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Spanner is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Spanner was a driver on the NASCAR circuit until 1981 where he was disbarred. Boss Hogg reaches out to him to hire him as a driver for his Drag 'n Fly contest, which he accepts.


Goodbye, General Lee[]

They stand at the starting line to watch other qualifiers, seeing Jim Scugg’s fail to qualify on his attempt with some amusement. When his partner comments about the terrible competition, he echos him saying ‘yeah Boss, don’t tell us’. Boss explains he bought the car and hired them to beat ‘that kinda competition’ as he points out Bo and Luke. He is unimpressed saying it’s ‘no problem’. Rosco corrects them saying they are wrong as they don’t know anything about the General Lee. Boss adds each of the boys were born with a ‘silver gas pedal’ in his mouth. Boss says to watch and learn something, and he watches Bo make the qualifying run, giving his partner an impressed look. They go over to check on their own car.

In Boss’ office they take publicity photos’ for Boss’ motor oil. After the photo is taken Boss says it was a good one before noticing Spanner’s oil can was facing the wrong way. He says it was a bad one, turning Spanner’s around and they take a photo again, remarking ‘cheese’. Boss answers Rosco on the CB, telling them to ‘hit it again and say peaches’ which they do, but they stack the oil cans in a way Boss can’t be seen in the picture. Boss scolds them a moment before saying to ‘hit one for posterity’ and putting the can in front of his face. They put their can’s alongside his and Boss drops his can to allow him to be in the picture. They prepare for another photo when Rosco mentions messing with the General. Boss quickly sends them away to get shock absorbers.

Later they watch Boss filming a tv commercial, amused by the ‘fly right’ pun he uses, sharing a chuckle with Cletus and Rosco. They listen to Rosco tell Boss about the General Lee’s destruction. When Banyon mentions there is no one left to stop them he adds ‘he’s right’. They turn on the fan to do another commercial shoot but it’s strong enough to knock them over and send papers everywhere. Boss turns it off and discovers the General is still functioning. They chase after Bo and the General along with everyone else.

When Cooter blocks the road along with Luke, he tells Banyon to get him out of the way. Banyon starts ramming Cooter’s tow truck but Cooter hooks them. He tells Banyon to shake him off but is told they are in the air and there’s nothing they can do. After ensuring Bo and Luke are safe, Cooter drops their car and they go off the side of the road and crash into a rock.

Boss yells at them when they explain Bo got away and they explain they have been looking for the last few hours. Boss says him and his partner will handle destroying the General this time. When his partner reminds Boss they are supposed to be competing he remarks ‘that’s right Boss’. Boss says they have plenty of time to get some explosives, drive to the Gravel pits, and blow up the car.

They get dynamite and pick up the General from Hobie before heading to the gravel pits. He drives their car to get them back after and notices Bo and Luke catch up. Banyon calls him and tells him that they won’t make it and if he can hold the boys off he’ll just blow it there. He tells Banyon to be quick as the are coming on fast. He stops on the road, causing Bo and Luke to crash into him. He gets out of the car and jumps onto Luke. However Bo pulls him off. Bo hits him and shoves him up against a car where he holds him for a moment. Bo lets him go to chase after Luke and they escape.