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Southern Comfurt

Southern Comfurts is the twenty-third episode of season two of The Dukes of Hazzard.

Uncle Jesse's cousins, the Comfurt family, sell their farm for $250,000. The Comfurts' rent a Rolls Royce that breaks down and Cooter lends them a car while he fixes it. The loaner car is stolen from outside Cooter's garage with proceeds from the farm's sale locked in the trunk. The Dukes to track down the car as it changes hands - from the car thieves to a used car dealer to a bank robber

Balladeer: There’s a saying down in Hazzard that there are three things folks can be certain of. Death, Taxes, and Bo and Luke Duke being chased by Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane. I reckon that’s more than some places got. While Boss and Rosco was inspecting chickens, Uncle Jesse was responding to a call for help.

Rosco and Boss chases after Bo and Luke, who drive through a fence. Bo is upset that they were five minutes late on the payment for the tires and Boss refused to accept it. Boss wants to take the tires to ground the boys. As they pass a chicken truck it stops and Rosco slides into it.

Comfurt Farm

Jesse goes to the Comfurt Farm, his second cousin’s twice removed, to help Holly talk to a real estate developer. Jesse goes to talk to the man and he makes a deal, all the property for a quarter of a million dollars.

Duke Farm

The next day, Daisy tells everyone that the Comfurt's are stopping on their way to Savannah. Luke says it would be nice to see how the money has changed them and Bo says if he got his hands on that kind of money he wouldn’t be mending fences. Jesse scolds them and says that the money won’t change them at all. The Comfurts arrive and greet the Dukes, shocking them as it appears the money has changed them a bit.

Bank of Hazzard

A man is looking over the Bank.

Duke Farm

Boss and Rosco head to the Duke farm to arrest Bo and Luke and take their tires. The Comfurts give the Dukes presents. Dresses for Daisy, a world clock for Bo and Luke, and a mink coat for Jesse. As Jesse talks to Holly about the gifts, Rosco and Boss arrive. They are confused by the Rolls and wonder who the Dukes could be having over. Boss says for him to go find the General while he goes inside. Boss comes in and is thrown by the butler and the coat. Jesse confronts him for barging in and Boss tries to issue the fine for Bo and Luke. Holly offers to pay it, making Jesse even angrier. Hearing how much money Holly has, Boss quickly apologizes and returns Holly’s money, shocking the Dukes. Outside Rosco finds the General under a haystack. Rosco runs inside and Boss throws him out. They leave with Boss expressing his intent to take the Comfurt’s money.

Iggins has issues with the car and apologies to Lori. Bo and Luke take her and the car into town to see Cooter, who tows it. Jesse and Holly have coffee together. Jesse asks what she is going to do with the money and she explains she got a 20 room house. Jesse expresses concern about it and that her and the kids don’t need that much space and she explains it is going to be a room and board.

Hazzard Garage

Cooter looks over the car and tells Lori they are going to need some time to get the parts for the car. Cooter says it will take 2 or 3 days to get the part and Bo and Luke fight over who will help Lori while she gets a suitcase from the trunk. Cooter tells them to stop and he says he has a car the Comfurts can use. Bo and Luke put her suitcase in the trunk and Lori goes to the store. Bo and Luke follow, leaving the keys in the trunk. A drunk steals the car. Cooter, while on the phone with Pete from Atlanta, sees the man steal the car. Then the Dukes and Lori see the car leave and Lori explains that all their money was in the suitcase in the trunk. Bo and Luke bicker for a moment over whose fault it is.

Duke Farm

The Duke’s and Comfurt’s meet up to discuss what happened. Holly assures them they will figure it out and Luke and Bo want to go look. Bo says the car was headed toward Center City and Luke says there is only one crossroad that goes to Plattsborough one way and Pine Springs the other. Jesse says to divide in three groups. He says John Henry and Daisy will go to Plattsborough. Luke says he, Bo, and Lori will to go to Center City. Jesse says he and Holly will go to Pine Springs. Iggins volunteers to go with John Henry and Daisy.

Town of Hazzard

The man is still watching over the Bank.

Hazzard Police Department

Rosco is trying to cut Boss’ hair. Enos charges in and tells them the Comfurts have been robbed. Rosco says assures him it was just a car and Enos explains that the whole fortune was in the car. Boss tells Rosco to help find the money as Enos listens to them talking about Boss’ plan to have them invest the money. Enos puts out an APB on the car and Boss and Rosco leave to find it.


