. The two get in the car, Turk saying they can troll around a bit and see what they hook. Enos suggests an ice cream stand which Turk asks if he ever stops eating. Enos suggests he gets a Sunday and Turk shrugs saying ‘okay shoot’. The two men from the bowling alley sit up in the back seat, pointing guns at Turk and Enos saying ‘that’s just what we’re gonna do’ if they move. They tell them to drive.

Turk and Enos are taken to see the men’s boss. The boss explains this is his turf. Turk says he’s the Snowman, that it isn’t a franchise but an open season. The boss says he isn’t getting through to them but maybe the boys will. Realizing the guards are about to attack them, Turk back up saying ‘Enos, take care of my light work’. Enos is hit in surprise and manages to hit the man back. Enos and Turk take the two men out and they corner the boss and Turk asks for a name and who he should buy from. The man throws a lamp at Turk and escapes out a window. He nearly falls off the building however and Turk and Enos grab him and begin to pull him up. He begs them to hurry and Turk comments that he’ll hurry once he gets the name. The man yells that the supplier is the Solo Pony.

Enos and Turk report back to Broggi. He informs them that the Solo Pony is registered to a Mr. D.K. McCoy. Enos says they should check out the address and Broggi says Enos’ grasp of police procedures amazes him. Turk asks what if they can’t find the rig and Broggi says that they put an APB on it before dismissing the two from his office.

Enos and Turk arrive at Dolly’s Truck Stop before driving around. They see a truck parking and realize it’s the Solo Pony. Turk says they need to make contact and Enos offers to handle that before backing the truck up behind the rig. Turk is shocked and Enos says every truck has a blind spot and to buckle up. Turk says it’s insane and the truck hits their pickup, damaging the radiator. Sue Ann stops the truck and rushes over to them, apologizing. Sue Ann introduces herself and Enos says she’s awful pretty to be a truck driver. Turk tries to ask about a body shop but Enos interrupts saying she’s like the folks back home. Joe comes over and tells her to move the rig so others can get out of the parking lot. Sue Ann offers for them to park on the side and go check with Dolly, who owns the rig that she drives. As she walks away, Turk asks how Enos plans to explain it to Broggi. Joe approaches them, saying he told them to move the truck.

In the truck stop Dolly talks to a man in a suit, telling him her plans for the truck stop. The man gives her a contract before leaving. Sue Ann, Enos, and Turk come in and Sue Ann asks if there is a problem, explaining that the boys got in her way by accident. Sue Ann introduces Dolly as Dolly McCoy and Turk remembers Broggi talking about D. McCoy. They are surprised to find D. McCoy was a woman. Turk brushes the recognition off as recognizing the ‘handle’ D.K. McCoy and when Sue Ann asks if they are truckers, Turk confirms they are.

Turk and Enos report into Broggi and Dempsey. Turk says Dolly runs the whole operation. Broggi asks that Mr. Big is now a Mrs. Big and he wants to put new men on this. Dempsey says new men would increase chances of a slip up and they will remain with what they have. Broggi reluctantly agrees as Dempsey leaves before telling Enos he is giving him fair warning, no more car slip ups. He says this is an undercover operation, not a demolition derby. Enos gets excited, thinking Broggi watches them too and Turk drags Enos out of the office.

While everyone is in Dolly’s Truck Stop, dancing and playing music, Enos and Turk check out the truck. Enos gets too close to Turk, alarming him and when Turk asks if Enos found anything he says it’s cleaner than a hounds tooth, confusing Turk. A few men approach them, armed with crowbars and chains asking if they lost a watch. Turk and Enos go to explain but the three attack them. They take out all three and Turk says to just leave them there. Turk says he got an idea.

Turk and Enos go to see Broggi. Alarmed Broggi asks Turk wants him to do what and Turk says to act like a big money man. He says Dolly is looking for money to expand her operation. Broggi asks if they think he can just walk up to her, but Turk interrupts saying he’s already set it up, told Dolly he has a friend with some spare cash. Enos says he can’t come right out with it. Turk says they need someone older and distinguished looking, someone like Broggi. Broggi is flattered until Enos says he can pass for a drug dealer. Dempsey comes in and says the boys already told him about it and he thinks it’s a fine shot. Broggi gives Turk and Enos an annoyed look.

