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Solly is a minor character from Enos.


Grits and Greens Strike Again[]

While working at his Pawn Shop, Turk Adams comes in to ask him about a locket for his old lady would like it except for the inscription of ‘forever Roger’ as he isn’t Roger. Solly tells him to change his name as it’s an antique and very valuable from a rich grandmother. Turk asks if it’s the kid’s rich grandmother and Solly asks what kid. Turk asks about the kid who hocked it and Solly says there wasn’t no kid. Turk pulls out his police badge, saying Solly has dealt in hot items before and he’s done it again. Solly becomes upset as Turk says three strikes of dealing in stolen merchandise and working with a kid who is a mugger. He asks how was he supposed to know as the kid is from the neighborhood. Solly says the kid comes in all the time. When Turk starts writing out a report he asks Turk to give him a break as one more time he will lose his license. Turk agrees and says to give him a description of the kid and where he lives. Solly says who would know as it’s a street kid. He says the kids name is Banjo, and he’s 14 or 15 years old. Solly adds that the kid has no home so who cares, to which Turk says he does and Solly should too. Turk adds that this isn’t enough and he protests that there is another kid, older and black around 17 or 18. Turk asks if that kid drives a yellow hot rod and he says they hang out together. Turk comments ‘I’m waiting’ and Solly says it was a black kid in a hot rod and asks what more does Turk want from him. Turk just leaves and he grabs the phone,

When Doc answers the phone, he says Doc told him to call if any of the kids are holding back, and that Banjo tried to pawn a piece and he thought Doc should know. He tells Solly that is just what he’s looking for and when Doc says he’ll break the kids arms, he asks to break one for him.frustrated and calls Doc at the warehouse.