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Stacy Williams is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Treasure of Hazzard[]

Working with James, they wait to cut Laura Bardsley off. When James says that the bridge will collapse when Laura tries to cross, she tells him it will be in about five minutes at the rate Laura is driving, watching the car through binoculars. When James asks if she is sure they should be doing this, she says that he read the article in the universities historical journal and the letter Laura has can lead them to a fortune and she doesn’t intend to let him or anyone else keep her from collecting. They hide in the bushes and are stunned when instead of Laura, it’s Bo and Luke who reaches the bridge first.

They follow Laura to the Duke Farm, hoping to get a lead. When James asks what Laura could want with ‘them yokels’ she says the same thing they do, information.

They follow the Dukes to the swamp and she tells James they would get lost if they followed and they need to sit and wait.

They go back to the Farm and at night she says the Dukes should all be asleep and they are going to go in and find a letter or a map, anything that will help them. As they search the kitchen she becomes annoyed when James accidentally breaks a vase. When Jesse comes to investigate she watches James prepare to hit Jesse, but then they hear yelling as someone else also broke in, and flee.

In the morning they watch Bo, Luke, Jesse, and Laura leave together and she concludes that they haven’t found the strong box. She tells James to stay with them and ignore Daisy.

When James notices they are headed to Colonial City she realizes they are headed for the historical society. They go to the historical society and meet with the Dukes and Laura. She brings James a list of churches, claiming to be his assistant at the establishment. She finds the church they are looking for. Jesse and Bo look over her shoulder as she shows them on the map where the church was and Bo says that was the bend in Willow Creek. Luke says Dawson’s Mill sits there now and Laura concludes that is the finale marker. Laura thanks her for her help and she tells her the pleasure is all hers.

Her and James follow the Dukes and wait until Bo and Luke dig up the box. She points a gun at them and all four put their hands up. She says she is grateful to them for doing all the work. When the boys knock over James, she moves to Laura with the gun, making everyone stop. Jesse says there are things not worth getting killed over or killing to get. She says that is where they disagree. She has James get the box before shooting out the tires on the General Lee. They leave.

As they go, they encounter Daisy who tries to slow them down. Annoyed she pulls out her gun and starts shooting at Daisy. However as Daisy falls out of the chase, the General replaces her. She tells James they can’t outrun the boys and to turn off. They steal a boat and head into the marsh lands. While in the boat, James notes that Bo and Luke are chasing them and gaining on them. She pulls out a gun saying that will slow them down but he tells her to wait and points out two girls on a nearby boat. They ram the boat to knock the girls off and into the water. They then leave the marsh.

They get out of the road and she lays on the ground, pretending to be hurt. When Laura, Jesse, and Daisy stop to help, she pulls a gun on them. She remarks that Daisy will loan her the jeep and she will drive. As they try to leave they are stopped by two dynamite arrows, blocking the jeep from leaving. As she tries to get the strong box, she is confronted by Daisy. Daisy dives on her and the two fall in mud. Daisy gets the upper hand and knocks her unconscious. She is arrested by Lester.