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"Strange Visitor to Hazzard" is the fifteenth episode of the seventh season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


There have been some UFO sightings in Hazzard County lately, and Bo and Luke are starting to think that people are crazy, until what seems to be an alien (Felix Silla) hides in the General Lee and comes back to the Duke farm with them. When Boss hears of it, he wants to take the visitor and use him as a tourist attraction. At the same time, a pair of thieves named Mickey Larsen (Dennis Burkley) and Buck Simmons (Britt Leach) are casing Hazzard in preparation for a planned robbery of the Hazzard Bank.


While driving in the General, Bo, Luke, and Daisy listen to Elton on the WHOGG radio talking about a flying saucer scare in Hazzard. He says Jed Barton claimed to see a UFO and Bo expresses annoyance. The radio continues how Zeke Ferris claims he shot at a UFO. When Elton tells them not to panic, Bo sarcastically tells Daisy not to panic. Daisy remarks she thinks there is actually something to all this and Bo and Luke complain.

Balladeer: In Hazzard, lots of weird things have happened. From Sy Erzo’s two headed calf to widow Barlow’s second marriage. But lately, folks are seeing weird things in the sky, even them that ain’t drinking moonshine.

While the Dukes laugh about it, they hear a call from a man named Clyde who says he just saw a flying saucer. Luke remarks the man sounds excited and Bo laughs. Luke calls Clyde while Daisy gets Bo to stop laughing. Luke tries to calm Clyde down and Bo asks him if the UFO is still there, meaning it as a joke and annoying Luke and Daisy. Luke tells him to go home and get some coffee. Bo suspects he’s been drinking, saying it sounds like he’s had a whole lot stronger already. Daisy argues with them and says they can’t all be drinking. Luke says while he enjoys science fiction he doesn’t believe it. They see Clyde coming toward them and both cars swerve, Clyde taking out a number of mailboxes.  The Dukes stop to check on him and after making sure Clyde is alright, they leave.

Balladeer: The next morning however, right before dawn, Enos was returning from a night patrol when he was passing Skunk Hollow and a most amazing thing happened.

While Enos is driving he sees a bright light. He pulls over to see what it is and gets out of the car. When the light leaves he jumps back in his car before pulling out the C.B. and making a report over the C.B. However his radio fries out and he speeds back to town.

Town of Hazzard

Boss calls together a town meeting over the empty treasury. He talks to Rosco about how they can get a new revenue. Bo and Luke go to see Cooter to get gas in the General. Cooter asks if they heard the morning news before quoting the radio to them about three more UFO sightings. Bo and Luke agree that people are getting carried away but Daisy insists that something must be happening. Cooter also expresses disbelief, joking that the aliens would want to attend the dance on Saturday. Bo join in, saying they must be ‘small planet folks’ and Cooter adds that they are coming to the dance to do the moonwalk. Enos suddenly speeds up, driving recklessly and starts yelling about the UFO sighting. Bo laments ‘not you too’. Enos screams again about it and Cooter tells him to settle down and explain. The Dukes and Cooter try to calm Enos down and Enos describes it before rushing off to tell Rosco and Boss, driving all over the road. Daisy says Enos doesn’t drink but Bo says that’s just how Enos is. Enos barges into Boss and Rosco’s office and tells them what he saw. Boss is shocked and listens to him while Rosco pinches his nose. Rosco asks Boss if he’s going to believe Enos but Boss and Rosco leave.

Skunk Hollow

Boss and Rosco head to Skunk Hollow. Rosco says Boss never believed in UFO’s and Boss says he didn’t, but Enos just claimed to see one and Boss is sure people are ready to believe in it so he’s going to make the place a monument. Rosco protests that it stinks out there and Boss disregards it.

