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Sue Ann Blake is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Miz Tisdale on the Lam[]

When a suspected mail fraud occurs, she heads to Hazzard to investigate. While entering the county and heading to town, she accidentally runs the General Lee off the road. Sue Ann backs up her car and gets out, asking Bo and Luke if they are alright. She says she didn’t mean to cut them off like that. She tells them that she’s afraid she wasn’t really watching where she was driving. She asks if they are okay and Bo says they’re fine now. Bo introduces him and Luke and she shakes their hands, introducing herself. She says maybe they can help her and Luke says she can just think of them as the Hazzard welcome wagon. She tells them she’s been looking all over for a place called Hazzard Highlands but she hasn’t had any luck. She says she bought a lot there and shows them the certificate, saying it has the most beautiful view they could ever see. Bo comments the view from there is pretty good. She sighs before smiling again. Luke explains they have lived their whole lives and never heard of that place. Bo says since they are almost neighbors he would be willing to help her find it. He says she will sit on the other side, he’ll drive, and Luke can stay with their car. She laughs before telling him that it’s fine but she’ll manage. She apologizes again for the accident as she gets in the car, Luke closing her door for her.

She arrives in town and goes into the Post Office. Seeing a person behind the counter, she taps him to meet Rosco who initially yells at her before calming down. She tells him he’s just the man she’s been looking for and he asks her to take a number. She shows him her ID, saying she is a US postal inspector and she is investigating a possible mail fraud involving a land development called Hazzard Highlands. Rosco says he’s never heard of it. She asks where the postal mistress, Emma Tisdale, is and Rosco says he doesn’t know and that she’s been acting suspicious and that he’s in there to investigate. She looks with him and Rosco pulls out a pile of certificates. She takes one, confirming it’s for Hazzard Highlands.  She remarks about a mailing list with the certificates and Rosco says that proves Miz Tisdale is guilty.

Bo and Luke come in, surprised to hear that and asking what she is guilty of. Sue Ann says she has to ask them not to interfere as it is an official investigation. Rosco explains to the boys that she is an official postal inspector, which she nods to confirm, and tell the boys Miz Tisdale is guilty of mail fraud. The boys clearly don’t believe that and she shuts the door behind the boys as they leave.

Sue Ann and Rosco come out of the post office, looking for Miz Tisdale. Rosco says she said something about Cooter’s and they look at the garage to see someone getting on a motorcycle. She goes to run to her car but crashes into Rosco and ends up getting in his car with him. As Rosco chases after the motorcycle she sees his talking to his dog Flash, who gets up on his lap. Rosco introduces them and upset she asks if he always has the dog with him. Rosco tells her that Cletus used to but she has a higher IQ than Cletus. She tries to get Rosco to pay attention to the road and starts screaming when Rosco drives through a number of road work barriers. When they stop she glares at Rosco.

She sits in Boss’ office with him and Rosco as Boss makes popcorn, saying he would never had guessed the inspector would be female. She shrugs while smiling politely. Boss says Miz Tisdale is a little odd. Boss hands her a bowl of popcorn and she tells Boss that she doubts that Miz Tisdale is capable of operating the entire mail fraud operation by herself. She says others have to be involved, asking doesn’t Boss agree. When he asks what others she says she doesn’t know but she intends to find out. She tells them to call her if she hears anything and leaves despite their protests.

As she walks out of the building, the General pulls up and Bo and Luke get out, greeting her and saying they need to talk. Luke says there is no way Miz Tisdale could have dreamed this up. Bo says they think she should talk to ‘John Smith’ who has been picking up all the packages and insists it’s a fake name. Annoyed she asks how do they know who is picking up the mail and when did they talk to Miz Tisdale. Luke says she is a friend of the family and they know the county before asking if they can work with her. She says she insists they both stay out of it before walking away.

After getting a call from Boss, she runs over to the County Building where Boss and Cletus come out. Boss quickly tells her that the Sheriff found Miz Tisdale and the two take her hands, pulling her to the police car. Boss tells her to get in and she does, explaining further that they are going after the mail fraud group.

They arrive at the crossroads where Rosco is waiting. Rosco says Miz Tisdale is hiding out at the Duke Farm. Boss tells her that he will show her how the law in Hazzard operates. Cletus says she’ll love it and she gives them an unsure smile as they leave. As they move toward the farm house, Cletus accidentally turns on the siren. She covers her ears in the back. As they head to the Farm they are approached by Daisy in her jeep and Cletus runs them into a hay pile. They try to get back to the road but Daisy forces them to stop so Miz Tisdale can pass. Cletus moves again only to be hit by Rosco into a water pump, spraying them with water. She closes her eyes, annoyed.

They arrive in town and she gets out commenting ‘well gentlemen, you have shown me how the law in Hazzard operates alright’. Rosco approaches them and she remarks that was the most ludicrous, outrageous, asinine police operation she has ever seen. Rosco asks that she enjoys hot pursuit, taking a piece of hay out of her shirt which she quickly takes from him. Cletus thanks her, saying they try to please. As they start to bicker she cuts them off saying if they want her, she will be in the post office. She then leaves to go to work.

The next morning at 8am she goes outside to pick up the mail. The truck arrives and she remarks they are right on time. The driver places the bags on the curb before leaving. She huffs in annoyance before saying ‘I’ll get it’. As she starts dragging the bags, a man approaches her with a gun saying he’ll take it. Surprised she tells him ‘hey wait a minute, this is the US mail’ but he threatens her. She watches him call his driver and load up the mail before dropping a wallet. As the car leaves she rushes over, picking it up. Boss and Rosco pull up, saying they saw the whole thing. She explains’ one dropped the wallet and it belongs to Bo Duke. Boss tells her not to worry as they will catch the Dukes before leaving.

She locks up before going to join the chase. Cletus approaches her, saying the Duke boys robbed the post office and they need to chase them. Cletus asks if she will ride with him but she says ‘not on your life’ before getting in her car and driving away.

She catches up to Boss, Rosco, Bo, Luke, Slocum, and Nelson on the road. Boss tells her they have caught the real crooks, being Slocum and Nelson; and that Miz Tisdale and the Dukes are innocent. Bo and Luke recover the mail for her.

Later she presents Miz Tisdale with a commendation for her assistance.