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Steele is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Meeting[]

Rostosky contacts him to tell them to go to the Hazzard County Court House.

He gets out of his limo after arriving and Boss tells him his name before saying he can call him Boss. Annoyed he turns to Boss saying it’s the other way around, calling him fatso, and saying he can call Steele 'Boss'. He puts walnut shells in Boss’ hand and tells him to take care of it.

They start the meeting, discussing about how their organizations have fallen into unfriendly hands, their own sons. He remarks he has been banned from his own horse parlors. When Rostosky brings up his contributions to gambling, he tells Rostosky that he’s a genius. They conclude that what they have given their kids, they can take away. When they start arguing about who gets what, he tells Devere that if he wants hot, he can give him the numbers from Chicago and he will give him his loan sharking business in Vegas. As they debate, they notice the two tables with their lunch moving on their own. Curious they follow the tables, drawing their guns. When the tables stop, he points  at the table with his gun. Bo and Luke sheepishly come out. They tell the boys to get out and watch them leave with the four men, intending to kill the boys.

They learn the boys have escaped and meet to discuss how to handle it with Boss and Rosco. They move aside to discuss it more due to Boss' protests.

When they find where Bo and Luke are, he remarks that is just where they want the boys and for their men to let them know when they nail them. While they look over the map, he is stunned when Boss asks if Black Jack is going to welsh on their deal and rushes over, offended, but is stopped.

They all sit around, waiting to hear something. They are surprised when Jesse Duke knocks and comes into the Sheriff Station. Jesse explains that they have all eight of their men and have them ready to testify against them. He proposes they grab Jesse and keep him as a hostage. They move to capture Jesse but are stopped by Bender. After Jesse leaves, Bender says they will take the Sheriff’s car and follow Jesse to the boys. They all leave. He comments they need to get the kids. He sits in the back with Bender as they chase around town. He alerts he others to Bo and Luke coming at them.

They see Bo and Luke run into the Jail and follow them in. They approach the boys with guns drawn. When asked what to do with them he suggests just shooting them. A net is dropped on them and they are captured. As he is being put in a car to be driven to the FBI by Bo, Cletus breaks open a walnut for him.