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The Special Investigator was a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Great Hazzard Hijack[]

He is assigned to investigate the armored car hijacking that occurred in Hazzard in 1976. He follows Phil, Tommy, and Sandra to Hazzard. As he follows them he suddenly is approached by the General Lee that run him off the road.

Learning the General belongs to Bo and Luke Duke, he goes to the Duke Farm to watch the group.

Later he sees Sandra, Phil, and Tommy leave the farm with Bo and Luke. He also sees Rosco following the boys. He chases after all of them. After Bo and Rosco jump the creek, he does as well in order not to lose them. When he sees Rosco and Cletus were both ran off the road, he stops to make sure they were alright but continues to drive on, following the Dukes.

When they arrive at the creek, he stops a distance back to watch what they do. He follows the Dukes back to the Farm. While there he decides to search in Daisy’s room to see if he can find anything helpful. He is found by Sandra. He throws her on the bed to get away but is spotted by Bo. He tosses a chair at Bo to distract him and dives out the window.

Seeing Boss and Rosco leaving town, he follows them to Bear Point. He catches up with everyone as Rosco takes custody of the three prisoners and Boss takes the money. He shows Boss his badge and takes the money. Later he helps Rosco lock up the three before taking custody of them, closing the case.