Broggi dresses up in a suit with a hat and cane. When Enos and Turk pick him up Enos comments ‘boy howdy’ and Turk says he’s ‘lookin’ bad lieutenant.’ Enos objects that he looks real good and Broggi says he better or this crazy stunt will blow them out of the water. When Enos starts to talk Broggi says to spare him the picturesque metaphors and just drive the car. Enos protests it’s a truck to Turk’s amusement and Enos drives to the truck stop.

Sue Ann asks if the truck is all set and Joe agrees for asking for a kiss. She goes to leave. Enos, Turk, and Broggi arrive and Enos asks for permission to talk to Sue Ann. Broggi gives her permission and Enos does. Enos asks if she is going to San Diego and she says it’s her regular run and she’ll be back that afternoon. She asks if Enos wants to come along and Enos says he wants too. Sue Ann says Dolly won’t mind. Broggi meanwhile has Turk call Enos back and Broggi asks if Enos learned where Sue Ann is going. Enos says San Diego. Broggi asks if Enos can find a way to go along and Enos says she actually just invited him. Surprised Broggi tells Enos to go. Turk tells Enos to be careful and Broggi says to keep an eye open. As Enos leaves, Broggi says he somehow feels safer now. He and Turk head inside.

As Sue Ann drives, Enos comments this is something else, heading to San Diego with the worlds nicest truck driver. Sue Ann takes his hand and Enos misunderstands, shaking it. She pulls her hand back, laughing.

Dolly sits down with Broggi and Turk. Broggi tells Dolly that from what the boys tell him, she handles only the very best. Dolly agrees, saying her stakes are prime, her booze primo, and her wine premier. Broggi says that wasn’t exactly what he had in mind and Broggi sends Turk outside. Turk is confused, as is Dolly, but Turk leaves. Broggi says it’s just the two of them now and asks how much can she get him. Dolly expresses confusion and asks what is it she’s supposed to be selling. He says cocaine, shocking her. She asks what makes him think she is selling it and Broggi says he wasn’t born yesterday. Meanwhile Turk notices Joe acting odd. Meanwhile Dolly excuses herself from the table saying she needs to call a relief waitress.

Turk goes to talk to Joe, complimenting on the rig. Turk says it gets a little wild at night and Joe says they have a few laughs. Joe asks Turk to hand him a box end wrench but Turk can’t identify it. Meanwhile inside Dolly makes a phone call, saying for them to get the lead out. She goes back to Broggi. Meanwhile Turk still talks to Joe, saying he’s been driving since high school. Joe asks where the redneck is and Turk asks if Joe has something against color. Turk admits that Enos is on the Solo Pony, making Joe angry. Joe says for Turk to tell Enos to stay away from Sue Ann and that he has plans for her. Meanwhile a large number of police arrive and storm into the truck stop. Turk then watches Broggi being pulled out and arrested, laughing about it and hiding.

Broggi storms into his office, venting that he was treated like a common criminal. Turk asks why didn’t Broggi didn’t identify himself sooner and Broggi says he couldn’t risk tipping off the real buyer. Turk says they found out that Dolly was clean but they still don’t have a suspect. The phone rings and Broggi says to send her in. Dolly comes into the office saying she wants to help anyway she can. Broggi says that silence is the only way she can help and for her not to trust anyone.

Sue Ann lets Enos drive, saying this was fun and that she’s really sorry that it’s almost over. She adds she shouldn’t let Enos drive as he’s not getting paid. Enos says he’s just sharing the work and it ain’t proper to make a lady drive if a man is around. Enos tells her that he really thinks she is fun company, making her smile. She says for Enos to call her anytime and asks if tonight is too soon. They park the truck and get out before heading toward the truck stop. Enos stops at the truck, waking up Turk who was taking a nap. Turk asks how the trip was, and Enos says the truck is loaded but he didn’t see how and Sue Ann had nothing to do with it. Turk says for him to just keep an eye on the truck. As Enos leaves however, Turk notices Joe start working with the truck. Turk realizes that was the pickup.