Luke calls out to the others and Holly and Jesse talk about her concerns for her children’s future. Luke calls Daisy to see where she is as they spotted the sedan. Daisy rushes after them and catches the car but it’s a newly married couple. Bo and Luke get a flat and Luke complains that it is two flats in two days. Luke and Bo start to argue and Lori tells them to stop it and decides to fix the tire. Bo and Luke start fighting again. Cooter sees Boss, Enos, and Rosco going to Possum Hollow and radios the others. Bo, Luke, and Lori head out again. They arrive at Walter’s first and Bo and Luke run inside. A few minutes later Rosco and Boss arrive. They find a grey car but it’s not the right car. Bo and Luke then turn on the paint sprayer to soak Boss and Rosco in pain before leaving despite Enos saying that he’s supposed to arrest them. Rosco and Boss come outside, furious. Enos goes after the Dukes as Boss and Rosco get cleaned up. Bo and Luke jump a creek and Enos manages to stay with them. Luke calls for help and ‘Mr. Clean’ offers to help them by putting his garbage truck between Enos and the boys. When Enos reaches him he dumps the trash he is hauling on Enos to allow Bo and Luke to escape.

Luke tries to warn Daisy and Jesse but Jesse doesn’t answer. He and Holly look at another car only for Enos to arrive. Holly sends Enos away and they leave. Bo is annoyed when they stop so Luke can paint the General. Jesse assures Holly if they don’t get the money back he will take care of her. Luke then radio’s in that they spotted another grey sedan and ther others start heading toward Center City.

Balladeer: Well there’s the missing grey car, which has been sold as a used car, and then bought again. And guess who bought it? Old Ugly at the Bank. Now friends and neighbors only in Hazzard would a bank robber be hitting a bank for ten thousand and not know there’s a quarter of a million in the trunk. And only the Duke boys will be chasing that car and not know it’s filled with armed bank robbers. Sometimes I wonder how Jesse sleeps at night. The worrying.

Center City

Two men, one who had been looking at the bank, buys the stolen car. The passenger says it should be good for ten grand. Bo arrives at the car lot and Luke talks to the owner, learning where the car went. Boss and Rosco arrive a few moments later and learn the same information. Luke calls the others only to learn John Henry and Daisy stopped for food. Luke and Jesse tell Iggins to get them back to the jeep, to Lori’s amusement and Holly and Bo’s annoyance.

Town of Hazzard

Boss and Rosco arrive in town and Boss sends Rosco to keep looking while he goes into the Bank. Jesse talks to Holly as they drive. One of the men goes into the bank before robbing it and pulling out Boss as a hostage. Bo, Luke, and Lori arrive to hear gun shots. They head to the bank to see a car leaving the bank and Bo brings the General up on two wheels which Luke yells at him to get it back on all fours. Enos and Rosco arrive and are told which way the cars went. In the car Boss asks to be let go and makes the robbers mad to which they notice a green car, the repainted General, and the cop cars. The one robber smashes out the back window to shoot at the General. The robber continues to shoot, hitting Rosco’s car past Bo and Luke. Rosco tells Enos to shoot back, Enos accidentally shooting out Rosco’s mirror. Lori gives Luke his bow. Luke hangs out the window and shoots at the robbers, tipping Boss off on who it is in the car. Bo calls Daisy and Uncle Jesse. Jesse says he’ll take out Rosco. Daisy agrees to take out Enos. In the intersection, Jesse, Rosco, Daisy, and Enos all nearly collide and stop. Luke shoots out the tire on the robbers car. The men try to flee and Boss goes to get the money from the trunk. Bo and Luke chase the men and Lori takes Boss. Bo and Luke use dynamite arrows, terrifying the robbers who surrender, and Lori reclaims their money.

Balladeer: Well the Comfurts got their money back. Bo and Luke collected that reward money for catching them crooks. They spent it putting the General back in shape. The only loser seemed to be Jesse. And that’s the legend of how the Dukes saved the Comfurts, foiled a robbery, and lost a butler, all in one day. Which ain’t unusual in Hazzard County.

The Comfurt Family reunite and Bo and Luke deliver the robber’s and Boss’ money. They repaint the General back to the way it was. As the Comfurts leave, The Dukes think they forgot something and notice Iggin’s had stayed behind. Iggin’s explains the Comfurts asked him to care for the Duke Family but the Dukes take him and rush after the Comfurts to return him back to them.

Unknown County[]

  • Comfurt Farm

Hazzard County[]


  • In this episode we meet some of Jesse's extended relatives.
    • The Comfurt Family is Jesse's 2nd Cousin Twice Removed.
  • The Bank of Hazzard is robbed in this episode. The last time the Bank was robbed was in Double Sting.