Two thieves, Mickey and Buck, decide to camp out and get some rest in Skunk Hollow. As they are trying to rest, Little Cousin comes close to investigate, startling them but remaining unseen. The two go to sleep. Bo, Luke, and Daisy stop and the two hear them. Bo teases Daisy about seeing a flying saucer and Luke and Bo joke about the crab apples. Daisy since they are there they should get some and she’ll bake a crab apple pie. They agree and Bo gets some sacks from the trunk. The three start gathering apples. Bo asks Daisy about making jelly too.

Boss and Rosco arrive and are surprised to see the Dukes are there. The Dukes see them too and the two men hide in the bushes. Rosco says they are under arrest for trespassing and Bo asks what is he talking about. Boss says they just declared the area county property. Rosco says he wants the apples. The three Dukes dump all the apples on Boss and Rosco and take off in the General, making Rosco and Boss happy. They chase after the Dukes to ensure they won’t come back to Skunk Hollow. The Dukes are shocked that Boss and Rosco tried to arrest them over picking wild crab apples. Luke plans to lose them by jumping the car. Rosco and Boss let them go and head back to Skunk Hollow.

Daisy is surprised when they head back and Luke realizes they just don’t want the Dukes around Skunk Hollow. The three decide to drop off the groceries as home before going to investigate. Boss and Rosco return to Skunk Hollow. Boss says he’s going to make strange marks on the ground and for Rosco to take some powder and make a big circle so they can burn it to look like a space ship engine. As the two talk Mickey gets an idea. He wants to pretend like an army of aliens are lying in wait in Skunk Hollow to mess with the locals. While working on the fake landing, Rosco accidentally lights Boss on fire.

Duke Farm

Bo, Luke, and Daisy arrive and Jesse says one of these days they are going to miss the stop and go through the house. The three apologize as they get the groceries and Daisy screams, seeing Little Cousin in the back seat. Bo, Luke, and Jesse all look too before Little Cousin teleports away. The four start talking, all shocked. Daisy sees them on the roof and the Dukes approach. Luke and Daisy call them down and Jesse thinks they don’t understand. Luke tries to communicate. Luke reminds them Enos saw something in Skunk Hollow. Little Cousin comes down, shakes all their hands, and goes into the house with them. Daisy decides to call Enos.

Town of Hazzard

Boss and Rosco decide to head to the Duke Farm with Flash after hearing Enos say he is going to the Duke Farm. They fight over Flash coming with them. Mickey and Buck arrive in the Town. They decide to use the radio station to broad cast fabricated emergency announcements to scare the locals into thinking aliens are attacking.

Duke Farm

Boss and Rosco wonder why Enos would go to the Duke Farm as Boss plans to have a special news broadcast at 5 pm. They show Little Cousin around and exchange food. Enos arrives and Luke goes outside to tell him he did see something and they want him to meet the one on the ship. He asks BO to bring Little Cousin out and they come out with Daisy and Jesse. Enos is shocked. Luke tells Enos they need to keep it a secret and Jesse sees boss and Rosco have arrives. Little Cousin jumps into the car. Bo and Daisy quickly move to keep Boss and Rosco from seeing in the car. Flash gets out of the sheriff’s car and runs over to the General. She jumps on the General, barking. Bo asks Rosco to call her away as she’s scratching the paint. Boss and Rosco get closer to the General and Jesse, Luke, and Enos try to keep them from looking in. Flash keeps barking and Boss and Rosco see Little Cousin. Boss tells Rosco to arrest them and Enos protests. The Dukes get frustrated when Enos spoils everything and Boss and Rosco chase after them. Little Cousin gets in Rosco’s car and drives off, Bo and Luke chasing after in the General. Boss and Rosco take Enos’ car. As Bo and Luke chase after Little Cousin, they trick Boss into driving through a haystack. Luke climbs out of the General and jumps over to the police car. Luke pulls over and Bo and Luke try to talk to Little Cousin. Bo asks Luke how to say something and Martian and Luke says Bo knows more Martian than he does. They head back to the farm.