Joe stashes the cocane and calls Mr. Dixon. He says he can deliver the cocaine tomorrow. Turk overhears the conversation. Inside the bar, Sue Ann and Enos sit at a table together. Enos pours them ginger ale and Enos says he wants to celebrate their friendship. The two drink when Joe sees them. He storms over, greeting Sue Ann. Sue Ann tries to get him to leave but Joe pushes. Enos tries to help and Sue Ann says she’s dancing with Enos. Dolly meanwhile sees the whole thing from the bar and expresses concern about a fight.

As Sue Ann and Enos dance, Joe cuts in. Enos says it’s alright with him but it needs to be alright with Sue Ann too. Sue Ann declines and Joe pushes her aside. He grabs Enos’ coat, which Enos protests is his new coat, then he punches Enos but hurts himself. Enos admits Joe hit his new belt buckle. Enos then picks him up and tosses him outside. Joe says he’ll see him around and Enos tells him good night. Joe leaves as Turk watches, chuckling. He says Enos rolled the dude like a bowling ball.

Enos takes Sue Ann home and she tells him that she had a real nice time. Sue Ann tells Enos that it makes her feel bad for what she is about to say, but she’s leaving town. Enos asks how long will she be gone and she says too long to start anything. She says she is going to Chicago and then she’s going to go see her folks after. Sue Ann says nothing would have worked between them as she’s a free soul. Enos agrees and Sue Ann invites him in. Enos declines and says she needs to get some sleep before a big run. Sue Ann kisses him before getting out. She tells Enos to take care and they wave goodbye. Sue Ann watches Enos leave, saddened.

Enos and Turk are singing ‘She’ll be coming round the mountin’ to which Turk asks why the horses have to be white and they change them to speckled. They stop as they notice Dolly’s backer arrive. Turk corrects Enos saying that he was talking for the backers. They see Joe come by with his tool box and Enos says he didn’t know Joe was plumber. Joe comes out of the bathroom without the tool box. The backer then goes into the bathroom with a briefcase. Turk says to take him and the two get out of the truck, heading to the mens room. Enos asks about Joe but Turk says they will get Joe later. They say for the man to come out of the stall and Turk takes the briefcase. However Joe comes in with a gun and shoves Enos into a stall. Turk keeps Enos from getting hurt and Joe admits he was onto them. Joe then locks them in the bathroom and leaves with the buyer. Turk picks up a trashcan and breaks the window before climbing out. Enos tries to follow him but Turk gets the door open. As they go outside they see Mr. Dixon and Joe leaving in Joe’s car. They chase after the car in the pickup.

Turk remarks Joe drives like Enos and Enos asks if he’s a country boy. Turk says he hopes not. Enos manages to keep behind the car and Turk says he thought Enos said he could drive a truck. They go on a dirt road, making Enos excited and prompting Turk to pray. Turk tells Enos that if he doesn’t stop he’s going to be sick. Enos goes around and plans to block the car. Instead he tricks the driver into flipping the car. Enos says he hopes he didn’t hurt them too hard and Turk says they have a long time to recuperate. They arrest the two.

Dolly, Enos, Turk, and Broggi talk about what happened. Dolly is surprised, saying if she lived to be a hundred she would never believe what a chump she was believing Joe. Broggi says despite the awkward moments for him he should compliment them on their first undercover assignment. Dolly nods in agreement and Enos says he hopes they can work with Broggi again. Broggi just quietly leaves the room.

Enos: I got to tell you Daisy, it sure makes me feel warm and happy to work so close with Lieutenant Broggi. He appreciates our help so much.


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  • Enos is shown to be fairly good at bowling, getting four strikes in a row
  • Enos still cannot tell a lie and Turk lies for them when asked if they are truck drivers
  • Broggi says he has three commendations from the city and a medal for valor
    • In a way, this seems to be reminiscent of One Armed Bandits when Boss tells Rosco that he has 'three medals from two wars, the only time I get scared is when you get smart'.
  • Broggi refers to Turk and Enos are Laurel and Hardy, a comedy duo from silent films