Bo, Luke, and Little Cousin return to the Farm and they all go back in the house. The Dukes ask what now and Luke says to hide them on the farm. Daisy goes with them. Boss and Rosco arrive back at the farm and see the Dukes had tied up Flash to keep her from running when Rosco left her. Boss and Rosco go inside and tell the Dukes to hand over Little Cousin. The Dukes tell him that Little Cousin is gone. Boss orders Enos to help them and Enos crosses his fingers in order to back up the Dukes. Boss wants to search the Farm but Jesse tells him he can’t without a warrant. Boss says they have until tomorrow noon to hand over Little Cousin or they will arrest the Dukes. They leave pulling Enos out with them. They remind Enos about the radio broadcast as they pick up Flash and head back to town.

Town of Hazzard

Mickey and Buck finish casing the town before going into the Radio Station. Elton greets them but they pull out their guns, taking him hostage.

Duke Farm

Little Cousin explains that they need to get back to Skunk Hollow as someone is coming to pick them up. The Dukes take them back; Bo, Luke, and Little Cousin in the General and Daisy and Jesse in the Jeep.

Town of Hazzard

Elson is locked in a storage closet. As Mickey and Buck set about to make their broadcast, Boss, Rosco, and Enos arrive. The two men take all three captive and put them in the closet. Mickey then starts broadcasting, announcing that they are being invaded. He says the people of Hazzard are ordered to evacuate and people flee. While driving, the Dukes overhear the broadcast. Little Cousin denies it is their people and the Dukes don’t believe it because as Bo points out it isn’t’ Elton. The Dukes decide they need to go into town. The Dukes arrive to see the chaos and head for the radio station. Jesse and Daisy go to the county building as Bo and Luke head inside. They confront the two men, Luke hearing someone banging on the closet. Luke confronts them and they draw their guns. Bo and Luke fight but are overpowered. Little Cousin comes in to help them. Bo and Luke try to get them to leave but the men realize Little Cousin is from space. Bo tries to bluff but they call him out. Mickey knocks out Little Cousin and when Bo and Luke try to help Buck covers them. They capture Little Cousin and sent Bo and Luke into the closet with the rest. They flee town, being spotted by Daisy and Jesse but Buck shoots out Daisy’s tire. Jesse and Daisy run inside the station and free the six from the closet. Bo catches them up and every ones out but Elton who is left confused but restoring peace over the radio.


Mickey and Buck drive down the road, being followed by Bo and Luke. Bo cautions Luke to be careful as they don’t want Little Cousin to get hurt. Luke says they also got to get him back. Little Cousin wakes up and forces the two to pull over. Bo and Luke hand over the crooks as Daisy checks on Little Cousin. The Dukes say they are helping Little Cousin get home and Bo and Luke flee as Enos puts the two men in the police car. Rosco pulls out a gun but Daisy knocks it away so the boys can flee. She then shoots out all the tires.

Skunks Hollow

Bo, Luke, and Little Cousin arrive.  They say goodbye and watch Little Cousin leave. Bo asks if it really happened and Luke confirms.

Balladeer: Even in Hazzard, you never know. And so ended one of the most unusual events in Hazzard in quite a while. Boss was awful peeved at losing out on his UFO scam, particularly when it wasn’t no scam. Which, ironic, is what makes it so real in Hazzard.

Rosco, Boss, Enos, Daisy, and Jesse arrive. They all wave goodbye.


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  • This episode features an alien from outer space
    • Rosco once used an excuse of seeing flying saucers in the swamp to get rid of two FBI agent's investigating a truck full of guns in Swamp Molly.
  • Daisy reiterates the fact that Enos doesn't drink.
  • Mickey plans to use the radio station to broadcast emergency notifications of an alien invasion, commenting 'like that radio show years ago'. War of the Worlds was broadcasted on the radio in1938 as if it was an actual alien invasion, allegedly causing panic among the listening audience.